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Bots Down
This game is DEAD. NO LOGS.

Varmathras nightmares come TRUE
Attempted pk on a peaceful Zoner failed.

Battle in Palanthas
CORE Mages R.I.P.

Kishpa RIP
Finishing off Kishpa

Ilastin RIP
They came at Izso homo?(pause)

Easton/Feels R.I.P.
Disrupted CORE expedition.

SoB attacked us the other day.. But who is SoB? O'well

Ryder was caught unawares.
Ryder's head cracks open and he drops to the ground

Mezze R.I.P.
Lets play a game, If you want to find out who's POV it is... Just type PKLOG...

Ryder rips
Ryder R.I.P.

n;n;ca 'relocate' zardonna
Trash mage tries to leave inn.

Dohungus Rips
Dohungus soloing kal docks

Peace talks failed
After a lengthy stand off in Solace, BSP preps for a battle.

Clean up, Aisle 7
Post battle clean up kills by the mages.

Aquesahm and Smiochiohyiw R.I.P
After failing to kill Vorlan they relocated to our group and died.

Elyana says 'whine, whine'
BSP finally come out to fight.

Waleron Rips
Waleron shouts 'walk/horse but flying is quicker'

More CL please
Gerald the peaceful zoner avenged.

Bring more CL

Part I: We were peacefully zoning, and I recalled to go learn at guild and get summoned back. Aquesahm tried to hit in the wrong moment but escaped. Part II: Ryder tries to disrupt our zoning but his plans get twisted.

You tell your clan 'dude i fucked those gateguards up'
Mavlad had his scout hunt us to the TH, they mass logged. We recalled and ran to cut them off, I don't think anyone was really ready for this fight. I had to copy and paste it, not the best log.

Black Ice Dagger!!
Alisher was shopping for a black ice dagger, he found a knife in the back instead! I'm sorry Alisher, but it's war :(

BSP throws in the Tao

First blood
Murder at Snaggle's Mageware Emporium.

CORE and MMGS wtf?
core pks Franknfurter returns gear mmgs pks onyxanna and returns gear we cool bro?

Trash Player Killing
So Gatir told Pacific to wear suun he did...then... Pacific tells you 'Then they all laughed at me' Pacific tells you 'I don't like being laughed at' Pacific tells you 'so now bsp dies

Equipping our newest clan member

Unknown Rise
Was locating books and found some unknown RISE

mahha rip
locating books, found a Mahha instead!

go go go
You get an inverted cross from the corpse of Baerul. consolation prize!

Intoal RIP
Intoal Tether pk

Hanging out on the road.
Run them out of dracos, lets see if they run back.

That escalated quickly.
I was just messing around while walking, stopped to have a chat. Got an unexpected response.

Im in the closet on the ironing board again, lets kill the bitches - reed
Bessy fucked with our zone, this is what happens shortly after.

corey or bob rip
found some trash bsp thief adventuring.

Gatir rip
taking out the trash.

Ambush (superb)
Please recall faster and not save the healers mitch! do we win yet?

Crazy Peter Hates you Ilya
took a vote, Ilya dies, chuck a casualty of most definetly AFK.

We have a little battle.

Blit vs. Paquitolos
I decide to try the mighty Blit in a friendly fight.

A battle for the tollhouse

A battle for the tollhouse

The battle for the Tollhouse!

Squaring away the newbie population
Burn Arctic Burn

I die
The first ambush!

Dueling for a helm. Jumped me and killed me, jumped him and killed him. etc etc

Draven comes our of retirement to spam some spells.
M.V.P. R.I.P.

Angelus tells you 'my entire screen was filled with your annihilates

Nubia R.I.P.
Nubia was the char that started this war. Peace still has not been worked out, nor has even been attempted to my knowledge so we keep fighting I guess.

Poor Max, Love you man!
So I was minding my own business relaxing at the toll house on my thief trying to recup hp from fighting the mighty Ancient red Dragon. Max comes in, i give him a chance not to attack and he attacks me so I log warrior after my 3 minute flags where up and went hunting.

Memorial Day
After Enjoying Memorial Day with my VFW People.. I Celebrate a Memorial for Zenyzopilas.

Leona R.I.P.
He had told Locki that "only reason he wasn't killing me is because he and I are friends" (locki and I). Fuck this guy. I returned the eq i got because i could give a fuck about it. Just wanted the death.

Tim died hard CORE
He talked enough

Riko Pays the Iron Price
CORE SANCTIONED PK In Retaliation from the Murder of Hippa from the house of clan Rich

Coca hides behind his War Daddies
Logged on, saw Coca online, popped in to say hello but Coca was not very welcoming

Rowlf, its nothing personal.
A stalemate at hydra for 20-30 minutes. Whoever was leading HOWC refused to leave peace with a 10man (with 2 dragon orbs, 2 nightmarers, etc), and such cowardly behavior required action and an example was made of poor Rowlf.

Ilya runs 8v6, But Takin remains to defend Outlaw honor
Wildlaw had an 8 man in dargo, mass recalled to the STH 6 man, but left Takin afk.

Abom the peaceful zoner
Man vs. Cockroaches

You wield a heavy copper staff and prepare to crack some skulls.
Oh how the mighty have fallen...

Underwater treasure!
We were planning to mage bomb some enemies, but upon locating their corpses and some characters being in their inn naked we decided to go treasure hunting instead.

Casting level donation from Wildlaw

Not the Rise of old

You see Tianha trying to stab you, so you slap her to the ground with your shield.
While peacefully regenning movement points at tollhouse, we met a gentle young lamb who mistook himself for a lion.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than Rising alone in the light.
ris·ing ˈrīziNG/an armed protest against authority; a revolt.

Nguyen R.I.P.

Trapping trappers.
massively outnumbered, we will just out play them.

Argo RIP

RISE got counterambushed in Blood Shoals
RISE try to ambush wildrunners in shoals but got noticed and just owned.

Staerfeldt strike back
After being killed our dear friend Staerfeldt whine to mr. Gaylord and Mumu and Renna was stripped without any words. Typical wild tactique.

Collecting dragon orbs
So we tried to set them up on Stahl and they killed him before we were ready. tagged another char and tried it again! BINGO You hold a dinner gong high for everyone to see.!!

Stahl dies.

Kibosh is on a roll!
Fear the mighty Kibosh!

Collecting bone charms

Kibosh gets some revenge!

BSP loses a battle.
Not being spelled or haveing legend can suck. Also i was stunned tented the whole battle but managed to escape still.

return of the mack
run away little bunnies.

Mavlad the cat strikes again.

BSP get mean and pk a Rise unknown.
Tenebrarum tells your group 'ncie gear'

Forum hero...check
not even worthy post but it is brandon.

cleaning up Badjers horrible bashes.
lucky hold, but why kibosh get no backup?


Willoe tells you 'nice hit, was afk watchin game recap!'
Frosted book on mordred was devestation too! woot!


Storming the Gates
Tripping over vines

Maug comes to solace
Well, at least he had some cash.

Popo twists around to see you place Bloodletter in his back.
so popo has that item i was trying to load you say?

Kibosh decide to attack Mumu earlier and try to hide after BSP tag without being peaced.
Ilya being super unlucky.

Lord Verminaard has been a true friend to us this wipe.
Tim : can i look at the log of you following daniel into bloodshoal? jeppe : sorry I cant jeppe : under strict orders from him :)

BSP ends the wipe in Lytburg
Good game guys

While strolling Kalaman one winter day
dont forget to wear that lucky bone charm.

Not the Bsp of yesteryear
Kibosh attempts pk on snark. Teric makes an appearance. And Kadaj....

KINGS turned to forum queens.
brandon, go back to league of legends brah!

This sewer is dangerous

pwipe madness
just having fun.

Karliah tells you 'dont tell me you killed the sherwood forest posse'
Pking people that been afk and out of peace for 10+hours is a civil duty.

Fun pk battle

Can't touch this
Bot-baiting didn't go quite according to plan.

My fault, i didn't know you have 0 hps
Too bored, and this log sucks, i will rate it 0 myself. Anyways,

Riding round town smoking on Keesha
Gotcha bitch!

My Vines Love Myth 4vs1
Didn't notice the thrust. Dks ruin everything..

Its our party we can do what we want to
Vyllein learns that the blacksmith is not peace..

Out Played Again
Figured they would bite with Nate leading the way..

Bravo RIP
Bravo gets caught xping in Palanthas Library.

Revenge is a dish best served cold- and with side requests for information.
Pinster fishes for flags and we bite, only to realize Karma is a consistent mistress and they can't always rely on being trashy with luck.

Hawt R.I.P. and the Hero Swibelgluck enters Valhala to be Immortalized for all time
After the fight, 8 man myth group inn sit and massrent from a few SOB instead of avenging the death of their comrade. So sad.

Myth Hunts a Bent Priest
Ilank had dropped a few Myth tags over a day or two. We took mild offense, with a shield.

Wipe out of the Warrior
Sent me a funny log to post. Hoss can i please get a restore on my mages?

Few warm up pks with Lashric Duclawed as the main event.
This pk log is over a weeks time just did not have time to post each one and I kept adding to log.

Little bit of tether fun
nothing special just got bored

sure everyone will be sick of seeing us wipe this trash

Taking down the big dog.
Said he could kill us 4v1 so we decided on 3

foul smelling trash

I finally got done with my SH cleaning
after a exhausting day of cleaning clan SH i decide to take out the trash

Just mindin' our business
Just killed ancient red when maza tries to steal our zone.. we had to do it

Russia Vs Serbia
Serbia Lays in wait. As Russia attempts an air strike.

A few killings
Krombacher and Mondrian bites it, Swibelgluck makes a short cameo :)

Pinster and Ramsey RIP
Pinster and Ramsey caught preping for summon pk.

The prior skirmish
We were about to do Soth and I was trying to log off as these assholes decided to piss my wife off!

While peacefully doing Sleet..
Imagine our surprise at the instant appearing SoBs!

DBO in the nightmare forest.
So, im locating silvi and notice a buncha gear on the floor. poor deleted mass ripped at faldi and we decided to capitalize on this misfortune.

AFKK gets peace from Wild
Gear Return and Peace Has been established.

the return of Shesh, and nightmare.
Draoi blastwaved me and Mumu the other day. this is payback.

Kareem attempts to random neutrals.
Wild 3 , Non-clan affiliates 1

Shadout swims with the fish
Shortly after the massacre

Raja nabadua gola wookie nipple pinchie.

Complete garbage
This is why there has been a lack of logs from me. This is the second time naked trash SoB characters have come after my thief.

Clean up those triggers, kids!
Weisel, a low level mage, was killed by Mumu in Palanthas graveyard, but after entering the game noticed Sorsha had a look trigger and attempted to take advantage.

Kareem yells 'gl whores'
Wild had 2 groups in Palanthas waiting for us. 1st POV is the Cayle roaring and then the main group comes in.

Big Game Hunter Chorillo
Logged on to try to catch wilds, and for some reason Asap was flagged. YAY!

I like the way you die boy.
Lashric tells you 'why you guys had to anger the demon is beyong me'

Defending Davids Honor
So CORE made David walk the plank last wipe, and this is retribution.

Oppa Gangrape style
Chaos Whine

failed attempt at vengeance
booo, freke got away.

Apoc vs Myth
This is 2nd battle i didn't log the first

Dae Ripd
I didn't know what class he was, so i took a chance after dueling kaladin of going in on low hps.

Don't leave your bot anchor unattended
trash rip rate accordingly

Nightmare continues...
Enjoying a cool winter walk in the nearby forests when some friends decided to drop by...

Seldom takes out the Trast
Seldom flagged from missed pk on Kaladin earlier, then Apoc start logging..

Sharing Christmas Spirits with Apoc
Santa delivered some presents early, so we decided to open them up and see what was inside!

Apocalypse Now

Trashy Trasty R.I.P.
Legend dk & 2 mini-mages vs. Trast

Going Down Swinging
Congrats on the Kill, but the following was a bit trashy in my opinion.

Wearing flags....
This happens right after stunfest at Solace Reading Room

The Solace Reading Room
Pwning Nubs

Freke R.I.P.

Daisey died
text book pk!

MINE exposed
Trash destroyed by Trast p.s. these are MINE alts

Arthur tries to blend in with the crowd
I thought paladins had that freedom spell

Aspy gets revenge!
Bran trapped with nowhere to hide!

let the bodys hit the floor
Dont touch Aspy!

battle in istar
We killed turrible took his eq, they wanted it back. watch Riomar's mvp bot moves, he is a really skilled pkiller by his 1 cure crit he auto casted

A rush over comes you as your time to shine begins. But be careful.

Rocco's modern life
Our tunnel digging explorations had us branching out to new area's.

Yay for PK!
Apocs fall down when their own tactics are used against them.

Langya dies
casualties of war

Poking our head out of our tunnel
Just came up for some air and there he was right?

Caught ridin' dirty
Maybe Apoc need to dig an underground tunnel from Kalaman to Gargaths...

Unwanted Company
We died right after this to a mage bomb but it was fun

Turrible DIES
Turrible tries to solo a group

The Gate is opened.
Apoc vs Myth

Prerequisite to
Tars's dimplomacy skills.

Everyday life on arctic mud
I'm being pk'd!

Owezzan R.I.P.
VM sent trash to draw flags, it worked we pkd him then rented safely!

Ripyal R.I.P.
caught this one in the mages tower!

VM murthers me

Notol R.I.P.
Going to help a friend and stumbled across a black robed!, must kill them before they kill you.

VM ambushes Apoc
We had flags on one of them, went to use them and got a suprise. This isnt edited and i had alot of actions!


VM agro'd us in CT, This is what happens after

They didn't wait for you to wave goodbye.
get aggro'd in mah City!

Skyblu gets CRed

Judgement Day
All men will one day fall, but only a few will have the courage to RISE

Skyblu tells you 'can't go afk on the mud'
Skyblu and Ezio were playing together in dargo, we decided to join the fun!

Sub/Aimee try, and fail, and then I step in.
Slurp/Sully/Villa R.I.P.

Mage BOMB!
Everybody likes a good old fashioned mage bomb!

probably 10dam and summonable
We died right after this and lost everything and then some:) But next time we summon kill nyx we'll have some of it back!

Rise/Bsp Pk compilation 7/15/2012
Noli Dies, Noli and Velle Die, Noli and Infarc Die.

Rise/Bsp Pk compilation 7/14/2012
Sully/Slurp/3xCorpses Vs Aimee/Rythmatic in Oxen Stronghold Sully/Pooj Vs Aimee/Rythmatic/Sub No magic room fight Villa vs Sub/Rythmatic in Bog!

Sully and Fredi get bombed
Seems they were trying to re-exp, not on my watch!

Wild unknown rip

2nd Fight: Quick POV
Wild used zone feature well;we haphazardly jumped on some spikes

Poor, Poor, Horus
Quick kill, then back to being productive

To be honest, the foom saved them a bit.
Rise got stomped twice, this is the first. I wasn't there for the second.

The King Slayer is DEAD!
Rejoice to Winterfell and the King in the North!

Demaleon is made to pay the iron price.
Today was not a good day to be an Oxen ally

Aimee confesses her sins. The gods were displeased.
Trap on Aimee almost backfires, quick reaction time saves the day.

Another Champion down ...
Strolling through the local dark knight outpost, our local super heroes foil the plans of a sinister shadow.

An amazing thing happens and Rise swaps places with Oxen
little fight turns out big for the little guys

Zyr returns gear to poor naked Rise
Unknown healer walking around with gear Oxen\wild took from sully

Relocating Opportunities
I relocate to Sully to battle only to watch him die instantly at the hands of the Plat dragon. I help myself to the gear of their fallen main tank, Pooj.

Mirish RIP Gron Rip
Don't mess with triggers while pking

Rise..... Falls!
We have cookies!

Ngobe Attempts PK... Domahnugnuts... Tisk Tisk
Domahnugnuts Revels to be an evil fodder of BSP!

Shesh thief kills self.

We weren't west
To those who are about to die, we salute you.

Sartr AFK
Sartr Gets swooped!

Rise dies then Soth
Some lucky oxen mage got to learn Juke :)

VA gets rolled..

Rythmatic RIPS, the full story

my kung-fu is stronger than yours
Was trying to suicide/quit, but the opponents failed to deliver.

VA ambush WILD
Horrible looting on our part

Skrillex Dies
We checked winds spot on the off chance Skrillex was there. And he was. Rare Myth win.

Some VA dies.
Was tired of all the myth whining so I took it out on VA

Some myth dies
Tired of all the myth whining! Now you have something to whine about..

Ambush Bloopers

Cyren and Locki pay the iron price.
Myth, we've always liked you, but Oxen ambushed us, and you still zone with them, and this is arcticmud

Rise comes to play
Rise decide to come flag fish, it didn't quite work out.

No safe haven
Odilon wanders around haven solo

Oxen vs. Rise 3 vs 3
Aimee/Bubonic recalled vs Slurp & Sully initially. Then Mazrim, Moola, and Bubonic came vs Sully/Slurp, but Dworkin was summoned in to assist.

Jane's Legacy
Sully was spamming summons on me. You tell Sully 'you actually WANT to find me?' Sully tells you 'yes' You tell Sully 'how...odd.'

lasse rips 2x

The Falling of RISE
Heard that RISE had pked some neutrals for Honor's face and other gear, Oxen decide to settle the score. Rampage was hunted down in Uth Castle later.

OXEN vs VA Round 1
No pk forever leads to friendly pk with no mages.

Fight for Honor!
Four clans plus random alts get butchered by RISE clan. This was my first day back after a 4 month absence. So exciting!

Rox kept clairing or locating us thru out the week so we did something about it

Jana must not of liked me assaulting kenders...

Finn healbot goes afk and BSP capitalizes and summon kills

GSG have an encounter in palanthas
-> GSG massrip

Tit for Tat
"Politics" -> GSG ambushed -> Retaliation

Silly noob, tricks are for kids
No idea who this guy is, I've been gone for some time, but he attacked me and thus payed the price, Naked Scout Vs Naked mage, seems I won

Nyx RIP in OXEN stronghold
Quick hit in the heart of Mordor.

Yes we can.

Teotwawki says 'can we have it back'
Highlight indeed bad

After Action Clean-up
Relocating Basher

The agony of looting

Ode to Vanya
Lyrical prose of the casualties of war

Vizjerei R.I.P.
Vizjerei solo'ing

Atreyu vs Tintin
Looks like he was waiting for me!

VA vs CORE 6v6
just watch for yourself

So this is what happened...

Atreyu vs Telfnar
Legend Dark Knight vs Legend Druid...lets get it on!!!

They hide 1 room away from where they killed Oja, in a nomagic room.

CQ Take 2
Tried to solo the 3, lacked one darkness and had to retreat. In the process, clannies' implanted pk chip activated and we promptly form a 3 man hit skqwad

Some early morning fishing..
Woke to find NME jumped us again....


A little fight at start of wipe.
Mumrah tried to tell us to get lost at kal docks while lvling so we stabbed him, then later he logs ranked 8man tagged to kill of our clanie Traits so we wanted to return the gesture. was a fun little 2man fight with a old friend.

Kubla goes AWOL
Oja said Kubla was tracking him with charmie, after he had already pkd Parth in DKO.

Myth Ambushed
Was a well timed ambush, ended up tossing eq back and such after. Myth were great sports and I guess they really do just wanna zone.

NME declares War..
Damn.. I'm rusty battle healing..

RGBSP unknown massacre 2
New names, new faces, new corpses. Only one Mordred was hurt in the making of this log.

A show of strength
Killing some unknowns. Look how quickly Isabella recalled 6v1.

Goblins on the road.
Quan was just annoing us being online nonstop, Roust was marked as enemy like 3 week ago but I was just waiting for confirmation from other clans and Bella decided to pk peaceful zoner Adam when he was in mine group and refuse to return equ. So I decide to enforce it someway. Most funny thing is how fast Isabella recall from 6 man trash goblin group.

Good battle on both sides, lucky looting. I'm glad this happened.

rocky gets knocked out

Corey's mind tricks didnt safe him this time.
Wandering around Myth stronghold seems popular this time of year.

Adam forgot Corey been targeting Mythlings when suddenly a bash hit him.

A fairly poor performance on their part.
Stop hiding from us. Get owned.


The boy who never wins heads or tails

Wake up, log in, action has already started

The lost WILD/SHDY logs provided by wikileaks

Last PK LOG! Fairwell
Good bye... Arctic at least for a long time!

Ragan R.I.P.
Trying to get some fun.

3v1 and 4v3 First Blood! of the end of wipe PK FUN!
First, Second, and Third Blood! Who will be Forth Blood!

Sona/Willie vs Miagi/Sybie
I though tit was a fun little fight. Nice fight Joe

Davy vs Levitt and Golbez vs Everyone Else
Levitt chasing Davy- Davy chasing Levitt.

Athos Rip
Poofing Levitt flushes the prey

Davy vs Castle uth Wistan

Athos, Sybie VS Qwine, Levitt
Shields UP Captain!

Aggressor vs. Aggressors
Skirmish in Solace.

Sqweeks RIP
Don't stab someone then lounge around thinking you won't get stabbed back

I honestly didnt even know who we was going to fight.. I just knew I was going to fight!

Random craziness

Show yourself Assasseeeeeen!
just some randoming over the last few weeks.

Sybie Rippa of the Beast's

Oops! random recall...And i let my dragon finish my Dirty Work!

Breaking in and Entering

Huilu found with his PANTS down!

The start of BST and VA war!

Corey the best ever? I Contest to that.

Honestly I think this new flag system is good.. Alittle bugs I have found..
Ajahn becomes very very Silent... Sneaky Thiefs

Calm yourself!
Everyone CALM DOWN!

What could this possibly be? Oh, a PK log!
Was the third battle we had, finally got lucky

Shop gear fight
It almost resembles a duel at least.

Lee says 'what'd you do to my wall!'
Utilized flags on Athos after a failed bait manevour.

We were just ranking in Que Kiri when...
Bitch about numbers all you want. 4 of you jumped straum.

Arranged fight
Me and Sybie duel it out. No eq taken.

New PK flags debut
When your opponent can't flee to peace with an aggressor flag, corrode becomes a mighty nice spell. Got you Nick ;)

Emil's Secret Service Agents
Someone radioed in that theres a threat to Email so duty calls

In a stroke of good luck, you swap places with BST.
After Swa and I died to the devilish Castle uth Winstan the other day (reloing to opt anons is always a good idea), we were feeling a bit blood thirsty.

RQ Attack
Well...not my best showing.

seeking revenge
i thought it was another Dtrap alt so i wanted blood.

Pberksy gets fooled!
Someone tells you 'reply t sman guard my gear I'll mem a fly and run back... lucky stun!"'

Sybie is dumb
Sybie kept running back into room trying to loot his evil only gear... !

Muff Doesnt die
Abusing lame triggers!

Some lazy killing
A mouse panics, and attempts to flee.

Ceazar shows off a bit
Aliv dies

Another Nobash Please
Dtrap for the win?

Packrat rip, onyx aquired.
This guy carried a lot of trash and there was more in his pants.

Lincraff Rip
Unknown dies

Umeci joined the Delphon guards
and dies!

Vici RIP
Haste didn't help them much.

Uxeki get flattened
Uxeki found nice hiding spot, perhaps next time he should stay in it instead of coming out!

Davy Dies!
Davy gets dirty Doged!

First Lesson
Newb's first RIP in Arctic. The moral is: never sit at the fountain and shout 'I got a poison'

For your viewing pleasure
I'm not that innocent.

The Daily Show
Anfina Rips, Ima Rips! Some gear trade backs For the FuN!

Oops, I did it again - I jacked you in your own inn.

Innfight: Reptar Vs. Athos
Athos was mean to Reptar, so reptar used flags against Athos, but Athos was too trashy to lose gear.

2 birds with one spear

Mage Bomb Practice
Lame mage bomb...

Socuty doesnt know
I gave some gear back...

Sudo Vs Qwine
I Returned gear.. :)

Sudo Rip
Thiefy style

Aliv kills level 8 magic user. And promptly goes link dead in he inn.. And we kill one of myths newbies

And we even got a rank out of the chase!
Note to people that suck at ambush but are superior hiders: Stay in the block room.

caezar rips number 7
Buddy died... Not a huge revenge but still.

CRazy damage and Myrtle dying

Huilu RIP
Yeti are my friends I should protect them.

You don't need true seeing, just a little luck and some pixie dust!

But it is so peaceful here!
Neishean tells you 'your turn'

Neishean vs Mon...the Pitchfork fight!
Back when I still played I challenged Neishean to a fight, he said he would bring a pitchfork to fight me....after fighting him, I want that pitchfork!

Solo fo sho

Tripping on Acid

Spys are good enough targets as BST tagged chars

RQ vs Myth 4v4---Dumpster Diving
Good battle, I failed to do my job healing swa and consuela failed cause he got held. Pantolones and Consuela Fail!

Bad Moon Rising
Of course we finished the zone for them.

Don't summon what you can't kill!

Uxeki R.I.P
pzc shaman vs bst thief

Huilu R.I.P.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Schlomo tells your group 'perhaps you now have an inkling of why I loathe that shady 2 faced cocksucking ass-kissing degenerate hillbilly incestuous scum'

I'll be making a red robed next wipe.
8 chances to bash someone + 2 round lag per bash = skill! :/

Swa's wife dies
good luck on those cooking classes elena

Two noobs and a twatwaffle
Tried to get the rest of the innsitters to help, but sometimes you just have to man up.

Sorry RQ i was just practicing my PARA spell
RQ keeps pking me for no reason, so i pick on their soloers..

kos mage died
Um.. splat

Socuty Rip
Neishean style

Almost forgot to loot the non-glowings..
Don't hijack this log with declarations of jihad, whining, complaining, or otherwise nonsense or you are hunted FOREVER UNTIL I QUIT!@!#$@!

Louli RIP
He got me back with the help of ugh and pbersky later

Learned tells your clan 'god dan is such a little bitch'
No pitchfork, no torch, no bread... Just a slice of humble pie.

I knew i could kill one of them without even trying. Talentless haps.

Teamfight... then bst uses flags
bst are bad sports..

Myth retaliation
First part of log is from Aliv POV showing RQ retaliating against Myth and jumping them in zone. Second part of log is Myth retaliation to retaliation 10 minutes later. I honestly believed them to be prepared to fight and am confident we caught them off guard and that those characters really aren't that useless. Last part of log is some chatter between Aliv and Daniel.

Pixal kloot.
Sorry was supriced so started to log in the middle of the fight, but i know how ppl love kloots.

Lee grins... Then my castle guard friends slay him

BST Clan Retaliation Committee

Party at Sanction.
PZC tried to summon a few BST before peacefully zoning. Irony?

Things that make my heart murmur.
Terribly unfair odds. At least you have something to read. (Random logs of previous months)

Lorelei RIP
2 stabs 2 soon

Do you want Cheese with that WHINE!!!!!!!

Who says druids suck?
I apologize for the spamming of group, get over it.

Bryton rip

Nooka and Atticus Owned
Two Shamans take out Nooka and Atticus with no contest.

Nothing exciting...but a log is a log guess.

When did myth start getting shinies ?
Some fun.

Core 0 Nooka group 1
Jonas comes out of retirement but he is no MJ.

Maza brings out the beast!
Some guy tries to revenge his losses.

Its just a game. Don't be mad!
I saw a 3man group running around and I thought I would have some fun. Wish i was fully memed though.

The beginning of BSTS end, more to come
Nate talked some shit then acted like a prick so now,(again) his clannies are paying for his mistakes

Learned recites a scroll of legend lore.
You decipher from the magical lore that you will be dead in 5 seconds. You cannot discern anything else.

Myth Dies

Shooting fish in a barrel
adapting to surprises

Poor looting

Nate couldn't keep his mouth shut.
You tell Syzygy 'Stop telling to me, one more word from you and the war is on' Syzygy tells you 'stfu you douchebag' You tell Syzygy 'game on'

Lopi needs to skill more.
funstuff...foremans gloves holding amb axe....really?

The master of PK has been taken out, Nooka style.

Bunbun jumps Soloing RQ!
Looks like zexs is soloing a lot so I decided to chance it.

Bad Luck, Fair Play
RQ assists Wilds in smoking us on a frequent basis, good to return the favor.

Tannin, Aesien rip, plain text
sorry haven't posted in a while

Gifts from Heaven
We had just delay masslogged when Catharsis came to visit.

Liza Sixto Jumps the Bunbun!
Finally i get jumped after days of wandering around solo. Too bad shaman pretty useless in solo hunting pk! :)

Body count continues to rise
We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail.

Third times a charm
After failing 2 pks on Cecil he decided to wander - again.

Two lashes for the scurvy ridden pirate!
When a problem comes along, you must whip it.

Grenthum attacks me and i dont like it
I kill grenthum, then he gets his buddies to try and help him

Festa Round 3
To be fair festa fought us 3 times in a row.. and we recalled from him the first 2 times! so he is a champion!

10 vs 10 in QK
Clean win, but too bad Vinkuish was ninja looter.

BSP being cute

Sorry about the shortness of the log, but three mages casting area = single-round battles.

6v6 Final Fight
Played from laptop w/o normal triggs and aliases, so some slow reactions, plus people were dying pretty fast. Didn't even realize sublime was 1 rounded

3v3 Tournament
3/4 rounds logged only sorry, missed the 2nd round against the 2 healer 1 basher wild group. shantanu mvp!

Going out with a BANG!
Peacefully zoning with wilds, all tanks were stoned and we were about to kill Tero when we have a surprise visit.

Pussies of the Game
Just working disarm for legend. And of course opportunity knocked for Lamedrew and his legendary butt peeker.

Some RQ die
Notice how they use some trash to loot their corpse's and then the trash doesn't even have opt no_bloody on! Smart

Corey is never end!
Corey dies

Walao v Ragan
Walao has super spellpower

bsp vs rq/wilds
Scavengers win!

Aftermath of RQ+Wild vs BSP
Edited out a bunch of junk. Log showing Mitch, aka Dralan, at his finest. Next time, I'll be attacking indiscriminately anyone who isn't tagged NOW or RQ.

Feats of Strength
Festi jumped us, we got our little group together, good execution on delay.

End of Corey
Opps back to level 15..

rq and now jumps bsp
spicing up the game

You are King Zearin, Destroyer of Worlds
Short summary: BSP mages started poofing me and attacking me. Namtara was afk in the inn after and so he died. Nooka died a few days after. Sotofa RIP'ed as well but can't find the log. For Sol and Catharsis, BSP attacked me but fell short, and that is why I was able to attack in peace rooms. Only a matter of time before I die considering I'm vastly outnumbered, but at least I took down a few before I will die.

Tit for tat
When you mess with some...expect to be messed back.

Nooka RIP
Don't laugh at me else you get harmed!

mages backstab harder than you
was going to explore some new dts. even better

We found a Wild!

Faster than a speeding wh.....
I doubt he seen that coming...

The death cry of Iyayo echoes from somewhere nearby...
die wild

Hrun died
Me being 4 rounded by Corey

The Ides Of March... somewhat
Some time ago, Corey was somewhat unfairly killed by Wobbles. In turn, Weep executed Ruham for assisting Wobbles. Later, we learn from "reliable" sources that Reykas intends to divide the clan and greet Weep on The Ides Of March...

Corey's Mistake
Legendary Barbarians != Old Barbarians

Weep's getting slow in his old age.

Duels - Weep v. Cujo
Weep (rank 25 Legendary Warrior), somewhat curious how a Legendary Warrior performs, duels Cujo (Legendary Dark Knight).

Obsydian is dead! R.I.P.
Another log to whine and moan in!

Mifune R.I.P.
We failed to find the enchanted barrel but find some cool ghost berries.

Finkle deaths after that Battle in Kalaman
He kept saying that he was death memming in the inn and did nothing else, and i did look at him , see him low hp and multi killed on purpose...

Aral RIP
+2con leather for sale...

WildCORE Ambush in Ancients
Quick log and hit

Incontinence, A Pirates Downfall
Very Enchanting

Astley suicides - post Kalaman fight
Lots of thief shinies... too bad I don't play enough this wipe to play one =(

Bael R.I.P.
A Coreling rips, loaded some rapier...

Obsydian dies
Obsydian dies subsequent to the initial BSP and CORE battle (before the battle of Kalaman.

Battle of Kalaman
CORE and Wild join forces to battle BSP.

Core attacks!

Seeking an enchanted barrel...
While searching for an enchanted barrel we find some other noteworthy equipment, but our search still continues...

Finkle RIP
WILD have killed several BSP which logs have not been posted for

The defender of Grem
Grem was being harassed by types for cold snapping several I decided to bring vengence upon them...WIPE SOON!

Terk tells you 'consider your job showing that the new bash change is way over powered'
I decided to help everyone in this wonderful world of Krynn by getting bashed changed for the better of all mankind. and for my pleasure.

Hallowed Be Thy Ground

Zolt, Morte Die!

5 vs 1 and i still win :)
Who is clan >? hmmmm

Another day at school.
LTF gets schooled

Trash pk..
All Aboard!

Some PK...
Got jumped, killed one...some wandering...killed more!


Solace Fight Club
After giving the warrior's call for fighters to report to solace, geared only in what they could find in the shops....One came with the intent to go all the way. For those about to die we salute you...

Die trash 2

Trash fight
They were all trash, but a fights a fight i guess

Tourny Fight 2
VA Dominates Part 2

Tourny Fight 1
VA dominates


Crazy Clan vs VA
Logged on to Sylvice saying he had flags on VA, not soon after they failed summons on me, giving me flags. The rest is history.


Reed and Pawem Can't Finish!
no kloot for you!

Reeed helps with my understanding of the flag system.
Not being an experienced PK'r, I needed research on the uses of the flag system. Reeed was kind enough to volunteer.

Pawem Ripped... with Fyrey style.
They... annoyed me. Ilya convinced me to go a'huntin'. Ilya is wise, sometimes.

I don't come around fire expectin not to sweat
After about an hour of back and forth agression, the battle ends in balifor. P.S. loots added just for you John

Awesome Saves
Just taking a tour of solace when i found an old friend!

I make dead people
Lowbies agree'd to fight, so I didn't have to track them down.

3 CORE vs 2 LTF and 4 corpses
Relatively even odds... LTF loses again.

Just like killing kenders
See for yourself.

Magix brings Mayhem
Both times, Corelings attacked us first; however, we were fortunate that their 10 man was not nearby.

Oh nosss.... corpses!
The problem with learning a new trick is that sooner or later.... it turns into an old trick =)

Anbyn falls to Johan's Confessions
More fun times...

Its Marieo
Kimm says 'Stop bashing me'

Togachee RIP
Togachee summons me to kill me...his plan goes awry!

drgn vs Core.... ouch ouch?
Repost of same fight.

Some arranged battles with CORE, note: I was playing every single character on RANK side, I know how to bot!

Fifty tells your group 'worst ambush ever'
The saying that no battle plan ever lasts past the first shot comes to mind heh


Alisher..Mullet...Yarp get one rounded!
Niro attacks DRGN.. and then calls me the N word..

Saw DRGN lurking in Pal, so thought we'd drop by.
No eq acquired, but always fun to pk a bit.

BST Dies Unfortunately

Rescuing the dwarves from evil BEASTS
I poofed dicking around drunk, decided we wanted to have some fun, no corpses were looted, heres the result

Killing some LTF
Found and killed.

Taking out the Trash
Taking out another of Alexis's multi's

Alexis gets Smoked
I was just walking around in Solace, after just starting to play again. Alexis decided to aggro me, and gets his ass beat in the process. Kudo's Elzzihs for the backup!

Wilds vs Wilds with gear
I really did bet on Interve in this one...

Boring Pk
Brinner was drunk and bored. So attacked me at our SH and kept poofing so I had guards jump him.

My Stone Dragon was Hungry

The Brutal Bloodletting of Ceed
Although he claims to be CORE ... he was untagged and offended me greatly!

Another paralyzer

A walk in the Den
Man this shit cracks me up

Alexis RIP
Classic trap, will make you rofl irl

Wild jumps MH
Same old story : Came back to computer, read in irc about mavlad being abyssed for an 'horrendous' shout and this picks up from there

Sure want to fight Ollasa?
Short and Sweet! Now at MSK morning!

Laks says 'want to fight?'
Short and Sweet! Thats how every morning should be!

Last RANKS standing has suicided
Orliqq dies

Kirb falls intro trap
Turok dies too

Brinner fall into trap

The Trials and Tribulations of Tiptoe
This was supposed to be one on one and considering the odds I take it as great success!

Mh is gay
Trash mage Adventures Pre- Mage Wars

MH show there tenting powers, not really..

Squally RIP
Just because I look afk training brew and scribe doesnt mean I am afk. Too bad my looting sucks.

Alexis RIPS
Alexis tells you 'freak cant your clan ever be on solo ?' You tell Alexis 'shrug there not with me'

MH unknowns rip
Guess this is the only way to get them to fight :)

Slaying some DGRNs


DRGN clan killed stunt, now they die!

arranged 7v7 GOOD FIGHT

Good fight.
Straight 6 vs 6. Organized fairly. Hope it's a sign of things to come.

So that's the kinda fight it's gonna be!
CORE leader RIP

First off, take a step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE
Even with 16 evils RANK prevails retrieving Scaramanga's gear and gaining some garbage/kill count. A spineless showing by both MH and CORE, but with Shesh and Mavlad leading the way...what would you expect?

Things get interesting...
RANK gets some of what is coming to them. More to come.


Doubling up
Phuzz and Chiggles take the highway to the danger zone.

Rank asks for some training.
Rank wanted to get some training at Fort Khalarm. We offered to be their instructors.

RANK daycrew dropping their game
4 bodies, almost 5!

Caught Malice afk
Protip: afking in the guild during wartime will end badly!

Midnight Snack
Our bellies were rumbling, so we decided to go out for a bite.

You feel slow.
log speaks for itself

The Snobs Get Their Comeuppance in the Gugenheim Massacre
RANK hiding in the cellar.... not great loot but we got a couple things. Can we get a vault key, guys?

Aoshi/Shuzz rip
Phuzz logged off and not too long after Shuzz logged on...

Scaramanga protects me from Poli
Theiwar fight from the magic part.

Showdown at the Western Branch
More RANK die.

Dropping link saves embarassing login screen
I specifically said north wind over skype, it must have been fate.

Fifty issues the order 'kill jawsx'. Fifty issues the order 'kill orliga'
Despite our valiant leaders inability to spell, we still kill a couple.

Core VS Rank
Enjoy the fights....this isnt some 2vs2 this is straight up like 4 10vs10 fights. give or take a few.

Ambush? Not so much. :(
RANK jumped us 4 times over the last 2 wipes. We try to get some payback and fail pretty miserably. This did, however, set off a great night of battles.

Kirb Dies
Triggers Triggers Triggers

A bit too late for dragon help....
Wanted to arrive during battle, oh well...

Rank down
Lilithania dies, must have been low hps.

Ginn and Shasta Rip to supurb execution.
We felt kinda bad after, even though quetinho shouted that LTF was at war with RANK. Comment: should we feel bad and return eq or keep it???

Cal wanna Turok's die.
Ranks make me MAD!


Prequel to the fight
i remember at start of the wipe he had some equip.. and tried to stab people too

MH vs RANK 10v10
I have some of the area gagged but I have to point out that the RANK druids were spamming tornadoes indoors with no effect.



The Horde goes shopping.
Rank clan gets lucky with evades and there only being 5 in the same room.

Fighting MH
MH got (bored) and decided to ambush us in Ravenshadow, so RANK decided to ambush them also


Generic magebomb
reclaiming some eq

Killing majestic creatures of the forest
Strolling through the woods one day...

Koi Fight
Quade/Hoodoo take on koi

Went fishing...caught a gelly fish ?

Well timed Ambush
We may have lost the battle but won the war.

They tried to summon, we decided to help them

Core v. Rank Fight 2
Lost the fight, but gained some eq.

Core v. Rank Fight 1
After an Ambush on Core. A few skirmishes took place. This is the First.

Not everybody can be like Mary
I remember this guy from 10 years ago, apparently his game hasn't evolved much.

Orliqq says 'bitch!'
Goodbye, blue sky.

Kate's continued Vengeance
I pick a bad time to afk, ahma picks the wrong zone

tournament 3x3 and 6x6

Empty victory.
With the real competition absent, it was a hollow victory.

BIC Barbarian tourney Tunk round 1
I fight vs Vercingetorix.

Ahma vs Wild + MH
The enemy of my enemy is my enemy? an unlikely partnership.

Case of Mistaken Identity
We had Fickel highlighted evil. Turns out it was a case of mistaken identity. We returned all gears and coins and made 10000 apologies wich he accepted. SORRY FICKEL!

Meissa R.I.P.
Catch Meissa on the run!

Damn spy!
Caught this guy lurking around our stronghold talking mean stuff!

Stryph issues the order 'bash Schot'.

Sybul R.I.P.
Just a friendly duel. I almost died from envenom!

So exciting. Really.

A fun night out!
So what if some of the people got away, were afk or held was fun!

Getting some RINO love
Well I died earlier to the Thief, decided to go for a 2nd try, with success!

This was for your own good.

kiff dies
stab > stoneskin and slow reflexes


RGB + Ahma's come-uppance
RGB decide to lay a trap for Wilds and fight straight up. Special cameo appearance by some Ahma.

Zod caught with his pants down
going around trying to find Zod, i see some mobs dead in pigmies while i was going to check on a bone bracelet, And i see him sleeping at the top of the steps!

Recalls are cheap!


3 VS 2......Riskless as YOU Would Say...
Saw that they had 3, we had 2, we fight, we win.

Back Again! Hope you didnt miss us!
Core wars LTF

Hunt/Track + pkill system chat
This is a breakout of the chat session that Adepali set up in the middle of the night. Not pk logs, but everyone should have some idea of the discussion.

Fun Outside Tirabot
Grind's group killed a couple of RANK characters, so we decided to bounce back and retaliate instead of complaining to imms.

Finn finn finn finn finn finn finn
finn? finn!

Ahma vs RANK
First we killed Pantz for stirring things up and suddenly we had best time in mud for long time.

battle part.. 2 or 3
point of view from ungrouped pojo hitting whatever he can and avoiding aoe spam

Baus unknown bite the dust.
Goblins just got a quick frag while peacefully zoning around Solace plaza.

Scorn RIP
I log in to curb my boredom and kill a Myth by accident.

Highway to Hell
So they finally decide to fight - 16 of them on vs 11 of us online. Props for not coming with all of them although it wouldn't have really mattered.

Executing Sanjuro
We killed unknown wild few days ago. Sanjuro was leveling with him and escaped. We spend 3 days to confirm that hes a wildrunner associated character setup an ambush and execute him.

Bobobobo gets capped!
*BAM*! Newbies shouldn't have such shinies.

Quick Execution
otlw cleric thought he was unknown

Goblins executed some trash wilds.
Goblins pick some trash on the roads.

I have been unjustly randomed
I was peacefully zoning and randomed by a scoundrel named Trilla... I vowe I shall have my revenge!

Litiem dies, and I demonstrate that I don't know the Maze that well.
Murs shouts 'its almost about that time wehre rino logs, or sits in menu, for about 3 hours'

Taking advantage of the weak!
a^2 + b^2 = c^2

RINO attacks BST/Myth in Haven

Unknown Outlaw dies
Funny i was sitting north of the group with no vs. Go go bashing recruits!

Amateur Tactics
Predictably Delightful

Eddiex RIP
The best log posted in the last 5 seconds

RINO Clan makes a very big mistake
Kevin flies in from the west. Chi arrives from the west. Chi kneels down and studies the ground. Chi points at Whir. Chi says 'There they are!'

BST quick deaths
A short while after the initial attack, a couple BST wander and die.

BST Down
Weeeblo shouts 'Hey, I'm a Rhino, and just like all the others, i like to suck dick and take it up the ass while choking myself to gay porn'

Rhinoceros clan gets bored and attacks BST
Apparently we're not at war with BST and Myth because we "made a big mistake"

Cruciall Excruciated
Otlw spy


Jun Bugged!
Junbug's mage dies!

Nea Rip

Morning beers and cheers
Mavlad Hordes fight Outlaw

Fun in the sun

Protecting the bird
Wilds start hunting birds all over Krynn and we decide to stop this genocide.

Nator blind sighted by War.
Peaceful Nator sees the flip side of the world.

Breaking the monotony, badly

Peaceful zoning RGB decided to kill some unknown WILDs
Posting it just for record (Loretta)

Pojo decided to case peaceful zoning RGB
Random casing ppl arnt polite. Dont get surprised if you will be attacked after such actions.

Kate decide to random peaceful zoning RGB and pay for it.
We got message from one of our members about hes being randomed by wild thief and decide to hunt.

Some RANK die
Can't remember

Tyber R.I.P.
We see tyber in deepmines and i knew it was suspect evil so i attack it 2-3x and he recalls. The last time he comes back with wilds in tow! And they leave him to die. Mud booted 10minutes after so he lost sheaf too.

Defending the innocent RGBs
These randomers killed an RGB peaceful zoner so we jumped into the defense of the smaller clan because that's what we do.

Wildrunners trying to reequip
After lost humas to GOM wilds decided to ambush peaceful rgb group, probably trying to reequip.

Lanlanlen comes back, briefly.
Some things never change.

RGB picking unpeaced ex-Apoc
Too bad we didnt bash Balis entry - else this log will be way more short.

Baelron shouts 'Brandon has officially become the first person to lose the game of arctic'
We peaced Apoc last week but when Truar sent the tingles we assumed it wasn't to donate a dollar to Stronmaus' clownfish hat fund.

Apoc gets eaten....
Amazing how Brandon can bring the mud together...

Youthin Rips

We fight core 5 vs 6
Sherm fucking ld'd on us! We got away with 0 deaths and 1 kill tho!

RGB tried to make a stand, but fell.....

Ambush in silvi results in corpses
Sheaf by sheaf, we will steal your tents!

Turok RIP
afk in the middle of pk !?!?! newbie!

Hiro runs smack into Kamaswami!
Saw him pass eye and waited. Nice loot too. Got my armets back!

You tell your group 'remember that time when brandon sucked at running'
No one logged it so I cut and paste from backlog so it may have some weird breaks here/there. We all know Brandon rather posts killing naked 27s 4on1 than a loss.

Rang Wanders
Boring log, but it is a log.

some more apocs ripping
First few rounds of log are copy pasted, excuse any choppiness.

We finaly get quisti in this sheaf attemp
Nice web by bocas! We thought quisti was nobash, or something. We tried SO many bashes on him befor and didnt land shit.

PWA try to make a sheaf retrieval attempt
JJust a couple more deaths

2cd fight with PWA
We had a few less this time, and basicly just tried to run them out of spells by killing kylar first. Got some ok loot from it

Zalo RIP
autostand vs autobash

Dhamon RIP
we just own them basicaly!

Babayaga R.I.P.
we win again

dumb cores!
we just own them basicaly!

Aurora R.I.P.
flagtag! stupid mages

Muertos RIP
eq for pixi!!

You do not have that item.
kenders suck

The hunt continues
You cannot run. You cannot hide.

afk kills are the win

Mage bomb on Core. Premium rips
Just a simple mage bomb, got the target we were after and pixi didnt lose any good spells!

i dont want to hear it, they are definately core unknowns

Paradox solved
meh, mage kill

Trick RIP
stupid mages

Apoc and friends walk into a meat blender.
Log speaks for its self.

Woot woot! all aboard the failboat
hope the sheaf he dropped has tents in it!!

How it started
I was leading a neutral zoning group around when brandon decided to jump us

Find Akamai!
find akamai kill akamai

Hulu R.I.P.!!
Hulu decided to interfear in some pk a few days ago, today it was payback

RGB met some careless Apoc
Nafa forced me to log and haste him so he can bash some random Apoc.

Ambush on CORE
Just getting bored with mud so decided to pk. Nothing Personal towards any CORE!

This is how it has to be i guess.

Apocalyptic Arctic done by Outlaws
It was a quiet night, and all throughout Arctic. Not a creature was moving from the land Apocalyptic.

You'd think WNR would understand flags.....
After 5 man wnr's and affiliates kill me and almost kill ben, little flag action hurt in the long run. Zap Zap

Hulu Dies
Evil Core affiliate rips.

Bo R.I.P.
Found an unknown.

Serius RIP

#1 Rule of pk after you agro someone NO AFK
Souocara and Fylze Die

Failed Ambush with trash druid
I dont mind fighting. But why bring a character that has nothing to lose?

Bad decisions...

Bodycount rising
Another mage attack. Unknown healer edited for his safety. I almost died, but Kahz triple whiffed on sitting target :)

Brafu RIPS!
seek and destroy!

Rest of log

Ambushers get ambushed

Vex R.I.P.
He didnt have any eq cause its his hunter character, but a kills a kill!

Randomers should quit;4;password
Fylze, and Diogo killed Atari, so we logged and retaliated

Another one Rips

Mash Potatoes
Another wnr rips... didn't have the nightbringer like last time, but we will still take the loot!

Hunting the hunters
Lo and behold, no looking necessary

Lonely Apocs miss their date
Valantine Day Edition

Another day at the office
Baer shouts 'how many do you need you bunch of pussies' Less than you.

Outlaw mage dies
sucky ambush but one died!


I have +2 spell power ranks

I'm a Sir Vivor, I'm gonna make it, I will Sir Vive, Keep on Sir Vivorin' !
How to make an Apoc randomer detag. Nothing awesome, but myth folk usually dont have much to post - so let us enjoy it :)

Aurora eats the chubby.
He was hungry.

cool ambush
simple but fun ambush on joe's new mage

Who are you?
I was taunting some maels and then a few minutes later this guy random poofs me. I still have no idea who he is, but Pasis coming in was sort of icing on the cake.

Telia get reminded where his place is.
I was peacefully hunting Telia, when it decided to cooperate.

Nada chance.
Nada, Nothing Going on Here - I beg to differ!

Alia dies
erasmus #2

Retard randomers die
Posted for the viewing pleasure of the victims of these stooges.

Tyme and Miagi pay the toll
Wax on Wax off!!

won't be the last time.

Niupta Randoms The Wrong LVL 24 thief.
I was minding my own business exping in balifor when Niupta appears and casts spells apon me.

So strong!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Randomers
This picks up 2-3 rounds in, due to my massive lack of understanding of my client, after a few other whnrs fled/recalled.

Deth to Deth
joe thru summons at our group, so we decided to brawl


4v4 PWA vs BST
Just arranged a small-scale pk friendly etc, each member was required to bring 5k coins, and some random person with 10k coins, fun fun

Mess with the Bull you get ... Sharma!
Kylar and I were engaged in a friendly duel after we had just bombed Sharma as a joke.


Souocara + Haitmann R.I.P.
Souocara's trap backfires thanks to invisible poofers while my groupmate sits in Haven n.gate being useless.

Randoming to the Randomer
some mild fun

Goin' Where the Wind Blows
They huffed and puffed and were blown down.

Moptop R.I.P.
Weenors on, Weenors must die, Weenors must lose.

Mael mage bites it
Esther was saved by the longhouse.

Recycling the trash

Trash rip
Dunno why people were crying about Acaraje getting deleted, took all of 24 hrs for him to level another trash Haitmann used to recall Gostoso.

Takyr Good Negotiator

Smashing the Christmas Cheer
Merry Christmas.

Noremac RIP

Guelah RIP

Christmas Eve Fun for All!
Ba rum ba bum bum

Qwine tells you 'just lost like all my book spells in one death'
Qwine = randomer who fell for the oldest trick in the book. I'm kicking myself for not saving the tells that followed...begging for spells back. Qwine tells you 'relocate forcebolt fireshield and mirrors'

Oh what the hell

die mael die
mael started something...

Deja Vu
A strange sense of familiarity.....

Merry Christmas Weenies
In memory of Reed...

Khez rips in Mael Stronghold

Mavlad dies
Counter ambush on Lanlanlen

Another no magic fight.
This happened right after killing Ridin.

Raid to the Stronghold of the Core Clan
Arket dies.

Suprise!! Found them attacking each other..
Well if there gonna sit there battling themselves, I thought to myself, Why not help?

Ridin wanders

Fight with CORE
Think we should peace them for a few, for like a week and let them score some eq or something.

Pixi tells you 'go get him!'
big brother shows little brother a sweet new move


When Baers Attack Part 3
Arranged duel

Dozer and Pixi wanted to battle, so we did.
After Dozer's constant request and harrassment to fight, we decided why not!

mass carnage
sorry if this log sucks my mouse sucks so i didnt edit it, but i think this is a must see

And then

Amarnath dies

MAEL and PWA VS Free and CORE
Battle at the Old Merchant.

FREE randomers dies
They jumped Oom so we decided to form and strike back

Evil randomers die!
These guys been picking on the mud lately. So we decided to clean up a bit!

Don Dies
He was the only one left!

FREEdom has a cost.
I looked at them, they attacked me. Then they died a couple times.

Angoria R.I.P.
Saw him darknessing around Kal. Figured he wanted a fight or something. No eq tho:(

Another CORE dead
normal pk

Luze'rs never win!
Sposed to be 5v5, Luze missed his apointment.

Gan tells you 'Mael throws in the Tao'
Gan Stars

Zexx/Acaraje/Tao/Baelron/Bocas RIP
Mael fatness blocks exits!

Abracadabra part II
Nivek was sitting in their reception, waiting for sull to say for him to come down and waste me... Nivek, gotta be quicker next time :)

Bad Flag Management
6 or so were after us, but they forgot we had most of the flags :)

Taylor RIP

Mage bomb on CORE

Fun Fun for Everyone

Reed Rules

Slunt Dies
Wandering during warfare always hurts, especially when you're carrying the oppositions eq.

Core unknown rips
I need a fucking better shield!

Adventures of bosolt
I am a master goblin randomer, please vote $5 for this log so it can be top ranked of all time

Quote of the day: ^Ross(Ma): how you tented him You tell your clan 'with tentacles'
Confused clanmates

Some people wanted a fight..
No idea who these ppl are, guessing some Mael affiliation.

Gygax R.I.P.
Naked basher vs Naked scout. YOU WOULD THINK SCOUT WOULD WIN! MWHAHA

Over RIP
Fuck this guy.

Tournir 3X3 fighting
Druid POV

The corpse of Aurora is lying here.
Mael is losing war john started, gayness starts now! hehe

5x5 finals, 1st fight

Paladin Best of Class
My log of the event.

Gustaf showing that old and wise is the best
thats how the cookie crumbles

Stax gets summoned
Astibar with the super summon. We land a kill on Stax

Killed a PZC
Tollhouse takes another victim.

Since we posting trash logs
All he wanted was to say hi!

Battle of Twendle!
3v3 action 2dk's+basher vs 1basher 1shaman 1druid

+bash shields ftw?
Free gear

Apoc and PWA Jump Core
Moments before they puffed a trash mage in to try and spy us, we killed it, then Baer came running!

Welcome to PWA
So i Just joined pwa and made some new friends... and just as many new enemies.

Hello! Goodbye!
Poor brafu talks so much (way before log) Summon killed like a bieatch!

Sooshi takes a Full Monty Tornado
This is a partial log since i died. Core did win.. but This is a good demonstration of druid power. God damn someone bash me and someone bash those other druids to!

3V3 Core versus PWA good stuff
Lotsa of these little skirmishes lately. Few get logged. But here is one! I will put the brawl after on.

PWA dies
Who wanders with 10man on IN your own town! seriously!

Tarsis Recovery Brawl
Cores were pkilling each other when they got hit the first time by PWA and while PWA killed them they were actually also killing each other! This fight is after the reform. *Note* Boost has been used up rendering Tents basically useless

We fight it out with NOBASH PWA
Gotta love hard hitting mobs!

Suprise attack by Rhild foiled!
Rhild is dumb

Healer bites it..
I don't mind picking off soloers, but is it really that fun?


Killed off a Mael thief
A few somewhat shinies...

Sorry orokusaki
Orokusaki got attacked by spamed druid Then later trys to kill the poor guy in peace.. while his group is in the room??? thats why he is in such bad condition when i puffed, i just finished the job

Die Seda get a nocharm
Charmed and dead in seconds

Bye Bye Hari
Hari thinks corra is alone; he is never alone!

Jumpers! Not the Movie
Reminded me of the movies Jumper i might go watch it now!

Main Fight
Could have used a healer

deth/randomers killed nise in deepmines so we got revenge happened so fast
we didn't even see brandon there he rip'd so fastlike

Fury woops Deth/Apoc in thorb
Took like 2 hours to fight, cause they wanted us to fight outside. And i wasnt doing that dumb shit!. Good fight tho guys

fury randomed these guys, i didnt like it. i hate randomers!

Death to DETH
Area > DETH

Borz & Golgoth Die
Golgoth and friends were chillan west of balifore, we form a group...and kapow!

Fiery Death
A few multiis rip

Over R.I.P.
Over dies for fucking with newbies. He charmed vikha 4x that day or so. And vikha is a BRAND new player who has only played for 4days or so

Confusion gets a newbie deleted!
My little brother gets deleted for being a newbie....

Alxius Dies AFK

They laughed at me!

5 vs 8
Up in the clouds

Stax gets bashed!
And we just wanted to be friends!

Randomer hops on the failboat
he came, he saw, he failed

Peek R.I.P.

Doing us all a favor.
After a few small skirmishes with Mata and Curador, they recruited a third to try jump me.... so we evened the odds.

Kazzoo RIP

Bramavlad dies.
Over's multi bites it!

Killing some PZC and an affiliate
Tollhouse can be a dangerous place..

Lemuria loads good again
Too bad I went for Fawn when Yabek was stunned :( ah well, pretty fun anyway.

Killing Cores trash cleric 8 times! Nij RIP!
Sometimes people die... sometimes people die 8 times in a row!

Arranged Dual
Tried to get them 4vs2 and they just recall. So i decided to set a duel up. They lost, and curador got decapped. But mata got the loot and left due to bash lag!

Playing around with Core's trash shaman
sneakiness for a kill!

Weakest Pk ever on the weakest attempted Pker
guy following me around town asking me for coins...

Wipeout yells 'help1 we are being inned!'
Fairly fast recalling actions from PZC leads to some stalking in Pal and a few worthless kills.

Ugruk RIP. Otlw Scum
Bashy crashs Jarbas barrels Weeblo hits him with the shocker! = one dead little bitch! Boya

Cleirvoyance/Semaj RIP
Apoc tries a feeble attempt at pkill and enlist the help of PZC to try to finish the kill.. Baer yells 'i got dams buddy'

Maazi Rips hard..3 times!!!
Bashy Bashes lokpi lokpies! Maazi rips hard 3 times!!! crashy style

Kadaj,semaj,trei vs PZC! Fight
PZC vs Randoms

*Spash...Spash Los healer
Los healer dies!

Sacrifices must be made! LIZA R.I.P.
Hrmm what ever gets the kill!

Some guy who attacking Savage dies
Dunno, i log on and savage fighting him in the inn!

Grishnak/Ryn/Slam R.I.P.!!!
typical LoS pk tactics bring them to their knees

Repoping Wipeouts EQ part II
Checking loads on the los zone but nothen loaded again... Maybe next time?

Searching for Wipeouts Eq
ehlana does not load

He didn't poof very far...
My POV of the fight - went quickly after bashing Kylar, then I was really happy that he poofed back!

When Baer's attack Part2
And then..

When Baer's attack
He fucked us over earlier in wipe by not helping his own cousin and former clannie when they dieing to kylar. So i didnt help him when he decided to attack BST. Dont feed them Baers!

Kylar's buddy gets it
He helped kylar kill us before, and had gear from some of our guys. So he died.

Over R.I.P.
he just kept recalling so i had to get help

Waveon decides to solo

Kylar gets sheaf greedy
10 minutes later..


2 vs 1

Hi, Kylar!
Slight confusion of who the 'stabbit' target should have been....back when Kylar was Kylar.

Kylar is attacked!

Blinded by the light!

This one has a death!

Kylar saves Mordred!
No rips but I had to save my friend!

Kylar vs LoS posse

2 vs 3
Wanders win the day

Kylar vs HOC aka LoS aka the Bronze Gods

Attacking our inn stalkers
Group targetted Over with a quick login near Palanthas inn. After Over was taken down, Meeka swiftly dispatched Wipeout with stabs in the inn.

Wrigley rip
evil maels

revenge for kyto
they want to war apoc so killed kyto this was just revenge.

1 vs 10
Last to Recall

People afking outside a zone equipped deserves to die. He aggreed himself
Just lucky that he was afk. funny thing is when he tried to use flags on me in Inn when im afk for same reason as he was GF'S watch out for his elite skills. (scared?)

The Hunter, becomes the Hunted!
Bocas was feeling frisky, so he got a shake down.

I die afk
Notice how Djinn leaves and Micke the DRUID comes in. How the DRUID knew i was there is beyond me. Why outlaw didnt just pk me with a tagged char is beyond me. Scared i guess:(

Mighty Champions of Krynn's Eternal Power Struggle Unite to rid Krynn of a Common Foe

Xen dies ...somehow
Not entirely sure what Pablo was doing here...

Acaraje tells you 'did you loot corpses?'
I was walking around when these fellas try and jump me. Needless to say, they were taught a lesson.

Acaraje rips AGAIN
Learn the flag system!

Dedalus Rips

Jarbas finally dies..the slippery devil
every time we killed these guys jarbas got away either recalled or we deemed it unimportant...tonight we decided to kill it.

Turok Randoms and dies
He killed Altantuya randomly at the tollhouse. So we go to avenge his demise. Nice bashing by bahl!

Garbage Disposal
silly trash killed

Semaj dies
he kept fleeing!

Battle 9 vs 8

tajs rip

Caught an afk'er
Not much to it.


7 brave Otlw vs 1 scare Virra
I think they mixed me up me with someone. I didn't have any good eq. And using web on mid thief not trying to hold or para... Of course maybe they are only brave enough to random pk 7vs1. But whats done is done.

Toril jumps MAEL
Alisher at its finest.

Kazin Bo Akin dies

Arckeles R.I.P.
Not sure why this kid got his mages mixed up, but I found it pretty funny.

Trash Truck
Tic Tacs

Acaraje / Jarbas RIP
who wants to die alone? Acaraje didn't, so he brought a friend!

Acaraje RIP
Randomer dies

Mis,Ehlonna dies
Revenge of the Peaceful Zoning Clan

Weeblo dies
Weeblo dies, perfect execution.. poor form on the getaway though as we ran into a wall of fatty mcfatties aka maelstrom during our (read: my) poor attempt to escape

Randomed by Maelstrom
I was helping level a friend who hasnt played in over 5 yrs when I'm randomly attacked by Rhild. I basicly let him kill me to make a point.

Goblins vs PZC

jarbas rip
Jarbas randoming with acaraje

acaraje rip
acaraje rip

Grooblicker dies
bumped into this guy on the road

Taking out the trash
After trying to work peace out with otlw for several months Otlw breaks there word again!

ALE are randomers! who have been spelled very nicely

3v3, 3dies!
criminal justice

Kylar, Reign of Terror
Kylar Poofs in, Kylar Checks out. "Warning" Beware of Command Spamming.

Kylar dies To PZC

Killing a mael thief

old fashion brawling

Sneaky Randomer Gets a taste
Is it illegal to transfer eq if u know your going to die? i think i got abyssed for that once!

Another Alisher?
Outlaw unknowns hunting season

Josefine shoots webs at you but narrowly misses!
What can I say

bad pkers bad!
basicly these guys attack me for no reason besides to be a pain so we had to pull out the Slapadap

Randomers rip
You get a staff of meditation from the corpse of Piipa <----- And he said he was a newbie and hadnt played for a while! pft

A few kills on Truar/Pixi
Nothing special, just a couple more kills. The first was in response to apoc's acceptance of skeet's eq donation.

PZC Mini Games
3 Little Logs = 1 Big Giggle

Gygax dies
more alishers, different alishers

Acaraje rip

CORE vs. Lixo
Lixo killed one of our mages earlier in the day and we happened to pass by the tollhouse.

Burzt dies
Ambushers got ambushed

Li Rip
Li dies sitting in no magic no peace room.

Dueled Sunn

Thug vs Chumps
Was walking around Tarsis, hunting some guy who had been trash talking me, when I was ambushed!

The adventures of Peaceful Zoning Clan
We were peacefully zoning until we were forced to pk kylar, grooblicker, and voldarin. Got a nice item from groob at least.

bye bye Gamja
Thought he could stab and get away with it.

Caught a soloing xp'er
Dont solo xp on my watch! ;-)

yet another point of view.
Same fight as the other logs, but also some of the mop up work after.

Another Fight, Core/Apoc
very windy out!

Apoc N co. versus CORE
A very lame P.O.V

Interuption a duel
Just a split second too slow *snap*

Stunning Caverns
**Toer: I guess next time outlaw will only fight under water?

Few evils die

Biggest Fight Yet
Unknown Apocs revealed!

we win!

Idiot tries to frag my gear and get away with it

my eq

Curiousity killed the cat
Wouldn't bother to get flagged but this annoying idiot was trigger looking at inn.

Quick kill
FT mini-ambush, best part was getting there.

Core can't abide nudity within its hallowed halls
Apocs run to avenge the death of Pixi and the loss of precious scrolls of recall... the following battle ensues.

Windy City
Battle of Zeeriak: Tornado power and excellent bashing bring home another victory for the Blood Seas

Fight MAEL vs Outlaws by Thorbardin
9 vs 4

Let's go fly a Kyte

Kadaj dies
Re'eqiping back

Trick says 'blahblahblah'
Mim just got done telling trick that kills take patiance

Core invites Trick to Tea in the Garden
Trick arrives suddenly

Fight in Lemuria
This is just an editted version of the previous fight.

Soveliss vs Kadaj

Outlaw Unknown R.I.P.
Found it who it was and ripped it.

My loony bun is fine Benny Lava!
Have you been high today? I see the nuns are gay! My brother yelled to me… I love you inside Ed! My loony bun is fine Benny Lava! Minor bun engine made Benny Lava!

Come fight... Your too week
Yet another episode of putao and friends dieing.


Rustik dies

Ease and Lanlanlen RIP
Well after asking Lanlanlen for a 1v1, and figuring he would come with a charmie at the least and a few friends at the most, I decided to fight it out whatever the odds...intresting outcome..

Subtlety goes a long way
Manners Appreciated.

Clearing streets of Kalaman out of trash

Harvesting another sheaf
not much to it

Clever Outlaw mage poofing with 12 MAEL on
Crispen tells your clan 'he saying illegal'

Otlw Mages
Trapped otlw goodie mages to dko bard then died some lame PCK after shoulda just sat at clan inn

Sangue's golden aura fades away.
Sangue/Xique tried to ambush Squintz in haven so Kadaj came to the rescue! and Quisti too I guess

Baer/Baelron vs. Burzt/Krawl
Arranged duel; to the death, eq is kept by winners. post fight whining and drama has been edited out

Revenge of Bocas and the Dragon Orb!
Eclipz trap

Outlaws vs A Shaky Staircase
Stax's mage(pjat) was snooping around for flags on us while we were doing VK. Long story short - pjat got killed, they logged a real group and ran to us as we sat behind a dt.

Fight at kerns

Selective Randoming
Poofed these guys earlier for a look... they like to have fun. Also asked if i would be coming back. Yes i do all my own stunts.

Ski masked
The Squinty eyed one strikes again

Another mage bites it
Go track!

Ahlez RIP
He brought his scuba tank.

He forgot his scuba tank.

Outlaws' mage bomb example (c)

Renith rip
boring kill, not much loot

Lucia vs Rhild
Arranged battle of healer versus healer to see once and for all who is better!

Arianne Dies Again
Die Outlaw Die

Arianne + Scu RIP
boring log - notice the glitter to check if afk or bother with flags!

MAEL vs Otlw: Arranged 7v7

2 vs 2
too bad Mozilla got confused and able to recall

the race to gulfport inn!
just basic pk realy

Irda battle
Arranged 6v6, good fight

Solo Barb Vs Solo Mage - kinda:)
Why bother leaving the Inn to load equipment, if it lands at your feet when you log on?

Kyte RIP

Renith dies.
We took wrong wind so ran to kalaman on the off-chance Renith would wander, he did. We had a nice laugh of that, no good eq though. :D

Went for Ripyd/Lucia, got Saifora instead.
Did the speedbump Saifora save Ripyd and Lucia? :)

Will you be my valentine?
Another trash char dies.... who woulda thought?

Outlaw flunkies: Meet the Inlaws
john likes to talk, well i can too, you're only outlaw by default.

Lucia dies
Can too pk!

Ross is dead! R.I.P.
Note to self, dont kill pat he will spam you for 30 mins afterwards.

Bumpkin dies
Don't know what this guy was thinking i was just trying to look at him, in trying to do this get full pally set

Ahlez Sorinel

Cleopatra Rip
cleopatra rolling with king of swords and other goodies

Sunn died, Zarge lived
We came to rescue

Ripyd Dies
Ripyd attacks and dies, mael's masslogs in attempt to use flags

Sorinel saves Dogli

Eclipz gets his groove on.
I was peacefully ranking at Asha when Bocas and Sotofa decide to poof in for some rank points. Sorry the log is cut off, I was too busy laughing.

Nothing new. Accused of being someone we're not and getting killed over it. Same old Arctic.


Bullz and Putao R.I.P.
Putao attacks AMA all the time. Mostly not succesfully. But he still does it. He used to do it with a few others and Bullz just happened to be with him. Marked as evil. Give me a sign that he isnt evil and he can have his bronze shield back! LEAVE AMA ALONE!

Randomer Putao rips
Putao attacked Neefa at TH. Then AMA unites in a solitary force to hunt the bandit!

Kamakazie lives up to his name.
Editted for your viewing pleasure.

Zoe/Tao Rip
Fast log, fast kills.


Kamakazie is dead!
A Kalaman cityguard gives Kamakazie a solid punch in the face. Kamakazie's head cracks open and he drops to the ground.

Scooter R.I.P.
Nem vs CORE, first hit of the war.

Niupta tells your clan 'heh i heard jeppe yell mid-battle "im gonna die fuck i dont care"'
Unusually long fight...

The corpse of Tao is lying here.
I was just running through checking brass potion and found Tao's corpse at the brass dragon. Surely I loot the sheaf and then along comes Tao.

Raple stretches his arms wide and cackles with glee.
What started off as a joke at the steam golem turned into quite the hoot.

some 10 vs 10 fighting
Hoping to overwhelm enemies with area we hit a nomagic room, going back we find them at Raple, hardly as efficient. Some after kills too.

Drood disappears suddenly.
Can't we all just get along?

Kleptom RIP

Takin out some randomer
Seen Samm picking on some more people decided to fix it.

#alias {os}{o all.corpse assist stax}
random encounter turns two seemingly strange fellows suspect.

Xen and Friends
happy new years

Toer R.I.P.
Toer gets caught trying to be a hero...

Rojany rips
Rojany is not an unkown name sorry

Turok RIP
Turok commits suicide

Kylar RIP
Russian's triggers show no mercy

Eclipz RIP
Horrible pk log but he dies and good loot

Imms wont stop these lame names, so I decided to take it upon myself...
2 very noninconspicuous names turn out to be just that... unknowns.

Tana bites it
I got bored, decided to contribute, and 5 minutes into logging...

Kinda Funny!
Innocent bystander takes one to the head

Thor Rip

Killed a suspect
...nothing special, nice platemail tho

Maxe supposed he was evil.
Feel the Powah!

Diogo dies
Harvesting in Que Kiri

Enemy at the Gates, hoho
To stab, or not to stab, that is the question...

Malice Rip
Eat it, bitch.

A better world
Brama decides to send his minions to make the world a little better.

Truar dies.
Brandon dies for past treacheries.

another battle
after i logged of dra i logged on my naked paladin and went for glory!

4 battles
normally i edit my spam out but im being lazy you just get the logs of 4 battles spam and all!

Alexandra takes a stab

Avery + Avelyn RIP
Avery should have gone to a 1-man or at least untrackable room. At the end he was probably hoping his (poor) hide would work.

BSP+Apoc vs. Bia+Myth
You try to bash Anne, but you miss and tumble forward onto your face. You >>>>>>>>BASHED>>>>>>>> Anne. You >>>>>>>>BASHED>>>>>>>> Lumpe. You >>>>>>>>BASHED>>>>>>>> Lumpe. You >>>>>>>>BASHED>>>>>>>> Chivas. You >>>>>>>>BASHED>>>>>>>> Chivas. 5 of 6 bashes were correct and continuous (zero non-waitstate time). Nice.

lafour R.I.P
start of the madness, this was over the pk on samoht

apoc vs bsp
it was going to happen sooner or later!, 5v5 in bsp town!

We won this one
(John): First fight we lost because we faced some bad odds. I just wanted to fight anyhow. This fight we smoked em hard!

Tazork rip
He killed me 4 times or so... Finally some revenge.

Fugifoo dies again
Still he is winning... As he passed my eq to his multies.

Fugifoo rip
He has chance to get out but he continued wandering around... Too bad

Cousin vs Cousin
I felt bad for pking him. But he's always been better then me so i wanted to show him up! I offered him his gear and peace back, but he didnt respond. :(

Staby tried to steal something from you!
Showing Staby the error in trying to steal from me.

Randoming Epyon Dies
Took us a bit cause he would run/recall/run/recall. Finaly he gave up i guess.

Staby eats it (bada-ptss)
You have been connected 1 minute(s).

Tazork rip
Kralum died before, didn't log that :(

Marieo Dies
Kupas have their Revenge

This is bullshit..
i wanted to end on a kill, not a death! Fuckin my luck...

Liam (KoS Druid) RIP
Had to try a new class out...take care!

Crispen / Lafour get it good.
Final farewell, good healing Deedlet! thanks for not recallin out on me!

thank you!!!

Fun time
Good thing we just finished meming, thx for waiting bsp.

Jamalama (BSP Mage) RIP
Got em!

Awesome Cleric vs. Two Retarded BSP Druids
At least come solo next time. Dying to me is less embarrassing that way instead of dying while trying to horde tactics on me.

Cameron Dies Again
I think he was mad. I told him i was bringing a bashing charmie. So i brought Chivas! Best bashing charmie ever!

Farewell for a while/forever! BSP sucks.
Never trust a BSP. Especially when they seem to be acting friendly and reasonable all of a sudden. LIES.

Sinn tells you 'bye'
Boring parts edited out.

Lafour snickers softly.

Camerons buddy dies
Cut out ALOT of spam. He is a damn good runner. A part i cut out was him trying to lock me inside a door with my mage... go go relocate!

Cameron R.I.P. (revenge)

BSP Druid dies
learn that flag system boys!

Thought I had him!
Veerrryyy close

Chunga, I'd like my head back plz.
uh oh

Thanatos AFKs at a peculiar time...
Either AFK or loss link...shrug..poor guy


I'm overpowered.
Don't nerf me please.

Trumps 2nd death
stop giving me flags numbnuts, GIVE UP


More fun with BSP!
Sinn points at you and falls down laughing. How embarassing!

Cameron finaly dies!
After about a couple hours of clairing and trying to track him with charmies. He got balzy and came after us!

BSP gets revenge
tent !!

Evil Salli Dies
0 gear but i got his sheaf:)

Entertaining...Rage against the BSP/Mael machine!
Entertaining in my opinion..flags go a long way.

Elle, Skold R.I.P.
Started as a 2v1, turned into a 3v2, then a 3v3

PZC Returns for One Last Show
PZC come back to kick it old skool

He just died!
He has been told over and over that he is hunted. And the russian wasnt goign to peace him yet! And still he wanders!

oooo baby
Don't get too emotionally distressed other BSP members

Alexis liar trashtalker dies!
After he died, i tossed him all gear and sphere back. Just had to get some payback for him almost killing my mage with some guild guards!

Orlandu dies stupidly again
Crispen tells you 'im the closest thing to a leader atm'

Death and taxes Inso, death and taxes.
After battle in Xak, one evil couldn't hide...

Some arranged fight in Xak
Our elementals didn't perform as well as hoped and Lyta prisming was a surprise as well. That and I got disrupted 2 stuns decided things.

seled rip

Some BSP Rip

Caught xping
Young dwarf nearly got me!

You get an enchanted barrel from the corpse of Bocho.
When will ppl learn not to carry those barrels around?

Drood DIE---S
Evil trash droods think they can zone when they are hunted. Its not very safe with the pirates about!

Picked off some thief.
a prime! woot

Evil dies

Gijho dies
trash wars

Mitsu RIP, Lumpe got away
Lumpe attacked me a few minutes earlier.

Helati RIP
talk shit? expect to rip

1 log to rule them all.
5 on 5, no weapon on our basher..BG has the nerve to call ME a cheater when they toss gear to nonflagged chars and blatantly multi. Burzt tells you 'you talk alot of shit' 'that you can't back up'

And he died too
I still suck, but i'm getting better!

You died
I suck at pk

Behold, on wrong Swift vengeance waits; and art subdues the strong.
I invited Tolenka to run Que-Kul with me. We get to bearclaw and he decides to bring his mage friend in to forcebolt me. I die, but my revenge is sweet!

This is the end for you my friend!
BG's want to hunt me down for owning one of their multies... here's the outcome

A bit of Solo PK
Once in a while you have to have a little fun, don't you agree? Well.. maybe not for these guys.

Bye Bye Mr. Feroz
Tazork acting evil and randoming people, needed to die...props to Dave for Key Hold!

Exot R.I.P.
Another one bites the dust. Orlandu For the WIN!

Pk of the Ancients
Tollhouse cookies FTW

Batt RIP
Faught the multiers Thymorical/Batt 1vs2 and recalled, they came to use flags.. and got dominated!

Return of the Peaceful Zoning Clan
Staby tried to pk Darc, so we used flags to draw him out.

Shouldnt spy

Warm up Tourney round 3
Quick practice session pre-quest/tournament

afks Rule
Wow, when did the roads become a safe place to afk? Das Boot?

Trash Dies
Trashy Tazork R.I.P.s in deep mine.

I have asked the Dark Order for peace but they threaten me with death so I fight to restore freedom and peace.

Randi R.I.P.
Randi You tell 'I got some gear for you' Sucks, I meant to say "I want some of your gear."

Adanac tells you 'just on to give eq away :P'

Newest Outlaw member learns to not mess with the spic.

Seda attempts to break free of the black tentacles, but fails!
You say 'who art thou sir?' Seda shrugs. Seda says 'does it matter?' I guess not, you die regardless. Tater has been avenged.

Austin R.I.P.
Poor Chef, at least it was fun right...

Tate R.I.P.
You say 'who art thou sir?' Tate shrugs. Tate says 'does it matter?' I guess not, you die regardless.

NEWB VS. BG @ Palanthas Square
NEWB first mage-bombed us and died/fled horribly, moments later they formed again, this is the result of the second aggro!

Purly walks to canstin

Que Kul once again gets soaked in blood.
Finally got to use prism in battle, was fun. But I guess MH knew they were gonna go down...

Passed some zoners!

Trash baits, trash dies

mage possie avec basher
When the mage possie is on, resting in their lair is usually not advised.

Mysterious indeed...!
You get an enchanted rabbit-bone wand from the corpse of Mysterio.

Mage vs Thief
Found a Newb that knows what a fair duel means.

Another one Bites the Dust
Some Fun

Newb mages got brave and paid for it
first fight im in and i win.

Bulls on Parade

Protecting the lizard
Chivas tells you ' They prepped for 10 hours for that'

Drive-by druid killing
Passed haven and stalked a bit..

Drive-by mage killing
Passed kal and stalked a bit..

Elyana tells you 'eta'.
Bit of bad luck on the tents, but decent harvest.

Fupa making new logs with Nimby

Ryan dies afk
Druid vs druid

Jambi RIP

Show Down

7 BSP v 8 Newbs +2 corpses
azuero/segun/xavier attack ballistic soloing then they mass log some!

Trash is in the eye of the beholder

Vehlkor vs Qubiashi.....another DK
Another duel since ppl thought Darys did so bad. This Dk is buffer then Darys.

All good things come to an end
for some reason I think Kurvd baiting us here :) shouldve looked prior to killing. Also should remove bash triggers when outmanned :(

Lyta Luzes
Not sure what lyta was thinking...i wasnt even planning on killing until i saw him standing in the middle of the street.

Mena RIP

Fighting over CR at Sleet
Spotting naked MH logging in kal and clairing them at sleet, we log and run there, they decide to stay. We cr'd them afterwards too.

Oli RIP again
Trying to harvest relocate from his sheaf.

Heres some logs Ive been saving up from the past week.
I'd like to say I also summoned Purly, but I regret to say he had nothing on him.

Quick Hit
I wasnt going to post this, it's not that interesting, but what the hell. Adanac tells you 'well if i see you in a less peaceful place' Adanac tells you 'i hope your dagger lands well in my back' You tell Adanac 'Im stabbing you :)' Not my thief or his druid, but you get the point.

Sneak Attack
Note: healers need to be bashed.

Mikado is dead! R.I.P.
Having some early morning fun...

Nemo, Buf, Huck, Oli R.I.P.
Cleaning the streets of Palanthas.

Not much to see..

Newb lose 5 trying to CR BSP Massrip
BSP had several deaths at Tero. NEWB came in and got a kill on Goka. They realized that BSP had gear inside still and came back to loot. Unfortunately for them, BSP had just CR'ed and healed up as they entered.

Killing some StF
Just some 3 vs 10.... kinda :p

Penelope rip
Fun for the whole family

Killing some afk mage
take a hint..

Pudd is dead! R.I.P.
No hard feelings. Don't loose any sleep tonight.

Back stabby

All he wanted was a lore!
At least he was able to complete his quest for knowledge.

Not much to say...

Dias dies
Ppl were happy about the 40k in the chest too.

BSP Vs Newb
10v10 Fight, BSP gets the win

Worst (best?) death ever.
Stupid death.

Some deeprenters die!
Dunno where all this eq came from! Was tagged mael/outlaw.

This is how we do it
clan Newb ftw

BSP Lamers
BSP enters as a full group vs me, not a style of fighting that I am familiar with.

Coree almost ruins the MUD
Kam and Loopley never went invis after Yarilo died, and some invis abyssed me, so my guess is Yarilo is the multi of some high level imm

how to rip 101
study hard cause you're next. yeah baby.

outlaws-bsp 10vs10
bsp won, you may want to not read already

Someone forgot to loot Celaris!
7man BSP vs 7Man Outlaws No one remembered to loot the mage!

Did I get that right, Afa (Y/N)?
The Magnificent Tantalizer

Rodh R.I.P.
Saw an evil on, and killed it

Till death do us part

For your eyes only

Randoming AMA
Stabu declares war on AMA to save wild animals

Randoming PWD
A special compilation of pk logs dealing with the clan PWD.

Frederic Dies
He kept attacking my character Saia (a Mage), and then his buddy's character ( Scout), so my Boyfriend decided he must die.


Randoming #2
The second issue of a collection of pk logs.

Tananathalas says 'haha nice death'
This drunkwhore, who tried to start a war with Kirath once already, poofs to us while learning Gaard and starts harassing about "his +heal decayed and is loaded". When he doesn't get the response he desires he becomes an ass and subsequently dies.. twice.. quite funnily.

Open Door Close Door

Randoming log #1
I have decided to post 1 set of logs each weekend for my fans, starting with the oldest.

A Common Mistake
Not carrying a scroll of recall can prove to be hazardous.

Becareful What You Wish for

A person who thinks alot of himself.

Arranged fight between Nowclan and PWD+Ama.

Sek R.I.P.
Old log of killing a suspect. After this, the scum whined that he was AFTR and got sheaf+equipment returned since AFTR member swore he was a member (Alexandra=Sek). The surprise comes when 1 week later he shows his true colors in the famous "mage bomb" fight with outlaws.

BSP vs Andrewcrabpeople

Qubiashi and Deedlet at it again

Ambush at Soth
I guess they hoped to catch us fighting Soth...

B.S.P. ambush Outlaws in nytes
we ambush outlaws in nytes.

maged BOMBED
another POV

Outlaw Mage Bomb
You are carrying: a sheaf of spellbook pages [5]

Almost a good fight
Our mage went ld few mins before they entered + I called recall since he was.. Summon pk'd Sarax back tho, before some mage ripping in gay mines.

Galeru "clairs" us in our hidespot

Ambush 8v8 BSP/Wildlaw


Galeru RIP
Galeru locates an item for BSP

Ambush at Galazor
Just fast ambush, funny quit out by Izso ;)

Summon pk
Some pk intermezzo during out zoning.

PJ PJ, eq swapping
Ambush in mound, then luring in bali.

Whir RIP
Whir utters the words, 'calr lugptiing' Dagam's multy dies.

Bloodguard vs NOWclan
4v4, we didn't even get to kill anyone! But trash loaded on corpses...

Some trash pick a 4v4 fight with nowclan...
There are no deaths in the log unfortunately, but 1 member of their group dies of bleeding in the inn and the other blindly fled to the nomad camp and died, leaving nowclan able to rent off with no kill flags.

Exclar gives Seda eq back
Pablo says I want my eq back summon Exclar Ta da!

Andrew RIPS
they get noobie.. we get them.

After the prevcious fight

Tenta throws a sticky strand to the ground. It disappears magically.

BSP vs NOWClan
NOWClan are horrible looters..




Vandetta R.I.P.
Go saves go

The Kender Slaying Continues
Still awaiting that apology!

BSP beats Nowclan
Arranged 10 v 10 fight.

BSP Vs NOW (Lemish)
Fighting in Lemish, Tons of area!

Taking out the trash
Got a 911 about a trash randomer in Tarsis. Karat Klan Klan to the rescue!

KoS lesson #1: Don't afk in non-peace

BSP Vs NowClan
Another POV, Including the aftermath

NOWclanner bites the dust
Not much to describe.

Fosho thought Exclar was alone
Crappy pk

Otis the hero!
Otis puts his life infront of Otto's in a quick hit at Deep Mine.

[NOW]clan ambushes Outlaw...poorly
NoW ambushes outlaw to start yet another war, unfortunately most of them escape the wrath of the fabulous barnacles.

Cthulhuu suicides
trash poofer dies

Ambush + fight
Same fight, just diff PoV

Chunga dies
nothing special. really. i mean it.

Larper/Bocita/Flael RIP
Cleaning up after the earlier fight.

mage brawl
BSP mages hide in Aghar after the 10v10.



Rhoar now rides a small horse.

Elite PK Skill
Man, people are getting very efficient at hunting unknowns.

Outlaw vs Mavladians
Same fights from the log below + a couple more. (Im still learning how to play a dk)

Dumb wanders, Ispi REVENGED!!!!
some earlier fights, 30k history wasn't enuff, pls post em someone! this was last fight...

Ispi RIP
dumb wanderer

Wild Jumps BSP at Tollhouse
2ndary target wasnt there, so I only got off min # of spells because of chaos. But a few died (THIS IS BEFORE KALAMAN FIGHT)

Big Ass Battle in Kalaman
BSP and Wilds meet in Kalaman.

Kazooka RIP
Kazooka decides to donate junk

A bsp dies
BSP wander - death

Big Ass Fight

Kurvd RIP
Who the hell is Vewt and why is he taking my celebrity status away from me?

Kazooka RIP
Why isn't my name in the site title anymore?

BSP vs the rest of arctic
Fun, I died last, guess that makes me the winner.

NOWclan vs BSP
2nd fight in VK

16vs18 BSPvsNowclan/Wild
Battle in Vingaard Keep, would have been more deaths but BSP is full of bubble boys, so we let them go.

BSP vs Relentless Round 2/3
Fight in Palanthas

BSP vs Relentless Round 1/3
this was 3rd day of pwipe, posted per popular demand

What Dragon

Pre-Chaos Chaos
Bloodthirsty BSP come for some tollhouse fun

Major battle to end the wipe
BSP vs RGB 10 v 10

Cleaning Kalaman of some "Peaceful" zoners

Fer randomed Gafgarian, so we decided to help him and Tenchi.

Pk'd some randomer and some Ferozite.

2vs2 boring fight
this log sux but im bored

Go on take the money an run.
Had some fun 1:1, went into penalty shots an won........Dont ask me why accidently spammed paralysis at the end.

Some fun!
I was just waiting out flags from killing some randomer and these three tried to agro me in a peace room, so i thought what the hell, wipeless game is stale anyway.

Couple quick fights
3 Fights: 1: Tir Dralan Sarkor vs Mortus Salazar Helix 2: Tir Dralan Sarkor Herman vs Mortus Salazar Helix Zhusk 3: Tir Dralan Sarkor Herman vs Mortus Salazar Helix Zhusk

Relentless vs BSP

Relentless POV morning fight
I panicked at the end seeing 4 vs 2 left standing, if i stuck around suppose we woulda had a couple more kills maybe.

Elendur RIP
We were bored and found this just waiting for us.

Fer RIP.
After playing two days, Tsalon got slayed by randomers. Teamed up with old friends to kill him.

ragtag group of hobos vs. ranked + equipped chars.

Cry babe, cry................

Fighting in pal
Got Hamtaro in kal too, thanks for leaving him behind :p

Prowling the streets of Palanthas
Althalus vs Trent/Rising/Dikk/Smashy/Prenz

Some fun
I sucked alot! But its still fun :) Lucky flee Narul!!!!!

Bain Rips
Caught bain right after i fled to retarget. And he was the target i was looking for!

2 fights

Killing an enemy
Yes, I didn't edit my hps.

BSP vs Outlaws/RGB in Quali

fght in quali
just for the record, we had used 6 mass dispels items right before fight

Small skirmish
Peaceful zoners gets interupted.

Draegnius RIP
I run to locate a decay i spotted on him; meet him on the way, wave him good day, and he tries to kill me!

Shott rip

Saving QK
one BSP died

Good one!
Endurance training.

Die Die RGB Mage !!!
some evils died !

RGB versus BSP
Oh no, not I I will survive as long as i know how to love I know I will stay alive.

BSP vs Goblins in Pax Tharkas
10 vs 10

vhiessu dies
vhiessu dies after shouting he was unkillable

kylar clan dies for randoming
didnt the log name describe it?

Marq got us the key so we went to bash him

evil dies
evil dies cause hes dumb

Warrior vs Mages
Old traps can still work.

yoggi dies
another randomer dies

Ving vs Nique
Stealing spells from rgb

Feroz afk's and dies
bla bla

Kylar, Cal R.I.P.
Neutrality vs some randomers

Dias dies right after Batos
kill kill

Kylar and Rubie dies
Kill kill This happened before the bain/rascal/astair rip in not-so-safe-hiude-out

some pk

Bain/Rascal/Astair RIP
Some RGB's RIP

Trin and Ory vs Althalus
So, while group was rememming i went to go stab Trin some, randomer poofs in and gets a golden chance to get shinies.

2 RGB and a BSP RIP
Nothing like a magebomb in the make you late for work

Kow rips
Die evils!

Sunshin rips
Die evils...

Nowclan Returns
Who are you guys?

rgb/bsp 10vs10 in storms/neraka
some fighting

Nash rip
some rgb rip

Protecting the Peaceful Zoners
Did you know that we have an anti-PK POLICE SQUAD? Tempo and Lavinia dialed 911-BSP, and look at the enthusiastic response! I guess they're nice guys after all.

Kylar rips - Along with a few others
Was told to kill Kylar. Kylar had a group, so they all died. Most gear was returned though.

Kalon relocates to me thinking he can grab flameshield back and loses some more spells. Keely wasnt enough.

Kalon is dead R.I.P.
Kalon tries to trick Keely in group and dies trying.

My bad,oh i mean your bad
well people always wanna try to hide,and it dont help when someone like me dont let them.

RGB Strikes Back
Sux to wardance :)

6 vs 6, decided to go say hello to RGB
They all could've escaped probably, but still scored 3 kills.

a small fight in apoc town
we ran to kal and faught a few of them some died rest fled.

Staffshier out wandering
Saw that he wasn't grouped so I decided to go find him. Was nice to catch him resting too..

apocalypse vs relentless round 2
they killed us in kal, we chase them around for abit, and find them in balifor

BSP/Apoc vs RGB
Small skirmish

Lassus R.I.P.
why did you run back

Zippy rip
another kylarfollower

Various Randoming with a 25 Mage
To the best of my knowledge, these are all fair fights. I tried to limit my attacks to Lvl 25+ people. PS. Thanks Bruce for the helpful advice in the last log.

Arctic's History of Warfare
A brief glimpse at Arctic's clan warfare history.

Aldahim bites the dust
Since most people think I random I might as well live up to the reputation. All looted eq was eventually returned sadly.

Gang wars

You step aside as Kranthian tries to bash you, causing him to tumble and fall face down.
I was actually ambushing Juventus because he stabbed me (for 90hp) and called me mean names. Kranthian really surprised me, but I went for it. 2 webs missed, but a hold landed. He got the loot!! What a little bastard eh.

Thief and Basher kill Mage + Basher + Dk
These guys suck at pk.

Joey R.I.P.

Bucky R.I.P.

Zhen rip

Death to Smoochie
This total Knob tried to random a friend earlier, so I thought I'd exact some revenge.

Morrison R.I.P
Morrison and his kender buddies dies while afk.

Radomers Taloc and Blix rip
Taloc and blix tried randoming me, so we killed em.

Mlia rips afk
i randomly poof mlia and see that he afk so pk him!die outlaws die!

Cappy R.I.P

The End of New Age

Tourney Final
I did decent 1st round only to get ruled in 2nd

New Years Tourney Heat 1

pking some brandons
needed some eq so we could beg brandon for peace!

1 death 3 corpses

Some tanks decided to fight some mages outside of nomagic room
these stupid russians

Kills afk Leia in kal clerics
Leia didn't wander, so we tried pbreaker instead.

Helena Aune dies
Stun fest #2

Killing Takhisis's Children = Not Good Idea
Was on my way to daily prayers at temple to Takhisis and encountered an intruder with evil plans. Log was cut off but heathen was blinded entry.

Fireshield, Relocate, No AMS
Not having one spell just cost you 4 spells!

Validating Rurh's Life
There is no justifaction for this kill beyond my greed for blood, the equipment was a bonus. I represent the moral decay of society. Rurh sucks at life.

CT Ambush

Paks RIP

Instant Karma
Zone thief isnt content to just steal mobs, insists on lying too.

Savior of the Giants
It hurt too much to watch these poor giants get slaughtered, I had to save them.

Zhigis RIP

I ask Brukal to come out and play.

BSP kills me!
If i cared, this would have sucked!

RIP Ghorgoth
didn't get my original target...but i got somethin!


Pius piously died
This guy randomed a BSP, then returns gear bc he said he didnt know he was clanned, then the next day kills a titled BSP. I find how he died in the end of the log pretty fun :)

Hue rip

Kallisto rip for calling me Pablo

Zzeos wanders and dies
Zzeos was spotted in RGB group awhile back

Another peaceful zoner got randomed
Thieves keep dying in mines of dwarves

Rgb randomed another peaceful bsp zoner.

Caught xp'er
Efficient spells!

Cal got spotted chilling out in nopeace inn... and didn't recall (again).

Drona Rip
Was leading Kostolom around and then both him and drona claim to not be Rgb

Dont bite the hand that feeds you.
He quit/betrayed the clan.

Small Fight - Kholod RIP

Concrete says 'you dont want none'
Some pre-zoning fun turns into more people whining :(

Teleport wins the day
Ranta randoming in Pal again

Some xp'ers caught.
Cal didn't recall for some reason and got cr'd later.

Kital is dead. Death to BSP.
Finally I found my favorite primary on Kital.

Whats a duel to the death between friends?
After first 2 tries to duel were interrupted this is the last and final round.

Ildritch R.I.P.
Suffering for Tajs and trash Ogin for stealing my zone while i was reranking.

Donnie R.I.P.
ok fuck you helix, also my scout had no instincts on (gg japan) so i was useless here but whatever, got the kill that mattered

Coreyclan vs BSP

For the sake of consistency
Yah I know dying to that piece of shit is pathetic. And I know that these trashy logs arnt' worth uploading, but for the sake of consistency, this is where the log ends.

RIP Cataldo
Terk abyssed me cause they think I know Ferynic...let this be evidence that Arctic's "justice system" is even worse than that of the U.S.

RIP Syrene
Brukal+Ratku v. Rang+Syrene...and who the hell is Theid?

I dunno i just dunno
I dunno but they got all my elite eq! dam nice klooting guys.

Well i got home wasted from a party he was red on my list decided to pk it and got yelled at when it wasnt evil!

Drunken Revenge
Came back wasted from party, really fried, and blazed well look what brukal decided to do to the drunken 1x barbarian.

MH shows their sass
when all else fails!

Bezinka Rip

Some Ambush
Lucky Feroz got away.

"What did ahma do now?"
We decided to have some fun at 5am... and we did!!!

Robur dies
A red goblin got caught in the hills by Kalaman

title mage vs elven king
why does everyone want to kill noplpo?

title thief vs trash cleric
why does everyone want to kill noplpo?

Janus RIP
bsp kills a bsp killer during bsp time

Jansel vs Balboa Beluga Jaxz
This is funny to me.

Jaxz RIP
Bsp kill during Bsp time. Happy Rurhtard?

Fight #1 vs Confederates
zim boom bah yaz vs old merchant and crew

BSP vs Wildlaws
We return to the ever popular fight spot Que Kul

Nowclan vs Sigil
I love you Yaz.

Eliza RIP
Poor Vargon :)

More trashlogs: addy and ambre rip
Bukowski falls for ingenious tactics.. doesnt manage to form sentences this time

Uhnirhu recalls basher/tracker, then loses
Wow. Like a moth to the day, you attack me while i am grouped, and lose. Remeber Uhura, u started this ...

Some randomer bites the dust

Noone expects the Pirates of the Yairibbean
Included is something for everyone. Even some bonus ShrinerCheat(tm) mob control material.

Caught afk
First enemy kill with this char this wipe.

Thyrfing RIP
Balan points a sphere towards Thyrfing and a flurry of snow pours forth.

Melinda rip

Hideo RIP
He heard the shouts, and still didnt scan?

zexx sucks
zexx sucks, and hes the idiot, not me

Digit RIP
Gabriel says 'ho per' digit'

Digit RIP
Gabriel says 'ho per' digit'

Korpiklani rips again
Quick kill before zone

**Tyr: Wrong key!

Sheerin RIP
this is why you invest in glowing recalls, if you have eq in the first place that is

Some ppl die, shoddy looting on behalf of Bob's Spongue Pants.

Phage rip
No clue about Narul/Cope but assistance was appreciated!

Don't loot my kill!
apparently they were hunting sheerin too but they shouldn't loot it if they don't kill it! also had nook highlighted for some reason

Scelesta RIP

Eliza dies
Ex-bsp downfalls from randomer to backstabber

Interceptor Squad Strikes!
Kital brought down.

Fioricet RIP
BSP death

Tremor trash dies.
killing trashers

Kendrick RIP
kendrick is zexx, die

jedah RIP
Jedah xfers his eq, knowing he is going to die.

6v3 pj pj
attacked Terb earlier, his group decided to help

Korpiklani vs. Kyro
Something can be said for Korpiklani's bravery, at least.

Summon Faerie > Darkness
No deaths but people hate these corey cronies and wanted to see this failed attempt on killing nuetrals.

Camille Randomed!!
I died!! Haha. Got revenge, though!

Fubab and Icki dies
Good Ilya is dead Ilya

Artie, Hyperion RIP
Just a quick hit on some afk scallywags.

Nigora dies, again

Every Demon Has A Little Good In Them...
My pal the bog demon tracked me down and saved my life, how shall i ever repay him?

Jenie R.I.P.
You say 'prepare to die.' You are now a member of Jenie's group.

Knowing that Sigils were lurking in the Shadows and planning a tactical first strike, the Pirates of the Yairibbean decided to take advantage of the situation with a counter-first-strike ambush. Chaos ensues and Moultar decides to donate a book.

Various deaths :)
Had Bam and Zhero right where we wanted them! nearly ...good thing mh didn't wanna use flags for some reason ...guess crystal sphere makes them happy! :))

Jerks die
sotil and korpildksail are naked wtf

Call Me Houdini
People highlighted red for some reason, get assaulted.

Camille RIP
Jefarr aggros, cammile comes to help and dies

Uktar R.I.P.
Well Uktar and Yayo Jumped me, Yayo logged and Uktar kept harassing me..

RIP Mako RIP Mortah
25 healer and 23 scout scout recalls healer and runs out of recalls

Ambush attempt
We just decided to stand our ground..


The Battle of Flotsam
Inn sit for the rest of the wipe eh?

We killed him.

Ronsy vs. Sigil
Unwilling to deal with the anguish of not being Sigil, Ronsy heads over to kill the first one he sees with help from Sheriffs Artie and Rede. Edited from the log are about 10 or 20 of Ronsy's deaths and a lot of useless trashtalk.

Tactic Squad assassinations
Two suspects and a randomer are gunned down. We were later informed that Kai is Myth and his eq was returned.

And this is why you don't random a BSP at home...

Semchen rips
Tried to catch mh at lord Soth, but were too slow some decent eq tho.

NOW vs Sigil in Shadow

Drale RIP

Sheerin RIP
This is getting boring.

Thryfing RIP
KABLAMO! I slept with Jason's sister.

Zyxta RIP
Find Zyxta at TH, luckily afk. Dies.

Marquis RIP
I locate a golden book on renshais when they recall and I decide to investigate! Too bad the only one to die was an afk druid. Same eq as every other renshai though!

Bek dies afk
magic rooms rock :)

Ex Inferis and people get 'Pegged at tollhouse
Same log that was just posted, but a more complete POV.

I'm hunting down some jerks to look at them and apparently other jerks don't like the jerks either. Quickly I grasp the rose I've been drooling over for a week!

Halibio RIP
Stay out of Vingaard.

Teranga Norril Ravie RIP
Corey tricks us into getting flagged so we have to zone and load him spells.

bsp getting randomed
so evil randomers nowdays

Good Elves Vs Dark Elf
When to puff and when not to puff

Kylar Kita Kuh RIP
some more sigils die

Alender RIP. Cleric mob saves the day!
Hitting some Sigil suspects. Tyr gets away.

Felix, Tusca, and Kaldean RIP
Me and some friends skirmish with Sigil.

Kaldean Ambush
Once again a group of unknowns are used by the cowardice Sigils.

Jedah RIP

Kylar + Aeglus rip


Halibio RIP

Lusora + Mynaway RIP
Spiderman and YAMOTO CANNON strike again!

Making the streets of Kalaman unsafe!

Floid wanders..
Not much to it.

Oiuja RIP
Unknown NOWclan barbarian helps kill Oiuja.

Blix R.I.P

Karina dies
Quick hit on Karina

Shub eats a couple deaths
After hunting shub last wipe with a 3-5man action and him escaping against all odds, decided to use the brute force this wipe and hunt him with 7-9man with good results. These logs have been posted by popular demand from people from other clans that didn't believe shub is actually killable.

Teranga + Khoran rip
Dk goodness.

Nigora + Donnie rip
Tried to jump 10man sigil at mom on 4, led to an accidental stunning of one of ours, 1 rip on both sides, our loot though.

Sigil vs Nowclan
We go to ambush Sigil in drac tower, and unexpectedly meet them in no mag

Grauth R.I.P

Yamoto RIP
spiderman gets away!

A bit of continue of the battle in kal
die maraouders

fight in kal

Zanjo R.I.P.
Quick hit on Zanjo

RGB groupie
Robillard seen grouped with Zrefe. Spare me the randoming rhetoric.

Trying to kill a small MH group in mystic...
They recalled but we found some other evil instead.

zhero wanders
just passing by kalaman to check if zhero wandered

Sotil + Sapp RIP
Spiderman catches two idiots within his web.

Bek wanders

Silvane RIP

Mufasa RIP
Self defense near Delphon

Counter ambush
noticed some guy trying to summon me, so I set a plan, to COUNTER AMBUSH HIS SUMMON, WOO GO ME.

Taloc RIP
Bash and gaze are way too powerful.

Ahmed R.I.P again
Trying to use flags with, well, not quite the result he wanted i think :)

Ahmed R.I.P
Ahmed came to use breaker on poor Armas, Radec to the rescue.

Khaz dies
Small hit

Treehugging Hippie Dies
I don't think if we had told him we were going to kill him he would have even budged. Leveling that low with so much eq is definitely +5 stlye and +5 greed for us now.

Tyr disrespects the Onion Burst
After a small confrontation with Tyr, he attempts to log his alternate chars to hunt back, but later he finds out it was a bad idea to piss off. And btw, don't post about how people used to constantly hunt you because now more people will!

Tremor RIP

Brukal RIP
brukal the DESTROYER of clans gets DESTROYEd by SPIDerMAN and _--YAMOTO CANNON--_

This log is 3 weeks old. I thought it was RGB but turned out to be some wildlaw leader.

Wake-up strike
Dont be on track from Balifor and para is win!


RIP Chrystal
Me and Sachi agreed to a duel. I'm winning. CHEATERS ONLY PROSPER WHEN BRUKAL IS THE CHEATER!

Taloc rip
Just lamer dying

More of the same.
He tried to kill me with flags.

Droganis dies... again.
What was he thinking?

Benedict baits, jerks die.
Death to Nowclan.

Fast hit on a suspect
Nothing special

Pince dies
Rurh dies again

Death to me!
i hate scouts and thiefs. btw dueling to the death is fun with this exp table:)

Falsehood R.I.P.
blah blah

Sapp RIP
Sapp tells you 'let me get my sheaf' You tell Sapp 'I just coned you out of this sheaf'

Melinda RIP
stripping bsp spells from traitor

Some Sigils rip
decided to log on and randomly wander.

Lugarian RIP
Poor griffon got left alone.

RIP: Lee/Curtis/Kang/Newton/Golba
I had my reasons...maybe this is why Kaev got me?

This log is dedicated to Lee
I had Nook/Brukal highlighted as a randomer so i stabbed Nook and saw he logged Brukal so i waited for him.

Falling asleep at keyboard can be fun.

Melinda R.I.P

Charlie didn't have so much luck this time...
Sneaky Charlie snuck past our 10man yesterday, but we decided to "fare la vendetta" today with a 3man

Slyther dies again
Zero moves battle to the death.

Sparda/Slyther RIP
Two more "those dudes that sit in irc all day and don't do much of anything other than steal from and harass random people" die.

Coors says 'can i bash someone'
Cicero says 'if u wasnt wielding decap' Cicero says 'actually' Cicero says 'fuck it'

Icki RIP

Corleone rip, again
Another one bites the dust.

Oden RIP
Another one bites the dust.

Falsehood RIP
Another Ex Inferis bites the dust.

Bezinka rip

Corleone rip 3x
Corleone tracks into us, and then keeps trying to loot. The ultimate edrain part deux.

Corleone + Aiwa RIP
Someone delete this trash already.

Shaku RIP
Shaku dies for being a bad person

No Skill Whatsoever
**Loomis: it actually had eq

Zrefe rip
Some pesky spy.

Other's RIP
Others die

Shaku Dies
The ultimate e-drain

Scelesta Dies
Scelesta dies

Kalaman Rapid Response Team
Enemy nearly desecreated our fair city but the KRRT responding in excellent time, the guards were executed for taking bribes and treason

Zanjo's triggers lose
Mage vs druid trashpk

Patience is a Virtue
Repeated actions are noticed by watchful eyes.

RIP Curtis randomer-trash
he wouldn't buy popcorn to support Troop 817 field trip to Dargonesti.. and he tried to random the Troop Leader

Ahmed dies
Ahmed decides to wander while two ugly mages camp

Maybe I am too nice?
No death, but I found it rather funny.

No wandering in Pigmies

Gralan dies

When pity overcomes annoyance
Zexx continues his struggle against the oppressors, this time apparently using stupidity and pity as his weapon.

Evil Empire BSP's Strike Again
Guy on irc gave me this log, said he was killed because Waethzogo accused him of stealing some -AC armor after he rip'ed in greenen.


Bextra dies
Bextra forgets recall.

Bextra dies
Bloodthirsty Dagam and his henchman Jaqen attack Bextra

No wandering in Palanthas

No wandering in Storms

Oldest trick in the book.
Some people never learn.

Nothing much
No deaths. Some people were interested in the log

Realized that some evils where trying to be sneaky on me as my elevator ride was interupted. Contemplated recalling but then remembered my lucky charms. Something malfunctioned

Zexx Dies Stupidly
Zexx rip

The Neraka Interceptor strikes again.
Only targeted Kuno, but in hindsight should have split up more targets.

Sambo dies

Verata RIP
Just a boring log to waste time reading at work.

BSD (brace for shock) Randoming Log.
BSD walks in kills nuetral loots what ever looks good and leaves. Same old Same old. (from friend on irc)

Powah donates a sheaf!
We mass logged and ran to vg, fully expecting Powah wandering there!

Another silly randomer dies a silly death.
Was attacked by some trash memmed up and trash came back for more. Check that loot!

"BSP" tastes some of their own medicine.
A fast strike trying to kill nobash Artie resulted in Cicero's death only, then we ran and waited for them to log more and recalled and wacked them. Too bad Pablo looted Hodor!

Cicelo rip
Peaceful zoning rudely interrupted when Cicero collided with a not so lonely barbarian.

Xanatos burns.
A quick execution

first good kill of the wipe its terrible how people die from afking in open

MASSIVE fight in kal
I don't know who won, but we got out with orb.

Istar Ambush
dragon orb is cursed

Another retaliation
Got hit in istar, so we rounded up some ppl and ran to kal.

Pterk dies
Daze in PK.

Tracer RIP
This just in: Enemy recalls enemy, enemy dies.

Preemptive strike sets equal playing field.
Poor charlie recalled just a litttttle too slow from those nasty elves.

Raurarch RIP

krila dies
killed krila, teleport was abit lucky tho

Tournament Round 3
With better strategy we rule this last round

Tournament Round 2
In this round we kinda sucked, died too early, wasted area on low number of targets and i died way too early

Tournament Round 1
Our group was deemed too much so we got debuffed swapping nobash Epso for bashable Ravage and swapping Taps for Daniel, we still scored some kills!

trigs get u hunted
im walking around pass this guy he trys to hold me with a thief, pass him again trigger goes off again, obviously evil, then he recalls was funny

Tourny Log 1/2/3
here u go

Anastasia rip
Some DA decides to solo with evils online.

Killing a pair of enemies.
Nice entry ensured victory.

Brotherly Love
Stephen debacle escalates to include some friends of his, Kroen had attacked earlier after stephen died...Coming to the rescue of my brother

Stephen RIP
I have no clue who this guy is but he talked mad shit to me and my brother for no real apparent reason. Notice end when he could recall but chooses to run his trap again and dies. Super duper MVP to Revenant, apparently even the dead cant stand this guy

Noel R.I.P.
Noel casted on me so i bashed it, nothing special.

Off with his Head!
Wilds picked a fight in tarsis

Javi RIP
a red goblin sat down to rest

January 5, 2004 Tournament: Round 4
Final round. This day resulted in Chitzkoi tied with Sindbad in 2nd place overall, behind Edwai in 1st.

January 5, 2004 Tournament: Round 3
Third round.

January 5, 2004 Tournament: Round 1
The first of four rounds of Sancho's ongoing melee tournament during the 10th wipe.

Aristox retires
Reponse to the constant bitching about imms picking on clanners. Future for neutrals.

Teehee strips
elite bsp tactics to get flags

Impromptu Tourny
Terk holds a fun tourny

Vonnie RIP
Evils rent!

Vinchencio RIP
I guess Vinchencio expected more from his bashing recruits...


Jon walks the plank
Lesson learned: never be semi-afk around a leader who is a total jerk.

Vjio RIP
I'll show you weakest humabearer ever, stupid karatmike

Finris RIP
Randomer dies

#2 RIP of brandon of the endless to come next wipe

i had fun, jumping wildlaw was fun, crushing a clan and give the war to another clan however was not fun, sorry i will quit with you

Wildlaw vs BSP

Wildlaws V bsp
not much to say about it really.. BSP slaughter wildlaw

Killing trash and unknowns

DA v Wildlaw
DA try to match Wildlaw without the backup of BSP

Dark Age wanted to fight...
We were standing n of bali druids, wearing our hastes and stuff, waiting for Dark Ages to get ready for quite some time, but finally they mustered courage!

For glory or death!
Sith died a bit earlier so i tried some solo revenge. Enemies scattered to peace rooms so we had to flush them out with flags. We got all of sith's eq back except one item if im correct.

Accendaz Rip

Isto is killed
Isto's duel with Taps is interrupted

Feroz Fodder vs. World
Terk decided to run a 2 round mini-terny which was a lot of fun. We had a crap group but decided to try to make the most of it. We were ranked 4/6 with 7 kills total (less with a healer!).

Knievel + Gad rip
Some rushing actions while flagged, poor Gad, we got most loot though

Arach dies
another peaceful neutral zoner dies

Lets get dangerous.
I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares. I am... Darkwing Duck!

pking with heavy lag leaves knievel dead

We find another source of CAN's it seems.

Mage bomb in CV

Ambush On DA
Trying to force some action while evils command the Who list!

Protoss vs Zerg
Was supposed to be imm ran quest but ended up just fighting for fun after they said it was over!

Little skirmish in palanthas
Droid was obviously baiting and i wanted to have some fun, so thought "why not?"

pay back sucks dont it dan
dan decided to becomes enemy in trashy way, was friends with us now is not, had me poof earlier killed me, this is about 10minutes later

Guerilla Brigade
Several hits

Trash chars eating a couple sit bashes

Some trashes decide to leave inn.
Well time to collect some equ that Outlaw donated.

Furkub RIP
Don't fuck with me.

big fight
Big Fight

I hate you Andrew
Not having steelskin sucks. And Forseti is a pussy.

Going down in red ruin..
In this spam manual healing didn't cut it..

Log requested, so uploaded one asap!
Zerglings takes a whoopin'

Sthorm R.I.P.

Kyoto R.I.P
Unknown bsp gets killed. Was really sucky job by me but hey all I got is a serrated dagger so meh.

Connor is a gonner.
Connor was going to abuse horses to make your tanks ld but failed.

accedental kill
furkub learns about area

Aldur Repoped!!
Mo eq Mo problems.. Thxs for CAN!

I just wanted to chat

A Thief's Point of View
thieves see things a little different, and now you can too

Wildlaw vs. BSP
Bsp plan an ambush, wildlaw counter it.

Akinyele RIP
Some russians kill me for a mismatched name rhyme. I guess 4 of the same letters in similar order constitutes a multi.

Poison gets to Spolea
Well, told by clannies he was evil i went to hunt spolea. Turned out he was just a poor neutral. Returned gear afterwards. Kinda hillarious

Ruin ruined

Lantz dies

just pkilling some trash

delvar rip
Same log, posted to show loot

playing abit with a stunner

Temik RIP
Don't fuck with me.

Bugs Dies for being a Randomer
Bugs likes to try to random all day, then when it backfires he calls his clan. Eat the stab motherfucker.

Barak R.I.P
Fast log, fast death.

Thanks for CAN Scott!
After Aces Rip, Bsp hordes try to invade kalaman! Btw Pterkf said thanks!

Sending Bsp Mage To The Heap.
Poor Soul....

elite pk happens
Lesson learned, don't afk for no reason in the middle of a city.

Making a quick xfer of beads, or was it a full fucking set? thanks rikimaru

Aldur swaps eq with solly again...

Sharmaine RIP
Evil's multi according to friend. Afk exping rules.

Chronos RIP
Another one bites the dust.

Noel RIP
Jerk tries to para me and pays TEH price ! The BSP wins begin here!

Garbage Strikes Again!
Sending this bsp trash to the Heap!

Trash falls into Garbage
Picture Garbage not come out swinging!

Solly R.I.P.

Bugs RIP

Bsp vs WildLaw
Bsp thought they were coming up behind us for ambush, but rolls got reversed, and the pitchers quickly became the catchers.

Casualty Of War

Crappy PK

Wildlaws V bsp
Wildlaws go to help Bsp CR, Bsp show their gratitude

we meet bsp at kender bard
could thing we had a healer :)

Aneyo dies
I think he was just pure randoming but bites it anyway.

Vittu vs. 3 mages... later 3 mages vs. BSP
Poor me was ambushed by 3 evil mages who had a plan... My plan was better though!

Trashtalker dies.

Neraka Battle

Another 'Kazbeks' bite the dust.
We have to protect kalaman newbies from bsp randoming.

Sarah/Gib RIP
Just some trash poofing.

Aces RIP
No surprise here, just aces dying his usual trash death.

Taking out the trash.
A little cleaner. Turt dies trying to be sneaky. Sarah and Aneyo try poof tactics, but pay the price

Draak was seen following outlaws once...

we fight with bsp in pax
we killed aces first and bsp came to us in pax

"BSP" bites the dust.
They never really stood a chance, Lymn was lucky to survive, damn you!

Aldur tried to ambush me
Pablo gives us some mage gear

Coh dies soloing

didnt miss this bash...
barak decides to wander in tarsis

Descartes Unabyssed: Day 1
Another Zone prooves to be notsosafe for Outlaws.

Xapi/Baggie vs. Fe/Kilians/Morbius/Etir

Flying Citadel Isn't so Safe.
Slippery Abu gets away again, no thanks to his saves. Chantar pays the price for being a hero.

Oko Rip
When you can't find your enemies, wait for them to come to you.

Rhox dies

Ju pays for peace :)
ju gets peaced

we ambush wildlaws in balifor
leave peaceful zoners alone

Loaded some mageable +dams!

unknown outlaw rip
used 3 guys to kill 1 guy, no skill.

Herman Munster
You may get clanned...but that doesn't make you any smarter!

Glabrez RIP
bsp re'equiping from rgbs

some kills after fight on luni
catch some bsp near kharolis and 1 in neraka

we fight with bsp's on luni
we run to luni to fight it out

Mentel RIP
stupid people walking around during enemy times

Cromiver bites it.
Cromiver was an ass on chaos day - so I bashed him.

DKO Fight
I forgot to wear shield but we still won!

Myrrkyll met a prismer
Myrrkyll decide to follow bsp someday and pays for it. Some innocent ppl got raped for assisting him as well.

1-800-PPVIEWXXX or
Irvine shouts 'Two douschebags, one mud, one fight only! Only one will live to reign the mud, WATCH ON PAY PER VIEW THIS FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT! $29.99 CALL 1-800-PPVIEWXXX OR ORDER NOW ONLINE WWW.SUFSMELLS.COM'

Another Ex Inferis dies

Messiest ambush I ever participated in.
Shoddy looting sucks.

Felonius RIP
Felonius tells you 'wtf was that for' You tell Felonius 'cause your feroz'

Spy vs Trash
Even spy can pk garbages

Bsp lackies Caught Sleepin
All who follow mavlad will meet the same fate.....

Tutuzuz rip
Yet another overloaded BSP cleric dies.

a small skirmish with rgbs
Eremius RIP

Nikolae kindly asked to poof a lore in bali inn

Skellen RIP
I offered to peace him but he didnt want. We saw him on but didnt hunt him. Im not sure who was more surprised when my trigger went off...

The web strikes back
Brab and Zizou tried to jump me and failed, and the web stole his axe hahaha!

Sightseeing in Balifor
We're not the only ones who can wander like morons apparently. (Use this one, other one in Real Text somehow)

Hunters becomes the hunted.
Aldur and Gib try to pk me, could have ignore them, but decided to teach them a lesson.

Aldur and Stryst planned to ambush me!

Aldur hunts Snick apparently, but gets a lil surprise.
Just checked Kal for Aldur since we were passing through, and found him.

Taking out the garbage
Some garbage unknown dies

Blaah and Ded planned to ambush me

Tanerus gets ambushed mid city
pk on tanerus

Garbage Panic
Garbage tried to plan ambush but faced a much different group than expected.

Ambushed mid zone
I'm not exactly sure what they planned on doing.

some fun stuff for about 30mins
the gods had the healers choose groups my group i was in was 2barbs 2paladins and charlotte the healer. and you get to pick a god to help the group out.

Viima R.I.P.!
Outlaw unknown bites the dust.

more slord die
Anema was afk, so decided it needed killing. Funny log btw.. :/

War for Storms
BSP kill Shadowlords so they can do Storms instead.

Epeli R.I.P.
Short pk!

Hamid R.I.P.
Plain point and shoot

attai tries to solo knight north of kal inn

Skia R.I.P.
Skia was seen grouping Outlaws, so was suspected outlaw.

Pulling Gib out of his cave...
after lauriel and solly died, we decided to try lure Gib with shinys.

lauriel RIP again
a classic fast log to clean up Balifor

Round 2
Natya has instilled fear for some reason in the masses, and fights a much harder 2nd round, quickly making loose associations only to backstab those people later, Natya somehow manages to win again.

Tourney Round 1
Natya brings on the tricks, traps, and most definitely pain upon everyone else. Note Halibio and Cruise cheating to get back into tourney after death!

Breaker dies on Kal square
Not much too it...

Luze R(.I.P.)
Luze pk'd Amos, as previous log shows, then used the elite hide-out - Flotsam inn. Also used the well-known "I-wont-loose-eq-to-you-suckers" trick of eq x-fer.

Amos R.I.P.
Logged quick for a kill or two.

Xaliumei rip
BSP suspect dies

Solly dies
on the way to guild Solly meet an evil russian

Outlaw wannabe bites the dust
Skia was seen grouping Myttwo, thus he dies!

Lauriel R.I.P.
Yet another mage-death.

Poor Borkal :(
Borkal decided he was tuff enuff.

You utter the words 'summon'
Not even being a clannie will save you from the ravages of the Blood Sea Pirates!

irvine wanders some

Halibio tells your group 'hrmm.......i wonder if ex inferis peace kos....'
Lilith visit the Garbage heap.

Kerang R.I.P.
The last of Chaos meets his end...

Lauriel dies again
on the way to guild we meet an evil russian

Rewer died this time
Everything becomes clear as you prepare to cast.

bsp/outlaw mages keep dying
Rewer's turn again

Mancer R.I.P
Amberbreeze tells you, 'damn charge!'

Sarah R.I.P
Xapi tells your group 'Sarah tells you 'trying to xp in places near Balifor probably wasn't that smart anyways''

Worst Ambush Ever
Out of the many people that were supposed to masslog, only one joined Aldur in the assault on the evil Solly. What you see is real, unaltered sucking of the worst kind.

Indra finds a home in the dirt
quick death

The Price of Greed
What a greedy bastard he was...

Lauriel dies

Amberbreeze R.I.P
A little old, but *shrug*

Horiz R.I.P.
Got back from AFK just in time.

Hugo R.I.P.!
Hugo wandering around bali, wasn't aware of war!

Mage bomb by Rewer

Sarah vs wizard eye
Lady Sarah Meddaugh, Black Mage of Mysidia is standing here, fighting a wizard eye.

Pekkilln RIP
Pekkilln tells you 'im not stupid'

Allur R.I.P.
We decide to ambush Soran, but Allur decided to join the party. We saw eq loading so we decided to change target asap!

Cutting off Outlaw's druidic wings!
a quick log of jv battle healing

Outlaws Die!
After getting ambushed in kalaman, we arranged a large scale fight, with different result this time.

On druidic wings we charge in and ambush bsp.
Fast ambush, few deaths.

Casualty of War...
Wars come and go but my soldiers stay enternal....

Another casualty
Mavlad bites the dust again.

Lauriel yells 'hello u wanted pk or not?'
We did.

A small showdown
Maybe this should convince those in doubt, BSP is not Outlaw.

Finnish Paradise
Something to pass the time.

Bru R.I.P.
Wild regroups and we get smoked.

Skellen R.I.P.
Fight that we were very,very outclassed in, and lucky to have survived. Uther is scary!

The Long Adventures of Skellen
Some logs of past few months, to soothe people's boredom.

It happened again. Maybe it is not so random after all.

The hunt for randomers.

Avengers of Ii: Part II
Fight fight fight, datta da da da da!

Fun tourney!
Sorta bad first round, but second round had lotsa action!

Avengers of Ii - MOVE OUT!
Want a painkiller for that back of yours?

ouch. good timing for my finals.

Outlaw's do something randomly, or something
Behold, a lame log, of lame and bored people, doing something lame and stupid, causing yet another person to leave the mud, further increasing their own boredom.

Gregorious/Jennings/Hamtaro vs Delvar/Machi/Kazbek
The slaughter of Chaos. Sorry for log quality.. I was blind thru most of it.

Abobe vs Chaos
How long does it take to kill 1 naked newbie?

Nab Dies
Nab escaped multiple failed hits. Finally he tries to put up a fight when I've got pk mem ready.

That's called skills boy
Fireballs gone Wild!

wilds lose in que kul for once

Keoma RIP
Lonely turkey night, Keoma steps out looking for leftovers.

Kaldean Rip
Well after trying to get Kaldean to fight for the longest time he finally comes out of his shell... Kaldean all because you fail sitting bashes doesnt mean i will!=)

Makelia r.i.p
Finally tracked it down and killed, it kept living!

Randomer Scum Hits the Deck...
Rasputin will never learn...... Poor Soul

Randomers hit the deck.
Daemeon and Wakki ripped in nomagic with some help from Myth.

Satya killed in nomagic.
Raud tried to get mages to poof him, we took another approach tho.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like Ville!
Jap loses the battle, but wins the war!

Punished some randomers
Brave randomers!

Growing bored we try and force some action!
We tracked down renshai, intending to kill Cao and Tikle ..only 50% successful.


Dakine R.I.P.
A couple newbs get vengeance against a fellow, evil newb.

Alkil Dies
Asked to kill this guy so i did!

Cashmere RIP
Chaos dies for killing Scelesta while Aier is abyssed

I Die
Finnish people kill me for some odd reason!

Jennins and Xion attacked me.
Sold a book to jennings, he asked if it could be locate I said yeah, it wasn't and he got mad.

Skellen's Ambush Backfires
An attempt on a quick kill gets an unexpected end.

overkill on ex-garbages
revenge is sweet

I attempt to hit them again about 30 min later, unfortunately im just a tad too slow and pay for my hard head!

Grouch RULES
Pathetic attempt to pk garbages solo.

Moto leads more garbages to their deaths.
Due to being continually hunted by some Garbage group I set up an ambush, didnt work out completely as expected but the overall mission was a success.

2 v 1, no fair
renshai ranger is double teamed and dies

renshai tank dies
i felt sorry for him, losing best renshai eq renshai has had in ages, so I gave it back.

Renshai unknown dies
This renshai unknown dies for being a renshai unknown

Renshai unknown bites it
Renshai so eq'd!

Ergoth vs. Chaos
A quick fight in Graknar between the two newest clans of Arctic.

Sosulka and Miato met in bali4 for unplanned duel
gargoyle was better prepped to fight.

Fiona Rip
Good Ol' Gateguard Trick

Fielca RIP
He claimed he would "own more bitches" and that there were "more kills to come." As it turned out this smack-talking bizatch got owned instead.

Renshai vs Garbage
Other log is cut off and sucks

Renshai RIP in Taeldeth
A plan I've been mustering for months finally gets used. Could have been a better hit but I'm glad it's done with anyway. GOODBYECHEATROOMOFDOOM.

Ambush in Ancient

idiotclan rip
Idiots and suspects fight us in an unexpected battle for both sides, retardedly easy.

Kills in Palanthas

Kangas RIP
Here's us getting the rest of Mancer's eq back 30 minutes later. Meanwhile exp was regained in 15 minutes.

Mancer R.I.P.
Aier/Fira/Drood attack a friend in blood sea, so we reform a group and take some of them on.

Renshai thief dies soloing during renshai zone time.

2 druids vs 1 druid
Bael kindly sleeps for summon by us

Astip R.I.P

dali + caitlin rip !
quv dies, another dies

Ineluki dies

We defend ourselves against a randomer.
Sorry, our bad.

loopley rip
Asshole who doesn't let me locate my decays dies.

Anema RIP
Even barbs can pk wilds. :)

Highlighted for doing a nonapproved zone
Peaceful zoning interrupted by randoming BSP Hordes!!! After defending myself I return the EQ. (Please Wild don't highlight me for aiding BSP)

evil wild Morbius dies
a little ambush at Htoll

avenging indra
Scelesta's first pk of wipe, avenging toren's mage! DIE RANDOMERS, EAT MY RANDOMING HAND

evil renshai jump fuses!
renshai trying to score a kill -- log from last wipe

Blaah paniced again.

Police Intelligence
Oomp and Co. policing the mud. Oomp displaying average police intelligence

Feroz and girl name Jaime rip
Girl name Jaime tries to use flags and they both die. die feroz die feroz

Duffe RIP
tablet was noload tho

Duffe R.I.P
And another down and another one and another one bites the dust.

Anklebiter RIP
sufarians slaying the suf slayer

The end of Imperial
Finally it's over.

The end of Greer
Just read it.

Khintar/Quinthor RIP
finding wild unknowns!

Travidia RIP
Was peacefull minding my own buisness in MY TOWN! When i came across Travidia the menace randommer killing ppl without my permission!

The Empire Strikes Back
The Empire, bent on revenge, locates the secret rebel stronghold. Thus, the price of protecting Coops from his own corrosively potent scumminess.

Forcing 18 enemies off by killing their trash.
Poor Etir was a pauper.

Garbage makes a little highlight mistake
Garbage kills one of out druids caus they think he was renshai so we log and slay em some

Fuzigari RIP
Imperial come and try to use flags Owie flags.

BSP lost to Wilds being outprepped.
Lame Wild won't fight when we had preps but not the other way around! Good now that we can look forward to more fights.

Wild jumps Imperial
I lagged out and never saw the fight, all I saw was the Inn.... naked.

Battle of the Bread
I just wanted something to eat. Oh yeah, and I have no idea why anyone would want to fight for Tu... but evidentally these guys did.

Morrison R.I.P.

Passing of the Shield
We lose, They Win, Rakkor forgets to Loot!

Round 2
Party at Shi'ar's.

Party in Tarsis
Ham buffet got a little routy.

Fight in Neraka
Fags get slaughtered

3v5 KoT vs fags
We walk into a fight where they had 2 more than expected.

Stupidty, Embarrasment and Surprise, elements of Pk on a dusky autumn's day.
Second POV: Blam

Morbius Rip
Morbius tries a dispel on me at guards

Imperials Die

Za R.I.P.
Za dies.

Gone Fishin'
Went to get some flags, and got them. See other logs for result.

Addition to the previous Wild deaths

Wilds keeping the hounds of Mavlad happy with shinies.

Vinoa vs Flugger
Duel to the death.

2 rips
2 wandering evils die.

Vinoa/Fira Kill Me!
Vinoa and Fira pkilling at TH, decided to try them on but not all of my group assisted :/

Lowbies duke it out!
Dover yells 'i will never die i will never die so shove a dick up your ass i will never die' Fear the lvl 18 stabs and 16 dex.

THE Duel
Dedicated to the king of Arctic!

Some KoTs die!
(Second part POV: Blam)

Wild Highlights Die
Calof abandons Zuujujiku, but yet he escapes. Some mistaken highlights get killed and Ahexotl loses his bone!

A slight skirmish
Not sure why were did this. Didn't quite turn out as expected.

Sjoven RIP
Sjoven amazes with predictability.

Wild v BSP
wild revenge the killing of poor grosh

Trash Pkiller Suicides
Zuuj relocates into a bad place.

Za and Olan RIP
No luck summoning Za, but god graces the righteous

die kots die!
Amaru and Yoyo die unexpectedly, the non-eyeball-incinerating version.

Grosh RIP
Saw Grosh wander around kalaman.

Tourny round 3, Uther is in the house.
Uther scored 6 kills in this round and gave People panic attack.

5v5 after 3rd Round of Tourney
Promina screwed up by moving before we were ready planning, and Tsu was still on battlefield, but aside from that it was great fun.

Melee Tourney, Round 1 of Second Run
Picking my fights carefully I manage to pull out a win.

Restoring the Balance
Seeing that the balance is being tilted to the side of Takhisis, Gilean decides that the Pirates will restore the balance.

Towlie forgets where he is
Wakki tells you 'im comming for joo

The Demon from Below
The final fight.

Demon Orgy
Another fight.

Colonel Fight
One of many fights in the last part of the quest.

Oscar the Grouch R.I.P
The famous eddie mistype, this ones for you andrew.

Tinuviel dies
Tinuviel dies after the Haven battle

more idiots, more wilds, die
haven fight

KoS bravely charged a group of KoT
this log sux dont read it.

Another Greer death

Some wilds die
Some wilds came to Kalaman, and got killed for it.

Clem dies
Clem tells you 'and don't think i won't take this personally' I guess that rules out my chance at becoming a KoS squire

Greer rips...again
die pillow soaker die

Zuujujiku does something stupid!
mmmmmm more corpses

Perfect Solamnic Ambush, As Described by the Measure
Dowjo, Mancer, Enogeb kill Tinuviel and then shout that KOS is not peaced anymore. We assess our knowledge of the enemy and plan an ambush.

KOS Triple Pkill
KOS receives no penalty for triple pkilling Dowjo. Watch Lamoreck purposely bashed/pkilled Dowjo after 2nd death.

Double the fights, double the pleasure!
some good fun

KOT vs Empire+Wild
The following is the result Empire insisted on fighting KoT while coordinating wild mass log from the menu

We died to KoT
They had 9 we had the 7. Regardless we died.

7 KoT's vs 9 Imperial/mysidian battle
Imperials kill a level 16 newbie druid, we decided to use flags.

An imperial rip
Mass log to hit imperial/mysidia results in finding only 1 straggling imperial.

Wandering Wild
Wild loves wandering

The struggle between KOS and KOT continues on.....

Another KoT Ambush Attempt Foiled
Balboa and Enogeb try to kill me, this time they brought some prep. Lucky for me the guards *do* assist.

Enogeb tries to ambush Zoros in Kalaman...
Trash pkiller fails, free milky & coins for Zoros.

People vs Wild

5 on 5 fight against KoT
More fighting.

Vinoe Recalls Twice in one Fight!
Karne, Savier, and Mancer pay the price for being overconfident. Rakkor loots some Mysidian gear that was stolen earlier.

Kot vs Kos, Imperial, and Mysidia
Same log as below, different pov.

KoT vs KoS/mysidia/Imperial

Avenging Keila
I asked Brandon to return Keila's gear. He chose to fight.

Wakki Doesn't Get Recalled!
Wakki doesn't realize that his entire group has fled in fear, and thus has noone to recall him. Maud died also, dunno who he is though.

Wakki says 'fear mysidia'
Tu Gets Both his Chars Killed in one day!

Wakki Gets Recalled!
Hunting Wakki for Item Thievery (No, I don't use Opt Unlegible)

Mysidia vs Wakki & Friends
If you recall Wakki, you will be hunted. If you assist Wakki, you will be hunted.

Trash vs. Trashier
Just a log to waste your time. I recommend not reading. DONT DO IT!

Asterix saves a wild group from Kazbek but dies for it
wilds gets some luck

Predit Forgets Recalls
Predit sighted in Balifor, so me and Sarah go to take care of him. Wasted time trying to hold him because I expected him to recall at bad, guess he wasn't as smart as I thought.

Allur R.I.P
Bsp says they wont stop hunting me, so instead of lying down and dying I decide to at least set one of there characters back some....Got killed after though

Nevinyrral pays for dms sinns
nevinyrral dies

The semi-great escape.
Having flags on me and group members, I decide it would be smart to get a special wand and run to solace treehouse.

Shorne RIP
We calmly are walking through the Caergothian Highway when we are ambushed!

Triggers kill Perez!
Another wild dies in my quest for a simple apology.

Some Quadrille RIP
Quadrille says 'come down and let me rock you'

Poor William
BSP Randoming!

Mighty Kazbek shows his powers!
Kazbek shouts 'no zoning for wilds'

Massacre in Balifor
Wilds decide that 15 vs 8 are close enough odds that they don't have to be scared of losing.

Don't random me damnit!
Bring out your dead!

Lashe rip.
Asterix asked me to help him kill Lashe in his quest for a public apology for Wilds' randoming of him.

Aneyo dies.
I run into Aneyo fighting and revenge when he randomed me at the beginning of the wipe.

Lincoln vs. The World
Although Lincoln said he had cleaned up his act, he obviously hadn't. Upset at being lied to, two members of the Solamnic order take out the trash.

Imperial vs. Mysidian
Fight over Greenen. I promised qapmoc I wouldn't post this log on sufs, but then I realized I didn't give a shit.

silly randomers
Vilared was on the move again pestering lowbies and tried me, so i took out the trash.

wild pushed, and this is the result
Wilds ambushed us while in DKO, killed bru, rest of us recall, regroup, and ..... Kijo is Andrew!

Fast ambush, garbage loot
Blind by own "superiority" BSP fall into an ambush far from our city.

8 Pounds Lighter
**Tikle: how the f*ck did he die?

Sunday Massacre followup...
The followup to Mysidia: No hard feelings.

A little Sunday Fun
Liyt, Aldur, Keila RIP

Gilthanas Gets Smoked
I come back to play and what do you know some jerk tries to mess that up. CrazyChrs

Wild Strikes Again
Wild apparently likes DKO

Wild Ambush
Ain't nothin' better than the 1hp recall...

Vinoa dies
Vinoa is abandoned by her clan

Enchanted barrel strikes again

Early jump
We log on early and run to evil group fast, but are slaughtered in the near future.

Battle at Goblin Camp
I didnt do tell well should've stayed w/ main group

BSP vs Wild on 05/18/04
BSP beats down Wild...again.

Failure of an ambush
Slow ambush resulted into catching only one poor pirate. Oh well.

The End of the Preditor Death Squad
The Preditor has found its own Gnoll's Recess.

Uber Kender Squad of Taking Stuff from YOU strikes back!
Generic Hold/frag+ pk log #1447.B

The Legendary Gnoll's Recess Part II
The Legend of the dreaded Gnoll's Recess continues...

The Price for a Zone Lesson
Preditor Death Squad gives no free lessons.

When a Newbie Becomes a Prey
Preditor does not pkill newbies until...

A Mysterious Vine
You say 'A friend told me if someone hit me the vine will heal me'

A Deceptive Prey
A deceptive prey turned on the preditor

Preditor Strikes Back
When Preditor strikes.....

Huan dies
Poor Huan.

Cocky guy gets cocked by two even more cocky guys
While I was spying cockyly in balifor, cocky Chunte cockly fails pk on me, I cockely went back, but 2 cockyliest guys got the cocky spy!

Sengir RIP
Loring stuff is a no-no with evils about.

Justin Timberlake vs. Enrique Iglesias
The two self-crowned kings of pop battle it out in a dance competition of the masters, and only one will survive.

Curse of enchanted barrel #3
Story repeats again - anyone who use this terrible artifact lost his luck forever! Myte, please dont wander anymore around when Garbage on.

A Deadly Rumor
There is a rumor a merry trader carries immune cold and a gazer's eye.

Leif RIP

Small scale DM vs Garbage in Kal
We went looking for Garbage in Kal and lucky for us they were looking for us too.


JV Clowns
They coulda have me dead but instead of fighting BSP always prior looting and shouting crap. Can't blame those teenagers.

Postink can be deadly...
Dont post and drink!

Mayaw RIP
Wilds show off the dams they received after beating Scelesta down. But we all know that afking is bad!

Wild and BSP finally battle it out after a calm stretch.
Wild and BSP finally battle it out after a calm stretch.

DM vs Garbage in Neraka
We killed Ahmedi and then Garbage log for a 10v10 fight.

Some time ago
Uther tells you 'i am a squire to kos, plz dont kill me again sir'

Jvark RIP
die wild

Nada dies again.
Killing my neutral friends is dumb but sitting ld at inn is dumber.

Myte dies. Sweet revenge.
Plan was good. And successful.

Leredin dies again.
Mage vs Mage. Opt wimpy is loose!

Away pulls the arrow out of Spethia and stores it in his pack for later.
was fun... for us at least.

Leredin R.I.P
Dancing with the devil in the pale moon light

Garbage Fails Ambush
Garbage ambushed us in DKO and lost.

Garbage Talks Trash
Garbage steals a zone from some zoning DarkMoons. After retaliation, Khazen offers to hunt and thus starts what should hopefully be an entertaining war.

So early in the wipe and already BSP has trash pk chars

Some wilds decided to go solo too

Bad Luck
Finkle was talking trash, so I went after him, unfortunately for me, trigger went off at a bad time.

Fuintar dies
Fuintar had a starjewel and a few other nice items

Zaaku dies
Zaaku not paying attention

Random Fight #8
Yamakashi rip

Grouch rip
Nothing special

Finally bsp wins!

Solace Precurser to Malachite battle
fuck all of you who say thieves are not useful in pk.

Fight of the malachite bracelet

Wilds get ambushed
Wanting revenge for earlier loss, we go after wilds. Succesfully this time!

Nice fight, too bad we lost.
Wild and BSP duking it out in Xak Tsaroth.

Fight in Xak
After about an hour of getting things straight and readying ourselves, we walk into Xak Tsaroth in the most prismaticaly acclaimed fight of the year.

Groo rip
(Corey) Nate decides to donate me a really shitty birthday present! Thanks!

Chun RIP
I don't hate Zack, like Ocho hates finns, but I still stab him!

Disgust at the amount of mages bsp has
In keeping with the style of shit ass logs of the past few days, here's another. I just get fucking annoyed at the amount of trash mages there are on the mud.

Virtue RIP
Virtue decides to wander.

Vigilante Justice Team
It's not as great as Rurh dying, but it's close

If we are going to post cheezy trash rips...
Pitt and Elvees die.

Junumuj dies
Trash char poofs to our group and pays the ultimate price!

Mavlad uses George Bush diplomacy
Mavlad accuses Renshai of having weapons of mass destruction. And so he decided to declare pre-emptive war.

The escape of the diamond.
A narrow escape by the TESSTOOOOOOOOOOO.

some wild mages diediediediedie
bsp trashmage crew shows its power

BSP retaliate after poor finns get eaten!
Sorry for the poor pasting, JMC doesnt do well when trying to paste from a buffer.

A few wilds dies
Some more wilds died around tho

Ambush on a couple finns.
Hit Habutz and Heraglion, plenty of bsp on forcing a retreat. Cover is blown by puffing trashmage Waaz.

Mooh dies
Mooh (rurh, kelpo) is tracked down and killed by a barb and a warrior

More fighting
Wilds killed Dain, so we logged and set up a battle in merchant camp. Nice healing on both sides resulted in few deaths, retaliation attempt vs wilds in cq failed also.

Wild vs. BSP in merchant camp
Good fight, probably major factor of our loss was we didn't really have heal potions and bsp had a ton.

Thom is dead
Some wild did try to level an unknown up

Diora dies
Diora tries something

Hocus decided to donate some of Elyana's equipment back
die wild die

Visiting Kelpo
I log on and see a moron, therefore deciding to pay him a visit!

Que Kul battle vs. bsp

Some fighting
Some fighting.

You say 'KLOOT'
Got tracks on Jane and just followed them...

Goka rip
Wouldn't have posted this log, except that I find that people time and time again don't keep recalls in their inventory - and time and time again they die because of it.

rgbs tryed to use lags room to win but it failed

Having some fun!
Poor Selena having a bad day..... 2 in a row.

Get out of our mud
I arrive on irc and suddenly people start complaining about rgb being on, so we go hunt them.

Akiwa/Mandel dies
Evil goblins caught Guggi but did not go far

Selena got revenged
Pitt was keeping Selena's equipment just for 1 day.

Loaded spychar
Had fun killing a knight in kal, when I saw a spy char move past me so I stabbed him for the hell of it..!

Hit on Suf
Poor Limper had a bad day.... it just got worse

Cain R.I.P.
Cain presents his farewell gifts to RGB

Bsp log for a fast pop, but the ever ravenous Goblin Hordes ran to intercept them.

Killing Troggs
Troggs almost died this time

Melee Tournie
If anyone is interested...

Evil Randomers
While wandering around i noticed some corpses lying wierd places. I asked who created the corpses and found my way to these two evil randomers. RIP

DM's logged on to kill Giloth but had very little recon to know that he had met up with the main group.

Kaziem dies.
We saw Kaziem on for a little while, figured he was xping. After checking about 4 zones I got tracks on him.

Heraglion R.I.P.
Finns get ambushed while ambushing.

Nubbin R.I.P - BSR Random
Leveling up a lowbie char and BAM - note they were tracking me, no idea why

Dark Moons dying
Two Dark Moons R.I.P

Pandora dies

Iill dies

Traja R.I.P

Masterful recalling leaves only one trashmage behind.
Masterful recalling leaves only one trashmage behind.

Renshai vs. Darkmoon
Renshai gets a minor victory at first, then Dark Moon rushes into a massacre soon after.

winston dies (trashpk (c))
way to have glowings in chest but use plain recalls

Luuz R.I.P
Adam (Luuz) decided to wander around town, even after showing him that we were near-by, he still walked past us - End of story

DarkMoon's Die
DM's attacked our group today. I have the flu, so I was in a bitter mood!

Elyana attacked by randomers

Turin saves the day.

Priam RIP
Indians lose their temper. FISHERMAN UNITE

Hocus/Juli died
xmax cleaning (trashpk log)

What to do with Trash Chars
Xendo Makes a Huge Mistake

I spoil Pyke's fun
Pyke thought he would random innocent people, thank god I was around to stop this evil doing.

Kelly R.I.P.
another trashpk log

Nmemnonia RIP
Sorry Nate.

Guess who's back?
Poor neutrals decided to assist their bsr trashmage friend and die. i lose the lootwar, but hell. i'm rusty.

Selena RIP
Another rgb wanders and dies.

Dalt RIP
Old wild/rgb highlight finally wanders and dies.

Lachplesis, Azukay RIP
Got him this time.

Selena RIP
Too bad Lachplesis got away.

Sarr RIP
Not very interesting but still...

Martinez barely escapes!
Wilds were threatening my brother, so I ran a group to Tarsis, and counter-ambushed wilds.

Dhaliwal + Mookster RIP
Wilds come out of the inn and die. Miroku leads me around aimlessly(never following him again!).

I R.I.P.
I am forced to commit suicide due to the evil russians being evil

1 Minute Warning Expired
i told him not to go, but he did. and then i got fireballed, so i just started throwing things everywhere.

Pre-Xmas Gifts Continue...
Yet another BSP mage donates his junk to his Wild friends.

Merry Xmas Wilds
Mass log to pk wilds results in 3 bsp deaths due to mobs...AND NO RECALLS!

ambushing some wilds
we try to get a kill on loony to bad he was to hardbash for poor lowlevels, and raiden decided to give us a clean kill with no flags

Val Surt Kamui dies
Evil unknown RGBs dies

Kerian RIP
Quick, clean, efficient kill. Kerian had posed as a sponsor of a KoS squire and got them killed. Sweet revenge.

Kelpo RIP
Kelpo dies to some lowbies

Noryl's Mage Tournament
A small mage tournament. Cloud kill and me not re-mirroring fucked me up. A foom occured a bit after i died so Denise and Dhaliwal had a rematch and globed/orbhealed Denise won.

Wa sacrifices himself for the ...ever-popular ricky.

Bonham RIP
Renshai killed naked Sann during the Newport fight and Bonham logged deep into BSP time flagged and sitting in the inn. GO RENSHAI.

Viran fails to escape.
Viran tries to get away after the carnage with some loot, but me and kanos catch him.

The Armageddon
It took BSP two hours and half to get balls and finally come into 10vs16 battle. Reminds me Que Kul last wipe. Now I could take a bit of rest for a month again.

RGB's got ambushed in CT
sux that brama didnt die

giloth + siath rip
Held, rip etc.

Traja rips
renshai continues their wandering streak...

Kryst Tourney Final
Kryst's pov in the tourney: Final Round, travelling edited out etc.

Kryst Tourney Round 3
Kryst's pov in the tourney: Round 3, travelling edited out etc.

Kryst Tourney Round 2
Kryst's pov in the tourney: Round 2, travelling edited out etc.

Kryst Tourney Round 1
Kryst's pov in the tourney: round 1, travelling edited out etc.

Trash takes out the Garbage
A little late night fun...

Tournament stuffs
Complete log & brief analysis, minus most of the spam.

BSD Attacks!
BSD tried to pull a stun on me. Pretty pathetic as it is.

Mid-Level Tournament

Renshai ambushed in Storms Keep.
One Ronk got lost and wandered into the keep. We need to protect our rankmob at all costs.

I continue to panic.
I continue to panic and lead my team to utter failure.

What not to do in the tourney.
An example of what not to do in the next tourney, from the POV of the last place team!

Excuse my french
There's just something satisfying about bashing the hungarian jerk

Final Round
Key to Victory: Get lost in the swamp and bash bash bash (with or without shield)

Tourney from a dane's pov
1st round was cool, 2nd suck, 3rd ok, finals soso ..also american links suck!!!

Mid Level Tourney winners

Mirenda Vald Teri Ildarius Final Round Tourney Fight
Got lost in the swamp and darknessed too early!

Mirenda Vald Teri Ildarius Round 3 Tourney Fight
We ran into opposition a bit too early in this one. Then Denise came to ruin our party!

Mirenda Vald Teri Ildarius Round 2 Tourney Fight
We did much better this time. Got lost in the mountains and then picked off stragglers.

Mirenda Vald Teri Ildarius Round 1 Tourney Fight
We got lost in the swamp!

Krite's Day Out
First Round: Not So Bad. Second Round: Crying to mommy. Third Round: Wah.

Kill stealing at its best
Not much to say, good work by our team but luck wasnt with us that round

Die Hard Rio
I'm proud of this one

Run Rio Run
It's kinda amazing me + Halgar managed to rejoin and score a kill after a lot of running around like chicken with our heads cut

Tournament moments I would never forget...
Some funky fighting, hope to entertain you.

My POV is better than Tinotaur's!
Renshai bash well but heals reign supreme.

Corpses must die!!!
Tinotaur is filled with so much rage he attacks Tarni's corpse again and again and again...

wild+renshai dies to bsp trash mages group
die renshai die !!

Battle of the useless area
Really, for 9th circle spell, tent is a joke, wheres my pws! Tornado looking shaky too...

Same shit we keep falling for over and over again. Gotta give credit to finns though, they are trying, making plans, sitting in menu etc.

Palanthas Chaos
4 small groups go at it in front of the inn, each with different intent.

Ola Iill RIP
Ola says 'ya v lipetsk priedy v noyabre' Ola says 'vot togda i pobiemsa'

Kendo Rip
Backlash hurts!

Wastelands are wasted.
Idjits think they can attack us with no repercussions...

Loony rips
Early birds feed on a wild worm.

Can't even kill a drunk canuck!
Poor Skorpio gets toasted and successfully evades vicious PJ by RGBs. Log from:

BSP trash mage rip
I didn't even want to deal with this type of trash.

Wilds dies again
die wilds die !!

A skirmish that could be worse!
A morning fight happens south of the fabled High Clerist Tower, where many area spells fly away but only a few deaths occur! Santino says goodbye for his duplicated eq, thou!

Fear our elite pk skill! MOO!
(Note to Suf: If you feel there's too much profanity, feel free to let me know and I'll edit it out and resubmit.) Hey, at least I tried. But I learned a valuable lesson. Killing groupmates while trying to simultaneously kill others reduces your group's effectiveness.

Smu R.I.P.
Myth affiliate dies. Simple.

Wilds gets ambushed.
Finally BSP managed to get some decent gear which hopefully will boost Wild's will to fight them again.

Pk of old
Oslok is pked.

Xanthas RIP
myth's leader (and only equipped characters) dies

Elyana R.I.P.

Never underestimate track and Temporal Path
wow get held & para..lousy me good bye soth's sword been fun with u around =p

Iopi RIP
The End :(......

3 vs 3 battle myth vs us
small battle, big wins.

Well I log on to see Scelesta running around palanthas, so I ask my friendly neighborhood clerics (Sa) if he wants to do some healing....Well they came, saw, and ran...

RGB amubshed
Poor rgb's dying without clair warnings :( take special note of my shitty hps

Kharzog RIP
He was still on, so I figured what the heck. I caught him right after he deathmemmed.

One death down (each), infinity to go.
It's too bad that when you take out the trash, the trash has a tendency to crawl out of the garbage can and follow you back into the house. You know? I mean, c'mon.

Dont play to win, Play to have Chun.
Chun learns BSP dont rely on clair to hunt

Rgb gets smoked...but weird combo doing the smoking
Went to kill rgb down of inn...and then some old pal's come in and just start thug mageing the whole damn place....needless to say rgb died (and almost me!)

Randomers Die

Kyzer RIP
Kyzer dies. Scelesta gets away :( What a shame...

Sa, Dia Rip

Hiawatha is dead
Hiawatha goes afk and dies also.

Virtue RIP
eh i think he was afk....poor bashing...but it still was done

iopi rip
iopi dies

This again
Kodiak goes afk and dies again.

pilar rip
i wander stupidly about to stab ilaan and die

Battle of mistakes
So many mistakes and bad luck in the BSP side I cannot even make a list of them. Good job on Wild side, they had 10% chance to win and they did it.

Mass Panic Attack
Tim's trash ambush a group of peaceful zoning players south of Solace, result in mass panic-attack and mud Foom.

Parn R.I.P
Parn pays for his crimes of being a traitor.

mythrop massrip
pre other massrip

Lucia shouts 'RENT NOW LOSERS'
Old style of non-hasted fighting.

Scelesta RIP
Poi tells you 'i'm going to your school the day it opens' Poi tells you 'and stabbing you in the face' Poi tells you 'multiple times'

Yams R.I.P.
You tell your group 'when i say i've summoned yams come south and BASH YAMS'

Zanith RIP!
Zanith trash talks his way in to death

Dia R.I.P.
It died...

Wait for us, we're coming!
Way to sit by the zone entrance unprepared and wait what will happen.

mercator rip
this one was worth it too

rahl rip
i had to paste this one because i hate this guy

Manny RIP!
Manny says 'It ends'....He was right, although it was only him that ended.

Selasie/Lorelei R.I.P
Selasie made threats against my lowbie, group members told on him, I logged stabber. Watch the elite nomagic cloudkills from elite renshai, combined with the suiciding/flag prolonging by Selasie.

Covv *randomed* for wearing wild clan equipment.
It's a bad thing to be level 22 and wear someone else's equipment.

Charo & Garyn RIP!
Myth don't always lose

Ronk dies
Ronk get's hazed and killed

ilaan rip
lara finally learns the power of mass web

Kam vs BSP
I was more than fashionably late.

fresno + kxzis rip
some randomers try to random the randoming kings

Rika rip
Rika finds it unsafe to stroll through Palanthas.

Oedipus rip again
I take a stroll through the flying city only to find Oedipus.

Atreyu/Poi RIP

Cheez RIP
You tell Ruin 'how about que-teh' Ruin tells you 'whats that'

How to Mage Bomb Bomb!
The valiant defenders of Dun Mir defeat the attacking rabble.

3 rot thieves vs 3 non rot tanks
shows that thieves are only useful in solo pks.

Fievel rip
Fievel rip

Oedipus RIP
Oedipus rips on the road.

Ghakaan Cheez RIP
Quick skirmish. Both sides were ready.

Le rip
Rurh's opinion of taking out the trash.

dying to rot
Watch how conveniently I get bashed through mirrors, ariakas dies and mirrors dispelled all at one time. Bad luck on my part.

Third time's charm!
Small group ran to retaliate in kal, and I lured them right where I wanted them. Too bad they didn't stay :(

Kir RIP (again)
Kir takes another one, for the good of his clan.

Revi RIP.
Yes, wild seems to random too. Just not always successfully. I found it humorous that he throught I wouldn't assist.

Hotsuma vs. Snivel
After Hotsuma and crew finished randomming around in balifor i decided to clean up the mess abit. Convincing Hotsuma to empty his water containers, forcing him to get new water, i stepped into action. Resulting in a shattered Hotsuma

Alexandros vs. Trabzon
Peacefully minding my own buisness, attempting to kill knight n of kal reception, my own groupmate turns against me activating my pk script thus resulting ins some strange noises and blood.

How to PK
if someone mass dispelled these things they would be worth the round to re-charm them --- oh fuck hope adam killed you he did he masscharmed with marston on screen

Kir rip
The day prior to this, Kir had led an ambush attempt on us in sanction. But apparently, he was "just leading a zone".

Reafe rip
Some retaliation is always good

Tezin is dead! R.I.P.

Ilaan + Samppi RIP
Habutz running through neraka, failed a kill. So he tries again, with 2 mages at his back.

Gondi R.I.P.
I seem to have forgotten my pirate's hat

Elyana RIP
Elyana falls for some trap.

Demaleon RIP
Ranked Wild Clan warrior dies to 3 mid lvls.

mari vs kodiak
mari kills kodiak in kalaman

Within RIP
ebul wild unknown dies

Diora RIP
Few wild mages tries to ambush us at mystic.

Sha dies on tic. Its actually kind of boring.
Sha suffers from lack of blood, and the lack of a beating heart...

Diogenes rip
Diogenes attacked us then scelesta manages to avenge diogenes somewhat.

Murdah RIP
A few randomers try to hurt my friends.

Getting in shape.
Quick (semi :) RGB login resulted in a successful hit.

Ever get the feeling the guy upstairs doesn't like you?

Hi !!!
BSP had to pay for their sin of killing Darva in the Storm Keep which they executed almost perfectly.

Strange people...
Seems some ppl have serious psychological problems, how else to explain such acts of suicide?

Koji rip
quick hit, other 7 ppl in my group were eh..non existant :P

Speedy rip
he says he afk'ed

Wild affiliates die...
Goka has his fun for the day...

Wezlar R.I.P
Trashy fags rip

Que Kul Slaughter
Wilds slaughter BSP in their old place of many victories.

Thiefy action
I was running around, peacefully minding my business, when this Tort guy tries to hold me in the Pal magic shop. I stabbed him a couple times, and he ran away. A little while later, Tort found a friend Wyand & his gargoyle and they both came to attack helpless me! Well, one dies, and the other runs away.

Elyana and Gabol die
While Duulket attempts to gain experience, Elyana continues losing it

Isengrim's Day Out
I forgot i had prism at first...

Dying to mobs seems not enough...
After succesful CR BSP at Sleet, Wilds recalled but then decided to run back and kill more of them.

Wild vs BSP
Keep flooding log sites with kills tonight, but I hope you enjoy it.

More Wild Mage Bombing
Now I took my mages with me and keep teaching BSP to not zone at all.

Fetsomfan R.I.P.
Annual scaring evils while their peacefull zoning.

Valkem Beat down...
Valkem gets beat cause he's an Ebil neutral.. Hell of an ass whoop'in though :)

Trashy Logain R.I.P
Poor tim thinks his mage is badass...

Flag tag party
Nero shouts 'come use your flags pussies' ... Wilds couldn't resist his request.

Duulket R.I.P.
Almost had me...

Duulket is dead! R.I.P.
die wild die !!

Samm R.I.P
Samm tell you 'You had to use all those people just to get me?'

Blood Sea wins 8 to 2 against Wild the second time in a row
We tried the 4 paladin, 4 warrior, 4 mage tactic. The opponents probably aimed at killing Lara and looting the gazer's eye, but they only succeeded in the former.

Wandering the Blood Sea and hunting dragons
Trying to make up lost time with mage speed bumps

Tezin and Toneworr RIP

Lucas RIP
but not Martinez yet

Helping the Mud find its inner Wild.
BSP continues on its mission to help wilds discover themselves (even those that may not know they are wilds!) in a retaliatory hit for the deaths of some random neutrals made by Wild.

Just how I like 'em, Cheap and Easy.
Mona Decides to go kill my eye, Then Otahipo just idles in the solace bank.

two's company, three's a crowd

Slow recall action
Wilds keep trading their nobashes for just tank equipment sets.

BSP mage bomb example
BSP mages tried pull Mystic but failed horrible due to incompetence!

Pirr's Victory
Winning the battle doesn't makes you winner always.

BSP and Wild amicably swap equipment.
BSP and Wild meet on the road to conduct an improptu swap meet. Some archery equipment is traded for a nasty fleshy eye.

Tza VS Bloodthirsty
Tza utterly gets owned.

The Ministry of Peace
Another day in the life of our department, as perceived by your humble servant.

Trisk and Xellos RIP
Trisk and Xellos die again

Cyrax/Ghoose R.I.P
Had Cyrax highlighted as pker so logged on to kill him... Saw him walking around with Ghoose, and only pkers group with pkers right? They both were naked but they deserved to die...

Shade's point of view.

Quick pickoff.

Tza VS Vae Victus-2003
Tza win this fight with their area'ing power and our unprepped unhasted tanks.

shadeclan rip
Bacardi utters the words, 'sjnray'. heh nuf said... p.s. sorry for the compact log :P

naustramus rip
these idiots think that they can pounce on my cause im low level. time to exact my dominance over 3rd rate clans.

Lesson of tracking stats on your eq
Later when Bain tried build an excuse for this death, he said that he thought his helm has DETECT_INVISIVLE flag on. Oh well, now he'll spend much more money on lores I believe.

Taikoubou R.I.P
Some newbies loots friend's corpse and rent and transfers stuff... Can tell he is a newbie cause he doesnt learn after his first death... or his second... Coulda had a third but got tired...

Fock Slay!
How to kill 65 chars with 5 people

chap and apqapad rip
was bored so decided to hunt them, no infra so had to hold torch offie

BSR vs Wilds just outside Kalaman.
Proper use of preps from bsr teaches overconfident wild forces a needed lesson.

Wilds dies
We win!! even tho i decided to pk nadir in the middle of fight.

Tinotaur Unloaded
Evil triggers showed me hatred for Cheich. Wild celebrates Lucas's trip to Europe with a big going away party!

Ronk RIP

Sal Bael RIP

Kyouki gets it in the prison.
Same errors, some people couldn't learn ever. Kyouki solos while 9 enemies on! Why?!

Casanova RIP
Thanks for not getting me flagged!

Saves own, brains suck
Way to afk while Bruce near his computer.

Trashing BSP trash
Same errors, some people couldn't learn ever.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.
Dont group Martinez. He's not your friend!

some folks die :(

Lust for +heal items
Brief of the log: Finns mass logged in an attempt catch RGB popping their +heal from Mystic, while Wild 5men group was in Last Gaard popping their heal. Due to late log on, RGB got the item and recalled so Finns tried get at least OUR one. We summoned RGB in and set the battle which ended into decent up fight on both sides ... Except maybe I forgot to tell Saladin unguard me from zoning mode.

Strom is dead! R.I.P.
Protecting the innocent stingworm from the evil Wild!

Trash vs afk Trash
recall and kill some afk rgb mage

Yard Work
To keep ugly weeds from overrunning your garden, be sure to kill them before they grow

Mona gets cocky running out of peace during wild zoning time. So he decides to have a 1 on 1 ..stupid.

Wild Mage Bombing Example
Nothing much to say about it, just read the log.

Faelar RIP
then stupid Faelar decides to log too

Gun and DON'T RUN
After succesull hit on Junumuj/Lianois poor killers noticed us logging after them and ran into hide spot, leaving it open diff way due to lack of game knowledge. Thus died. It cases BSP mass log to hunt us, but we used hide spot where Lenore/Bienca died well and just sat there then rented. Without a hope to kill us, BSP rent as well but stupid Zar decides log to transfer cash and dies due to flag. Clap clap.

Dwana is dead! R.I.P.
A couple of a small pk fights

Randomer Sarus dies.
He really shouldn't have angered that poor defensless kender. Poor kender. But kender got revenge!

Riemann RIP
RGB affiliate dies due to the spam of Ramius' loot/split triggers (and a little help from some bashers).

Kir R.I.P.
Kir is evil must kill evils!!

Total panic
Probably lagged Ladislaus dies to Denise while his group scatters instead of saving it's leader.

Elyana PK training
Note to Elyana's enemies: - even grouping with him doesnt protect you from his natural PK instincts

Lucas couldn't pick right bash target
Being proud that most of mages escaped Kalaman slaughter, BSP log on more people and trying hunt ambushers, but apparently previous experience of fighting on Lunitari didn't teach them anything, yet they die again.

Primo RIP
Primo dies

Lianois is dead! R.I.P.
die wilds

More cleanup kills other day
While main group challenges Ochre, mid level fellows got balls solo with WildTrashBrigade on.

Kaiden RIP

Old log from a few wipes ago, but still good as gold.
Spear in the back.

Clean up kills
BSP keep zoning or wandering around without fear of myself and co online.

Tasoth almost 1 stabs Samm!
Samm was highlighted as randomer... We claired and found it resting around... But later on it was someone we knew so we gave it back all its stuff...

Casanova RIP
More trash mages come to screw up peaceful zoning.

Joey slain by rats
Lowbie pk/rippof merchant Joey gets mauled by an army of rats.

Elite thief :P
Suicide or whatever you wanna call this

Xecris told me to poof anytime, so I did..
Had no idea on Gilette lvl or class, just did what I had to do :)

Schnapps/Mevath RIP
Schnapps and Mevath had tried to kill a friend near kender bard so we decided to show them how a pk works.

Illill dies in smelly fish town.
Why go back to the town of the stinky fish smell!? Why? [Illill: accidentally recited glowing recall when i heard evils was out of town!]

Jon dies soloing.

Unpleasant surprise

When Resistance is at a minimum, Current is at a Maximum
Caught Yuhee sneaking around our fair city and Gabol located a lightning rod equipped by him. So told Gabol to feed him some bolts and watch the fireworks. Safe to say it was a shocking experiance.

Trashy Randomers Die
Saw a couple corpses laying around Kal, and then, right near the corpses, I see a small group! The small group is the suck. I may be wearing store eq, but my group isn't

The Gazer Tease...

Pahuta does the Gerte!
Now we know one thing in Texas that isn't that huge: Pahuta's hitpoints.

Traks Mastema dies

Elyana|Dain|Gabol RIP
Tanks > Casters

Trash... oops Buff Mage vs 5 finns
Being out of drugs I let my adrenaline rush so I couldn't type Heraglion's name and letting him away. Good news were that Ripley/Kettu died anyway.

Evil goblins Snarg and Styxie dies

Velhuus Silvia RIP

Bibi Ultrin

Faelar RIP
A sneaky thief with some support owns the brave goblin

Daemyon R.I.P
I Guess my elders really want to tell me something when they told me to never give up...

Rothenburg RIP
Rothenburg asked me what lvl, I lied and said 14, and he tried to pk me

Cowards Strike Again!
Just walking along, minding my own business and.. well, you get the idea. I was wondering when they'd fire up their randoming ways again.

6v1 - Donating to BSR Equipment Fund
Losing war does not mean finding every little excuse to random for eq. Honor is my life.

Resol RIP
The enchanted barrel changes hands again!

Descrep donates to the help equip bsp fund.
Descrep the evil looter scum hated by all true russians is pked by russian and honorary russian for crimes against russianosity.

slaughter house

Elyana vs 12 wilds
Died but so fun

we lose, but was fun

Durso RIP

Bring Reinforcements
finns jump jane at hovel, but to their dismay...

Wild mages have been poofing to us all day long. Finally they got Hemia, so i decided to play with them and test my luck (stupidity).

Elite saves lose again

Lara Dies.
Spotted Lara in Tarsis and logged on to kill it, ran right past it but Lara was too busy drinking from the fountain to get away.

Fight Fight

Tezin[3] RIP
Tezin's suicide

Speedy RIP
Clan enemy dies.

Nero the Mad
Nero attempts to solo Lord Kelvos, And Spauld. Some brilliant swordplay, but obviously a bit overmatched.

santino rip
open doors when you recupe or the russians will SLOWLY get you!

Another brave looting attempt.

Fetsomfan RIP

Furbi RIP
Furbi tells you 'stop cheating'

Elyana dies
Clever tricks!

Lara the Tank
Bit of luck, nice healing, and area wins the day.

Return of the Hungarian(Jerk)
Mark makes an impressive comeback

Brave ambush attempt
Ambushing peacefully zoning ppl is bad! be ashamed..

Duulket RIP

Elyana/Kage RIP
Some time ago...

Taikoubou R.I.P.
You screw with me, and I'll get you back sooner or later. More deaths will follow.


BSP Cheats again
Caught evil kage soloing in solamnic. Ripped it easily but then rather suffer the headache of evading retribution, decided to use our cheat powers to crash the mud

Verde R.I.P.
Randomer Verde dies.

Mora RIP
Manny tells you 'mora at nbalirecup'

Wild vs BSP
Wild battles BSP in Ancient Keep

3 vs 12
Trying to pk wilds!

Alfonso[2] Axiom [2] Grinthar RIP
Alfonso says 'i win' Alfonso says 'i win' Alfonso is dead! R.I.P.

Alynthia RIP
If you are going to random someone, Lesson 1: Don't attack someone higher level than you. Lesson 2: Don't go afk in guild rooms when you fail. Cryax later told me that "he didn't mean to". Yes, you mustof fell on your keyboard and smashed a bunch of keys that resulted in "c 'l b' ruhr", all just coincidentally at the same time the thief tried to backstab me. Uhhuh.

Nobashes vs surprise
First we made a really fast mass log and ended up killing Nia/Kooz zoning with neutrals. Noticed a huge mass log and ran to Lunitari, locked behind some door. Evils left us no chance to escape trying pick our hide spot so we managed land a deadly surprise while they were sure we're hiding with our pants down.

Automated analysis of the 28Feb fight in Flotsam

Scorede a few kill on suspected unknown wilds

Scums couldn't relax ever
After previous battle when Tinotaur did really exciting job by recalling his group out of the battle field we went hunt evil forces scattered all over the Krynn.

Hogbard gets more than he can handle
Hogbard was randoming in Palanthas. Toneworr went to stop him and died. Too bad Hogbard is evil aligned.

Selena sux...

Kuja, Falken RIP
Spammers must die!

Getting fun

Timing is everything!
Poor Harkel missed saving his life by just a second.


Garbage Day
Group of randomers get taken down ghetto style.

Kill it before it grows.
Shirley taken down for being wild multi.

Bash Clash
Clash is a numhead trashchar.

Consequence of Actions
Mercator learns that words are actions too, and sometimes carry consequences.

Aniki Bites It
Andrew & I decided to rip Aniki -Aaron

One Man Clan vs BSR
Way to attack a mage with dark knight after you flee off the tracking dragon. Anyway, you got one more loaded tank, Sid.

One Man Clan vs BSR
I spent about a year training BSR people do not solo while enemies are around and especially not go afk while they're looking for you. Martin failed the lesson, thus ... died.

Tinotaur's Secret Plan
Only someone as diabolical as a minotaur Italian could come up with a plan to entice evils to log and fight: rip every single tank at faldie so that enemies can loot, and then catch them with their pants down resulting in a massive equipment swap.

Well, never stay alone ;)
Its was kinda mistake to kill poor BSP newbie when 6 evils online ;)

Kafilat and Altraz in a happy world.
Kafilat (Sheep/Hyksos) relocates and try to edrain/kill Altraz ocassionally. It all started when Altraz looked at Kafilat and he got pissed and tried to recall Altraz. Ever since then, poofing to Altraz had been a regular thing. Anyway, with this log, peace had been restored, and hopefully we can all go about living our own happy lives again and not randoming people and maybe respect them a little. -Sir Altraz Regweld

Randomers RIP
How did Fushi follow himself?

First blood.
Patrick, I keep my words. You were an excellent start to prove it.

Clev forgets to buy recalls
Clev informed me that he was going to kill me. I figured I would make the pre-emptive move.

A walk in the park
Description in log.

Ashe and possy dominates Cipher.
Cipher got ruled by the pokeman henchmen

Denise makes too many errors.
Bruce forgot to wear nobash.

Fukutsusei RIP

Denise shows her power.
Denise does the Gerte!

Altraz gets rocked soloing...
Scumbag Dwarves must die.

Scum randomer clash rips
I ran to tarsis to catch clash, but got him when i was on my way back to kal

A stroll in the park
Once again an enchanted barrel falls into our hands, making all the hard work worthwhile.

Tagore RIP
Sheep 15, Tagore 0.

Dont Random My Friends :)
Copen killed some friends. Copen Eats my r0d

Bullet Proof Mage
Don't try and play in Draven's playground. He gets upset easily. Legacy achieves its battle objective: an enchanted barrel. Wild achieves its battle objective: Ronsy's fine silver bow.

Payback is a Bitch.
Moron thought he was funny talking shit to me from the inn, and thinking thier would be no consequences. He didnt count on a wizard's eye and my 8ms ping.

Pkill with backfire?
Some RGB tried to kill us while doing Sh'iar, I sacrificed my self for Kuuz and died! Needless to say they all paid for their crimes!

Selena R.I.P.
I think selena picked a bad time to go afk.

Legacy vs. Wild
Wild throws a party at sanction and asks the cuddly gnome to hang around some...

Hiawatha learns why patience can be bad!
Claired some Hiawatha so decided to follow it around. It decided to wander.

Seq, Dhaliwal, Memin RIP
Wilds die soloing! Poor Memin dies trying to interupt this soloing!

Ilendil turns mute.
Ilendil was angry at me for messing up his triggers, and he began to say mean things to me. Then he died.

The Turning Point of the War
The group achieves its battle objectives and recovers the most essential battle item: an enchanted barrel. Soon nobody will be able to defeat us!

Denise shows her power.

Taking out the Trash
In our efforts to keep Balifor Scum-free, Noble Blood Sea Sanitation workers humbly clear some unsightly rubbish from the Balifor Area.

First Blood
Nothing great, just old fashion puff/kill a target who was claired with Wilds earlier.

Oy Oy Oy
Oy talks shit. Oy loses his friend.

Horace r.i.p.
Was told horace was a random pkiller so i poffed to him and killed him. Latter i found out he was wild and returned his eq.

last wipe, never posted but funny
magra + zearin jumped me after i quit gayshai. so when we re-allied i gave him some payback.

Nemphers/Hemphrey RIP
a game of cat and mouse

Some careless soloing action
Totally unexpected our visit, Jane donates good eq for the first week of the wipe to the Blood Sea Dynasty fund.

Porthios's Revenge!
Poor Porthios dies, but gets revenged.

Judith RIP
evil Judith died.

Trash vs Trash
In the grand tradition of Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy. We bring you Trash vs Trash!

Lilly goes down
While doing soloing dv and random tracks on lilly, i get a expected visit...

Tronson RIP
I helped a haven guard kill an evil scoundrel

Dwarven Reinforcements!
And so it came to pass that a peaceful Legacy zoning group was retrieving some well-deserved shinies from evil dwarves of Stone Bluff...

Raud says farewell
Ive been wanting to quit this game for a while. Finally found the right oprotunity, thanks Dave for sticking with me to the end. A little goodbye is included at the end of the log. Enjoy.

Elijah Evedur R.I.P.

Radek RIP
Radek, Sose, and Dtrap logged on, so we decided to go find them, poor Radek was all by himself, others rented before we could catch them.

Inari dies to Masslog
Claired Wilds in Tot, so decided we'd pay them a quick courtesy visit. Were in zone within 1 tic of log, but recall triggers ruled us - although Inari was the polite host, and stayed to entertain his many guests.

Feyarenn R.I.P.
Sometimes nice load on trash RGB mages !

Revo vs Darien

Lilly Elyana[3] Ronin R.I.P.
I'm just got a lot of fun !

Silage/Dartavian RIP
Killing trash

Trinitus Dies

Arshes and Hakusho RIP
Arshes killed Wook, and tries to hide in nomagic. Probably didnt count on the HORDE of relocating mages that was around.

Methuselah RIP
Someone thinks he can walk around lagging himself with refreshes while 3 poofers are after him..........

Trinitus RIP

intruder alert!
Trinitus disturbs Inari's glorious xp zoning in the solace guild complex.

Idiotclan and Renshais log some trash and soon regret it.
Renshai and Idiotclan use their secret weapon: flooding the fight with level 1 newbies to get the entire group flagged and dying to solace!

Funny log
Ran to check on my elven pike, and to my suprise Uran poofs and donates me some lame gear.

Givi Sau Mynd[4] Shumelka died
Some evils just died

Dolph rip
I was just asking for a fly and he got mad I guess..

Hazzy Fyre Rip
Have a great day honas!

Why wont Ahmas play with Krovax?
Felt like stabbing someone. To bad they wouldnt let me stab them twice. We pulled a quick log and hit up Glorek and co while they where supposedly ambushing whoever left solace inn.

Hotar vs Tetra 1:1
Probably poor Hotar just forget about flag when goes afk in inn

Hotar[2] and Chon R.I.P. !
Killing trash mages always sweet, especially when they has eq

Sagara dies!

Napas R.I.P.
Elite triggers, elite casting in no magic

Trinitus and Halep go Boom
Well couple mages logged on from shadow and we decided to try em out. Elyana primary target got away.

Gerte vs RGB and friends 1:1
Gerte puffed to us again, but didnt won.

3 of 3 fights Legacy vs All
Chon[2] Parnigar Ryu is died but we lost fight anyway

2 of 3 legacy fights.
Log says it all.

Vendetta against Crushor is fulfilled
I really really wanted to kill Crushor. So I did. Later Neve, Glorfindel, Darien (cry), Durnan, Kurant, Sulie, Mlaah, Elyana, Byr, Wulfgar some others prolly, riped. Lots of fighting. Time to rest tired bones!

Gerte-RGB 1-0
Damnit Gerte is still around (I(Martino) want eye) try to kill him please

Chon gets creative
Did something I should have done long ago. Nothing personal Tim.

A Day in the Life of Chon Evanz
Playing around with a wellspelled mage. To bad he sux more than I do. Sartel shows that barbs arnt completely worthless, and Kenzo threatens me for no reason.

Rogers, Zeel R.I.P.
Aloy tells your group 'oh martino logd crushor' Aloy tells your group 'that is no fun'

asoka and co. died again

Lukipela Zest Elcaro Destyne R.I.P.

Silage R.I.P.
Silage goes in ambush

Ice Wall Brawl!
We claired an enemy group in icewall/rift area and they recalled to kal, then on their way back in we came to help, unfortunately they saw us coming.

I ripped Reykas soloing in tant keep, then was chased down for about an hour. Finally I rented.

Renshai affiliate dies
Dami dies

Marinka Bludo[2] Sataniil R.I.P.

Rega Magra Zeel R.I.P.
[Magra:Awful] Mem:5 Exits:NS> Aran has left the game.Aran stops following Magra.

Magra Ragan Port Rinia R.I.P.

Renshai's Fat Lady has SUNG!
Renshai attempts to trick and confuse by moving their base of operations to... SOLACE DRUIDS.

Emili RIP

Achilles and Demin Thwarted
A friend, Isi, was being randomed (they gave excuses later), and we heorically saved him.

Ghetti pays for a mistake
After being randomly attacked mid-zone, we proved Ghetti + Atmos < Lonesome (Atmos ripped shortly earlier)

Napas goes afk

some randomers thought it would be fun to jump me and klint

Randomers and Napas RIP
Nisk and I having some fun!

Morten, Givi and Napas vs Methuselah, Oscarr and Torna
We were zoning in Celestial Temple and evils decided to visit us there.

Cleaning up the mess
Just taking out the recallers. Skipped alot of poofing and poofkilling Izy.

Battle of the Southern Reach
Clan battle.

Tzaddi dies
Lucky stab thru mirrors..

Barbare vs. Deslograt, Bart, and Xar
While fighting Xar, a couple people come in to join....Does Barbare ever get a fair match??

Calen R.I.P.
Calen uses salve on self.

Orpheus bravely recalls from the face of battle.
Abandoning his friends to die, Orpheus uses his magical renshai skills to escape.

Hyoge rip 2x
Hyoge attempts to devastate a follower of Solinari.

Renshai vs. Wild in Pirate's
Renshai and Wild fight it out on Pirate's Island. Renshai defeats the group, but later on a few of them are summoned and killed by Wild.

Wild bites the dust. Luckily he was afk, because I screwed up order of how mages do things.

Varia/Ariak RIP
After killing Varia, I'm forming with people to run to zone. Suddenly, when newbies attack....

Barbare vs. Turlinq, Murgen, and Slinda
Barbare a target?

Last Time Corey dies to RevoClan
I die for the last time to RevoClan, being promised peace minutes later.

Napas, Lorinda and Parnigar riped in Kalaman.

Raeven dies
rgb raeven rips

Bali fight --- Gonja rip
A few people were pestering me earlier, so I grabbed a few people and got ready to rumble.

Despert Rips

Hiroyo R.I.P.

Bacal is dead! R.I.P.

Balifor Brawl.
Once again, Lonesome gets hammered. They even had healer and outnumbered us. Later Legacy killed us for grouping Gib, the jerks. No offense.

Renshai dies fast

When Renshai attack!
Lemme and his friend poof to me and rudely interupt my soloing.

sarevok rip
i guess he decided to re-enter

Kirpykla Napas[3] Tabrin Tronson Hanhei Bahus Artaletta Liez R.I.P.
Some deaths

Bacal solos Quv and Grifin.
Slightly complex background to this log. Erand and I were running around town after people, Quv and Grifin were doing the same - probably after us. We were about to leave town when I lost link at the gates. Reconnected to find Quv and Grifin following me (Erand's diplomacy at work) so we quickly hatched a plan to beat them down without flags. Worked flawlessly, with the exception of not having any containers so Arshes got away with most of the loot. I lost link again right after this, Erand saved my laggy ass and we managed to rent easy.

Renshai takes a beating, Things just dont change.
I haven't pk'ed for 3 years, and i havent killed a Renshai for 3 years. Same old shit, same half garbage equipment.

Renshai R.I.P
Solare decided to make renshai pay for there attitude crimes.

Revo solos Anka
I was being evil and followed Anka out of lounge and managed to keep it floored. Ankasux

Varia Sarevok R.I.P.
Revenge continues - Varia(Silage) and Sarevok died

Mocke Cyrith R.I.P.
Cyrith says 'dont kilkl' **Vassago: finish it!

Sarevok died [2]
Small revenge

Messing with pissed people
I just logged on to help poor neirel CR from theiwar when we got jumped by some trash. Notice how the janitor picks it all up at the end of the log.

Napas Kirpykla Givi R.I.P.
Givi flies in from the north. Givi begins resting but stays aloft.

Napas issues the order 'bash karl'.
Poor RGB has some trouble spelling. Napas issues the order 'bash karl'. Kirpykla issues the order 'bahs luf'.

Chudik Tamagogi Just RIP
2 vs 4, 3 from 4 died.

NOW rips

Kelpo dies.
Kelpo dies for his sins.

Kanxi gets whats coming to him.
Kanxi dies for crimes against NOW clan. Evil man - dead man.

Buki vs Dragor the Level 2 Warrior (with a little Padme/Ender help)
This is from Ender's POV. Deula and Buki decide to kill Dagor, a level 2 warrior. So Ender and I decide to give them a taste of their own medicine. The convo in the log is hilarious, one of the funnier things I've been involved in this wipe. Enjoy! Not shown in log is Pyrxx dying twice to me after attempting to kill Dragor.

Good vs Evil
Ive been trying to kill arket for some time now (he has been avoiding my holds/bashes), this time he decided to stay and fight. Im still waiting for a real 1 on 1.

Wrath of Kon vs RGB's

Newbies die
Just some fighting 5 vs 1 against my 22 cleric. I win

Raymie RIP
Damn ungroup with Neirel allowed Sagara escaped because spell haste did not work

Silage R.I.P.
Silage poofs to me while im soloing for some reason, and gets owned by a theiwar guard.

Marran RIP
Revenge !

Varia Magneto RIP
Killing randomers

Miller rips
Miller was under the impression that I looted his gear, which Ghetti gave to me, and I even gave back to him, but I guess he still hates me...

Galin R.I.P.
Galin heals a pk event against us and pays for it. Log is slightly edited -Galins group leader tried to protect him, but finally understood our claims. The conversation was cut out.

Lorinda R.I.P.
Small revenge.

Padme, Arctic's Worst Basher
Quick logged to hit Klara and Fineous, then Gefjon after. Terrible bash decisions on Klara, crucial miss bash on Fineous allows Arlandina to loot his most prized item.

denday RIP
after he died we peaced it.

Olegs thirst for vengence results in another lost set of eq.
Klara gets cocky.

Gefjon gets hammed
Oleg never leaves the inn with equipped chars, now we know why!

Hyperion [2] Jolrael RIP
Some randomers died

Elyana vs. Hyperion - Part One
I was just strolling along when an evil russian Elyana came along with a peacebreaker stun scroll.

Lekar RIP
Marran just left his healer Lekar to die. Too bad because i wanted revenge on Marran(Lart) for my death.

Forder Helros RIP
Forder tells you 'lets fight'

Konstityciya RIP
Poor RGB mage twice edrained and then ripped w/o flags

Duel Lina vs Inari
2 Duels. In bash mode and kick mode. Rule of duel. No Dragon, No exorcisms, No lay.

Duel Lina vs Hroft
2 Duels. In bash mode and kick mode. Rule of duel. No Dragon, No exorcisms, No lay.

Duel Lina vs Suntz
Suntz used smart tactic to spell up beast and beat me. Well I was not great in that log too. Too much mistypes. But I found it interesting.

Aier Nau Kneer RIP
Interclan pk groups owned randomers

Arcan RIP
Arcan wanders to find his death

Neodim Imhotep RIP
Noticed that evils have some troubles among themselves: Neodim misses Ushi with his crush.Ushi cleaves Neodim very hard.

Randomers Attack!
Peacefully zoning when randomers come to kill us. Sinn escapes at awful, Nol RIP.

The wrong place at the wrong time
Oscarr rips due to bad luck on his part.

Arket laughs to death
People should know when to stop.

Erin RIP
Being very bored, I helped my russian friend Elyana, resulting in this small kill.

Fight in Kalaman
A log I requested for since I didn't have a POV from Rgb side. Rgb planned mass log that failed, resulting in Buki's death.

Barb panic
Being stupid and panicking, Terrod deserved to die...

Erin died [2]
Erin's pk preps not saved his ass

Last Renshai vs Shining Force?
Will this be the last fight? [*Editor's Note: Calof seems to have clanned Renshai! *]

The Revenge of the Blaah.

Padme vs. 6 RGB + hill giant
How huma's should be used.

Anomen R.I.P.
Evil Anomen pays for his many sins to RGB.

Mlaah died twice.
Russians killing russians.

RGBs take a beating
A bunch of hasted bashers with one side having a hardbash healer (Givi), the other side having 3 area casters (Hew, Devo, Nol). Area wins.

Mynd RIP
Evil Pete's multi dies after sf decides to override his approval of leaving me alone. Notice in all the cloaks/pouches and stuffs there were mucho wis. He gets killed later again and we get the chest, no worries.

Elite DK disarm wins again
The true definition of the meaning of Trash. When you trade a character's life to disarm a prime from another player.

Youta R.I.P.
Youta planning to kill Kern, goblins came to defend Kern. 3 ticks later Klara goes on unfortunate ld to be caught by Padme.

Taking out the trash.

Elyana attempts to complete her life quest.
Hahnei [3], Duela, Elyana, Farbror and others died.

I stayed up too late and the Goblins got me.
Klara still had me highlighted from a long time ago even though I got peaced. Gnomish devices had just decayed, bad timing. :P

Quintley steps out for his last breath of fresh air.
Quintley had been sitting in the inn for a while and decided to step out and get a breath of fresh air. Resulting in his death.

The power of Greed!
Chrik learns the true power of Greed!

The Murder of a Kender
Sharam kills Nimblefeet's brother, Snobbletooth Appleshoes, in cold blood.

Melkior gets Zmeared
Nol and Zearin continue their vigilante action in Newport.

The beginning of the end.
Juan R.I.P. and Wild starts it's slippery slide downhill.

Melkior poofs into the face of danger.
Melkior unwittingly poofs into the face of danger.

Revo sets us up the bomb.
Revo kills Mai and then Rensahi unleash the power of the Shadow upon themselves.

Gerte solos a 12 man wild group.
A large enemy group dies when it runs smack into the GERTE.

Gerte pops some equipment from the RGB mobs.
Poor RGB had no idea that they would be running into the force of nature known as GERTE.

The End of Bosch
Gerte uses his mystical near eastern powers to make his enemies wish that they knew he his secret fabled tzatzikki recipe: the only known cure for a case of the power word stuns.

Watch what you say!
Make sure to watch what you say! Especially when talking to an immortal with a loaded gun!

The Curse of the Suit
The cursed suit ushers in Brama's downfall.

The glory of Biggorillamonkey
The epic adventures of Biggorillamonkey.

Drunk Hele tries to solo Aspre
Poor Hele was soporifically drunk and tried to kill Aspre all by his lonesome.

Why we fight wilds!
Brama shows his supreme mastery of Runglish.

Brink the Death Turtle
Brink the Death Turtle attacks ME.

Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis Fight 1
Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis vs. Orkin, Ebkand, Shicane

Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis Fight 3
Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis vs. Teram, Dannil, Deoph

Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis Fight 4
Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis vs. Murgen, Delamar, Vishnu

Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis Fight 5
Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis vs. Frederic, Randi, Polanodun

Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Fight 1
Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Vs. Admetus, Mid, Tibedo We took Mid out super fast, and blinded Tibedo out of fight to make this a cakewalk

Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Fight 2
Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Vs. Gee, Cabardi, Mitutoyo. Not sure why Mitutoyo wasn't in room, but for some reason they all targeted our mage, so they died quick once it was 2 on 2. My parry owned Gee.

Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Fight 3
Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Vs. Edmund, Cordova, Maat. For some reason they targeted our mage again here, and let us keep on getting healed. Delamar's feeble of Cordova was extremely helpful.

Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Fight 4
Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Vs. Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis. They keyed our healer quickly, and I forgot to switch back to bash mode until late in the fight.

Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Fight 5
Murgen, Vishnu, Delamar Vs. Phaon, Tarin, Chupubucabra. We killed Chupubucabra fast, and then Delamar soloed them down at the end.

Out of the skillet and into the fire.
I valiantly save Rethar (notice how much his saves suck that I can recall him ungrouped.) and sacrifice myself.

Fury vs. The Beast Known as Hoshin
We tried to kill some "special" character named Hoshin who was no bash and ams by using summon lag!

old pkill log with nol, funny!

Mai bi bi
Mai went around trying to steal shadow inventory, we decided to see what he had gotten.

First fight in the tourney, my team was Lugnut and Acrimis

2nd fight...

3rd fight which caused our demise...damn that Nol

Andor baited Lucas and we masslogged to kill him.

Juan tries same trick a second time
Juan and a couple of trash tries to steal nobash equipment using paralyze and thiefing again but got thwarted.

Wrong target!
Two random pkillers found Glorek alone shopping in Kalaman Magic Shop and tries to pick on him. Unknown to them, Glorek is a nobash tank grouped with another 11 Shadows nearby.

On Runglish
Bramag entices us with his scholarly knowledge of Runglish.

What if Brama made a zone?

Habbakuk has fun.
Everyone gets transferred to tarsis. So what do we do? Area!

gilmere bites it
Gilmere wanders to his death in np.

Emili rip
We catch emili trying to get some move's in neraka recup.

Had claired Renshai in storms, and found out that Tikk, Cecil and Zakinthos was in Solace, I ambushed them on the way to storms. Couldn't have done it w/o Arcanum!

Helping Renshai to CR
Spotted them dead at sleet. Helped them CR.

Chudik wanders stupidly in kal.
Chudik seems to think nothing would happend wandering in kal.

Ariak bibi
Smooth mass-log and quick running courtesy of Elron. Sucks we got only some naked guy.

Gerte dead
Finally dies to Renshai

Some Renshai do their thing
We combined 5 man group especially so that Renshai wont recall immidiately. Had to yell at ppl in irc not to log. Also went in without haste, could have scored more kills hasted.

Renshai suicide on Shadow
Poor Hurricane dies to horrible intelligence work, and Renshai send their bravest to waste their lives fighting against Nol's power!

Stunned Gobboes
A day in a nobash mage's life...

SF dies again
SF and Renshai fought at bard, after SF died, shadow masslogged so we scrammed.

Hanhei the Male Hylar Dwarf is sitting here, fighting Buki. (white aura)

Jera RIP
Jera dies to Zack and co.

Ramires goes afk and meets his demise.
I was poking around on my way to kill Lex and I saw Ramires sitting waiting for me to kill him. Since he didn't react and was afk it was super duper easy.

Lex dies again.
I had some free time on my hands so I decided to kill Lex.

Cleaning some trash.
Tamagogi wandering some so decided to lost it some xp.

RGB wankers die
Goblins attack some poor saps and pay!

Parnigar and some renshai died
**Gonja: ok im afkin 3 to smoke this joint, give it time to relax Lord Parnigar, General of the Qualinestian Armies is resting here, fighting Hurricane. (flying)

Bart dies
shrug, bart dies thats pretty much it

Renshai takes advantage of a zone feature that they found lying on the ground.
Lord Curston gets confused and betrays his employers attacking the wrong people. Syndifury learns to stick to bribing people who will stay bought.

Another Kalaman Skirmish
This is stupid... cant believe I was even there.

Elyana vs Arnold
Duel of Elyana and Arnold. Elyana almost dead.

Zakinthos RIP
Zakinthos decides to stand instead of recall....stupid...

Tzaddi RIP
Stupid Tzaddi decides to waste away flags in Solace Lounge.. go figure

Ihrie RIP
Ihrie is renshai multi, although I won't say who, he dies anyway

SF/Shadow fiddles with Renshai
Notorious Renshai proved again to be Wild's fodder, dying to our mostly trash group while Wild were doing mobs to get some shiny things.

Rock on
Sf characters and some shadow trash got slammed by rgb/wild, shadow decided to relog real characters and assist in a asskicking. Here are both logs

Jeremiah RIP
Jeremiah recalled Sulie and puff to her then had some fun.

Aigin vs Trash
Evils killed Wulfgar ld, so we hunted, a lot of poofing/clairing/recalling, but finally I caught up with them in nomagic, block room...

Some small hunt
Daily hunting.

Fight SF vs RGB+Wilds and then trying to hunt Jeremiah
I thought Tamagogi was a mage :)

Napas Rip
All I wanted was to buy recalls, Evil Napas shows up, too bad I had no prim weapon...

Fheel is dead

Strange Warriors
After losing in bash competitions to Rethar and Murgen, I decide to put Rei to the test again a mage. Suffice to say, the practice has been worthwhile.

Rneshai's rip
Killing Renshai's in secret hide out of doom, nice looting by SF! Go team Helion

Shadow shows just how elite they are by pking a lvl 17 unclanned warrior.

Bye Bye Lilly!
Lilly dies to the night time mage brigade. Suntz rushes to save the day, tries his utmost, but can do nothing to save poor Lilly.

Lilly makes the wrong choice.
Strangely enough Lilly has decided that no equipment is enough reequipment and tries to take on Sulie in no magic.

Renshai quits.
Tikk loses gazer's eye back to its rightful owner Gerte who was sad and lonely because he had no eye and was sitting in his room all alone with no friends.

Lemme RIP
Lemme puffs to us in ancient. He'll never know the answer to the riddle.

Renshai shows its pk skills power.
We were going to do Htoll, when magra and port decided to jump us. Bad move. Finally my giant gets to show its fearsome power in a pkill fight.

Napas RIP
Napas and Kirypkla are hanging around with a hill giant probably hunting some people. So I decided to cause a little mayhem, too bad kirpykla looted the good stuff.

Magra bites the dust
Smooth and sweet -- nice leading by Rei/bashing by Braiden. RGB show their superior skills too.

lexiclan Rots In Pieces
Shiningforce gets tired of Lexiclan harboring enemys and extracts justice

RGB/Wild mages killing evils.

Some renshai/wild recall from the shining force.
Keys to Victory: triggers to quaff heal upon seeing Sulie, ample recalls.

Lea R.I.P. (1st time)

Lea dies again.

Mar visiting RGBs in zone.

Solare puffs in to help Shadow Zone!
Solare kindly puffs in to help some difficult zoning.

Gerte running away.

deja vu
Solare shouts 'something to the effect of shiningforce hiding behind shadow?'

Ascension is sent an endless stream of equipment.
From last wipe. BSR keeps on delivering. Ascension is too bloated to loot.

Galin dies.
Shining Force gets lucky with their saves so they get a chance to practice their new move: the Renshai Recall.

Mass recall action from Shadow/SF
We had same groups, but evils probably were to surprised that we went there so fast.

Wandering Enemies Die
Enemies decide to wander around and die.

Lhana R.I.P.
Lhana was wandering around, decided to see if it wanted to fight, and it did.

Friendly duel
Padme Hew vs Rannos Machina Orome Grome Rules of engagement : Recall at v.bad condition, no flame shroud, no lightning storm, no call lightning, no elemental fist.. no frags that is.

Solare must have had flee triggers.
Will this finally be the end of Tikk? (probably not)

Fight with RGB
Small/Medium skirmish with RGB, if you look closely, Helion taught me well in the Ninjaloot

Hong/Xernan R.I.P.
Not much to say, people die.

Trying to ambush Suntz and Perrin

Sabin rots in pieces
Not everyone is hard as nails.

R.I.P. Juan from big battle flee
Juan runs away and then he dies.

Tikk dies to the good guys right after meming
Tikk gets spanked real quick style.

RGB donates again! They understand the true spirit of giving!
RGB run to zone and find Shadow and friends more than prepared to meet the challenge.

Fight in Celestial Temple with RGB
Hew's POV of the fight with RGB in Celestial Temple. We decided to fight even though outnumbered.

RGB Ambush in Celestial
Watch how Khemax has no saves.

Khemax ruling everyone.
After the earlier skirmish with RGB, we happily continued zoning in Celestial Temple....

Kano R.I.P. (long time ago)
Lilipea (level 8 mage) yells for a duel... and Kano (27ish ranger or something) accepts... then gets killed because hes stupid.

Jeremiah/Flinco Rip
Jeremiah/Flinco R.I.P.

Bruenghor does own self.
Bruenghor do bash guard help mouche sneaky me wins FLAWLESS VICTORY.

Elyana R.I.P.
Elyana plays with me and suffers Vassili's fate.

Kal Skrmish
Sent Mentos to scout, and he got raped by our super betrayer Aier. Notice them all trying to whack me and letting the rest of the group wail on them.

Heed Ender's warnings!

Zearin RIP. Maybe he should learn not to typo!
Padme lands a bash on fat fingered Zearin.

Solare R.I.P.
Solare puffs to our group and dies.

Renshai #3
And again, the thief certainly had his dance card filled this evening :)

Some Renshai Trash Believe they can wander.
Don't wander Renshai. Please don't wander! For the sake of the younger generations.

Renshai trash fight.
Some trash want to fight. Ondrej keeps his cool and keeps on lunching. Hew provides some entertainment for the entire family.

I become blinded.
Renshai trashes it up for old times sake once more.

Magra doesnt want to fight, but his triggers decide otherwise.
Poor Magra.

The dead horse bites
Kusku says 'hi im drunk' >>drunk shining force ppl die to sober renshais

Renshai cuts down The big SF Tree
I get worked quickstyle, after an unlucky run in with Garac.

Tannan Rip
Tannan is soloing Hobgoblins and deserves to die! Later Tannan pulls me out of the inn and Fumes/Uran kill me.

3 battles SF/Shadows vs Renshai

Lamers Die in Solace
SF gets a little closer to killing Renshai into autodeletion.

Forder RIP
Tzaddi first gets hit by Maza's, so I decide to lend a hand to an old friend. I then get threatened by SF and get funkeh on their ass.

Kallom RIP
Kallom was wandering Kalaman so I felt like having some fun.

I went afk a minute to open the door, so i rested at 180hp out of safety. After was only 1 minute...RIP

Peter is dead
One more randomer is died

Calen R.I.P.
Kylie's templar goes for a stroll

Calen rips
Calen is a renshai multi, only evil on so we just HAD to kill it

Sinn Vs Inari Duel
Inari gets 10 credits for guts, but 0 credits for brains in his decision to duel the thief!

This was what Sybana was talking about
After Sybana jumped me in Gobo camp grabbed some friends and got it

Yaww Dekyn Qazi Batt vs. Nihimon/Praxel/Leiciot
Just some old log of last wipe when I randomed a lot

Pkill on Quinefier
Quinefier died for past crimes committed by KoS on the thief

KoS vs Sinn+Hazzy
The thief and Hazzy tries to score some more kills on KoS, but it ends 0-0

SF vs. Varia's Group
Tracked Varia to sanction where he was with a group of neutrals, who decided to assist and got decimated.

Kusku vs. Padme: An Epic Duel
Padme tries to use mighty skill bash to defeat Kusku, but ends up fleeing and loses.

Kamakazie R.I.P.
This is why you don't aggro someone who has 3 dragons, or a brain.

Lame Tanks R.I.P.
More Reasons why not to aggro me at the gates when I have flags.

Ghetti cannot wind!
Ghetti cannot properly harness the winds.

Lame Erin R.I.P.

Adrianna Rip
Adrianna trys a hold on me then walks into an obvious trap.

Sinn And Kain Jump 4 Renshais in Kharolis
Sinn and Kain valiantly try to take on 4 scumbag renshai, but alas, the thief is overpowered and dies.

Kharzak RIP
Well I was bored so I thought, what the hell, let's help the world out and rid some randomers...too bad he died so fast I didn't really enjoy it.

Bregar R.I.P
Don't sleep at docks waiting for summon.

Frederic shouts 'kirypkla is trash, i demand to see him deleted!'

Aghnar forgot that he is not Solare.
Lamer decided to puff to 10ppl group.

Watchur Rip
Watchur, A.k.a Gibblesnot/perry got mad that I killed Rinia

Rinia Rips
Rinia sux

Multiple Fights in Solace Guild
Renshais just kept on wandering in solace and kept dying.

Various SF Die
Some wandering SF people die.

Kanxi RIP*3
Kanxi got mad at me for speaking the truth and killed me. I decided it was time for a little flag-tag. Kanxi happily obliged.

Kharzak Rips Again
Kharzak, the heavily known randomer was just asking for it resting at a recup. Of course, I come heavily armored and still get it dead in 1 stab.

Adrianna getting experence in fighting with Mage.
Adrinna trying to fight with ams mage. She was asking for duel, and didnt trust to Napas, when he said that Adrinna got no chances to win.

Grome is dead.R.I.P

Arla is dead.R.I.P

Padme panics
Just logged on irc and heard them ask for my assistance. Was rented in Tarsis earlier so I could cut off any group trying to hide in Gargs and it worked. Only problem was, the group was totally different from expected, thus I paniced and sucked hard.

Arjuna tells you 'nods or send me, wanna see my death'
Don't usually post logs but Klara was ld when she died and asked for the log. So here it is. Posted Lhana log too from a while back, since I'm at it. Enjoy.

Renshai vs. RoT
First fight between the clans is a win for renshai. Battle took place in kalaman.

Renshai vs. Rot Part II
Second fight went to Renshai again. Rot had Renshai trapped in a no magic room in Palanthas Library for about an hour when renshai decided to fight. After this fight, rot asked for peace and it was granted. Fight took place in palanthas.

An unholy alliance to defeat the Syndicate.
Wild engages Syndicate and then Carnage come in to wipe the floor with Syndicate. 19 vs 9 fight.

Druid Power defeats Carnage
First major fight between the clans goes to Wild as they use their super druid area to demolish the Carnage group.

Druid Power Part II
Wild group wins another battle. Tornados seem to help Wild alot in this one.

Wild uses Zone Features.
Wild takes on Carnage group in Bluff. Wild uses some interesting pouches to win the battle.

Carnage uses Zone Features
The end of Carnage. Carnage uses a bugged item from Pax to transfer a Wild group from a peace room to a room in Pax which was not peace. A few Wild died but Carnage was abyssed for their actions. Carnage then made the decision to mass delete their characters.

Renshai gets ambushed in Graknar by Syndicate.

Revenge of the Lemmings
Renshai sent Heo walking around kal solo to trap Syndicate. When Syndicate attacked him, Renshai mass logged and beat on em a bit.

Elizabeth uses her head. For once.
Elizabeth tried killing Verudius but failed. Fuhr, Keira, and Skogul came after it and ELizabeth managed to kill Keira and Skogul.

Brama leaps head first into the face of danger.
Rudra uses his head and the force of gravity to dive face first into death.

Waku makes a mistake on his abacus.
Fight in sanction. Wild and Renshai take the victory as Waku miscounted how many player were in the opponent group.

RoT does the only thing it knows best: backstabbing!
RoT attacks Carnicate in Shadow without returning my equipment first!

Rumble at the Crossroads
Carnage uses two groups to confuse the enemy.

Wild's Preemptive Strike.
Worried about Renshai's growing power, Wild makes a desparate attempt to stay on top with a preemptive strike against Renshai.

The four hour war!

Brama dies to his inviincibleness.
Brama falls under the curse of the suit and dies.

RGB makes its holiday donations.
RGB loses big as they bring more and more multies out of deep rent!

Grun RIP
We hunted down Grun and Kurant. They thought that the room was no magic and were trying to get a scout (Gringo) to give them advance warning. We didn't give them enough time to prepare.

Tellos is detained.
After Skandalini, Fluff, Perrin, Troggs, Wahlana paid us a social visit in Gargath's keep. They asked Tellos and Mlaah to stay to discuss some matters regarding the social register.

Grun and Kurant killed Mid.
Hostilities open between Wild and Rusted Lance.

Yair vs. Suf
The duel of the century. Only one man would emerge alive. (Note: Dramatic Reenactment)

Gerte loses the Maza Way
Gerte Falls From Grace.

Suf's first PK.
My first pk ever.

Datu and Breas get Zmeared and Noled
The Dynamic Duo team up and keep the bright town of Newport safe from Evils.

Givi and Morten Die.
Givi and Morten go pkilling without bringing recalls.

Melkior gets dragged to death by Sola
Poor Melkior dies to Sola's dragging skills.

Seldain gets Alberted.
Poor Seldain was having some fun with some newbies. Morgion thought that Seldain would have fun with Albert and his Clones.

Even a Cook deserves a book now and then.
I had popped a cleric book and had no one that deserved it more than my buddy the cook!

Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis Fight 2
Helion, Kilee, Aphitisis vs. Mstary, Maxx, Sartoran

Give me my Chest
This log defies description.

Aroun rip
Aroun was claired earlier with Wild, still he went zoning with a small group.

Zahel : 3 weeks into a new wipe.
An old log of Zahel, barely 3 weeks into a new pwipe. And the corpse is of our previous overlord too!

Mirza dies
Mirza looted when we killed Aroun, now it payed for it.

Darien + Emili = Love
Darien loves Emili so much that he just can't let her stand. And in response, Emili refused to recall when could! What a beautiful relationship.

peoj vs jeremiah.txt
Reaaaaally bad time to lag....

Renshai throws away good equipment at the mansion of Lord Rayne so I decided to grab some :)

Breas R.I.P.
Breas was ld so was a cheap kill. Just bad timeing on his part to be ld.

Jhuz Rip
Renshai announces there will be no quitting.

Ender rules himself.
Ender decides to lose some equipment.

Cabre Ambush
Cabre fight with added ice storm ambush

Lilly is dead again
nice helping of knight rule Lilly ;)

Mass Carnage
Mass brawl outside of kalaman with massive deaths on both sides. Later some flag tags causes another fight in Solace.

Modano dies
Modano was caught grouping with Wild/Rgb

Shaionyal bites it
Caught Emili's "unknown" templar in pyramids...

Duel to the death with Devo, in which Joe decided to recall and not face the ripper.

Evals Rip
Laff, went afk to answer the door for 20 seconds and I came back dead.

Evals is dead
Tikk flies east. [Evals:Awful] Mem:3 Exits:NESW> Tikk stops following Evals. Tikk tells you 'i quit out'

Uxi R.I.P.
Uxi betrayed us when we were going to play with a friend of his, so I logged on to RIP it.

Renshai #1
The thief was looking for someone to dance with, and Renshai obliged.

Renshai #2
The thief dances with some more renshais.

Shadows VS Renshai north of Solace

Ghetti RIP
More ass-raping of Aier in the magic fight of Aier vs the world (less Renshai now). See Ghetti and Bhen rip in this fine log. (P.S. I didn't log beforehand, so you don't see Behn die.)

Deedlit/Lhana/Kharzak/Elyana is dead!
Some randomers/Rgb/me died

Warnul RIP
Warnul turned traitor for some unknown reason and attacked me.

Hazar v Kodos
Hazar teaches Kodos a lesson in respect

Kain v Kyst
Kyst had an ace up his sleeve

Varia rip

Battle over Xak
Not many have seen this log. It was truley the first fight between Wild and BSP. BSP won too!

Battle of Que Kul
Fight in Que Kul. Wild had a smaller group but used their tank power to win the fight.

Judgement Day
A Wild group lead by Juan loses to Carnage! Only time this wipe i believe a group lead by Lucas lost.

Eplur dies for having footwear.
Carnicate takes down Eplur (Rot Tank) as Raike thought he had his boots.

Wild/RoT/Renshai: The gift that keeps on giving.
Rot runs to ToT where they wait for Carnicate group. After they were fighting, Renshai and Wild were supposed to come in and fight as well. Didn't work as some lame Wild people didn't rent in Neraka.

Fury ambushes Renshai in Dracos
Renshai learns to expect attacks from unexpected corners!

Erin RIP again
Poor Erin thought that can solo kill 30ish mage and basher

Renshai made an SF player walk into a death trap for peace since he was didn't have gear and he had nothing to offer to them in exchange. [*Editor's Note: Some may call it the Finnish Revenge. Although they usually demand deletion as well. *] I found that the most degrading thing anyone could make someone go through so he could continue to play the game we all enjoy. Some people branded me an asshole, I simply call it Karma. Players, enemy or not, are people as well and should be treated with respect.

Modano bites it
Modano was seen with evils. And we went to create havoc.

Rau dies for the sins of his brothers.
Poor Rau dies for the actions of Lex and Alex. Thankfully he keeps Padme appeased with his offering of coins.

Elyana vs. Hyperion - Part Two
Jolrael and I had laid a Cunning Trap for Elyana in a nomagic room. Unfortunately we overestimated ourselves and the victims became the victors.

Burpee RIP
Some RGB multy is died

Renshai Chickenshits
3 Shadows had been camping solace and renshai werent sure if they were camping for them. Gameplan was to haste Warnul and Izy and walk passed them and see what would happen and if something did I would quick log and run in. Elhana and Izy leave Warnul to die like, because they are still to attached to their cowardly ways.

A conversation about a gazer's eye.
A small debate over who the eye belonged to. Nobody considered the possibility it belonged to the poor now blind gazer.
This log courtesy of Lasse's Page.

Kelpo dies again.
Kelpo dies for his sins... again. Later Kelpo got friends and I died because of my sucky link.

Elyana Tronson Silage Lugnut Lex Sarevok Mocke died
**Glorek: BASH THEM KILL THEM ALL Glorek has lost his link.

Ahma randoms Xtal
Ahma gets a lead that one of my mages is wearing a hardbash item (i wore no such item).

Gonja,Aier,Ogly,Kraz RIP
I guess Aier decided to only post the very first events of the day, perhaps in an attempt to make him seem better than he actually is.

Quv R.I.P
I walk in on my lowbie druid, and find Jeremiah and Quv fighting.. it seems obvious what to do.

Lonesome Deaths
After the last log Quv and Kelpo killed me (Quv acctually killed me twice). here's what happened

Bart pkilling me
Bart trying to kill me in solace... i still dunno why..

Magra R.I.P.
Magra randomed some low level mage and we decided to use a flag

Varia RIP
While hunting Zorlok, I come upon the randomer Varia - Solare also shows off his mastering of the spell 'hold person' on Benicio.

Turlinq Ripped
Marq is punished for attitude crimes against RenshaiClan

Uxi Lugnut RIP
no description

Templar vs Dark Knight this wipe
Honor duels between two buffest representatives of templars and dark knights, oh well if Omen only had 50hp more like Aspros and used mithril rapier instead of Nightbringer.

Uxi dies
No comment.

Jerim is died, others 7 Renshai recalled
Renshai has shown how they gonna fight :)

Rgbs in a 12v12
Finally rgb fights 12v12, but it will prolly be some time before they do that again :)

Siliage R.I.P. Goddamit Silage.
Silage wanted attempt number two, and with a handy-dandy trigger, and praying that the cityguards like me, I kinda hunted him down, sorta.

The last defense of Xak Tsaroth
The ruined fortress of Xak Tsaroth is defended against evil.

Kena Dies for the Cause!
Kena graciously helps to increase morale on the mud in general by spreading the wealth!

Hot tempers, Chilly reactions
Konja attempted hold in kala area, so after retreating to peace briefly to arm triggers, moved out and dispatched it with help from Belegorn. Nothing Flashy here, just trash removal.

One Man Clan vs BSR
Murphy and me were checking Mystic Isles while our enemy tried wander around in a hope that we won't bother about them. Wrong ... We have no other goals but making corpses in the game.

Spongue RIP
Don't bash me pls!

Bsp falls from grace
Wild takes it back old school with the good ole HORDE stratigy, Bsp plays right into their hands. Quite a few wild did die though!

Trash randomer R.I.P.
When you see a wierd name with a demon, its more than likely a trash pk

How to catch a mage
After clairing and running 10 laps around krynn we decided to give up on hunting... which reaveled to be a winning tactic.

Caius rip
Caius tells you 'gj with the kill, can give the spiritual eq to tinotaur :))))'

JMC ActiveScripting Tutorial
This implements a basic mem-counter using Perl ActiveScripting. NOTE: The last submission lost some chars which screwed up some of the code... hopefully this one will work better.

Zara, Duulket and Pahuta RIP
Went to charlies aid after he yelled on irc.

Klif RIP
This was first kill from Kliff, other was retaliation!

They tried to pk me!

The Art O' Highlighting
It really is very simple..

Young Freedom Enforcers try to uphold the law and order in ScumVille Kalaman, but to no avail!

I heard these losers were trying to random people so I was bored!

Shakar Hane RIP

Army of One
Denise rips ladislaus as seen previously and tosses key items for Jane to prove his worth after being away for a while. Kickass attitude by Denji. Kudos, thanks for the fun.

Tza clan begins randoming yet again.
Well I was trying to level around the Palanthas area, when Arayel focused harshly on me. So I lured him to the west gates to try and have the guards help me, but then his clan came to back him up. I guess these players aren't as innocent as they say. To clan tza: you randomers make this game no fun for us normal players.

Real Trust
Every time I look at this, it brings tears on my eyes. Notice the scared Denise and scared, yet believing Qureyos. I really don't deserve the trust like that :P A truly moving story.

Bad Decision
Elyana and Xaroth pay Jane a visit and Jane decides to roll the dice.

Tza's rip in bali
Tza's fall right into our hands. Quick masslog.

Bonnie/Dar R.I.P
Bonnie randoms, Bonnie dies! Poor Dar cant keep his wife in check :)

OneKamClan vs Tza
Kam vs Tza.. the underdog wins!

tsaroth rip
Ipu and I clean up a bit

Some BSP mages steamroll through an assorted group of Wilds and their affiliates.

Xellos is dead! R.I.P.
Xellos utters the words, 'cause l'.

The ball of light following you winks out.
Elyana and its underling decide to kill me.

Mage art at it's finest
Duel of The One Mage vs paladin/warrior/mage/healer in the no_magic room.

Nero dies
The self proclaimed leader of BSP dies.. again

Duulket RIP
Andrew drops link after spell lag.

Virtue R.I.P.
Virtue says 'as long as i care you won't get a kill on me'

Scelesta dies to RoT 'newbies'.
Scelesta dies to RoT 'newbies'. Different point of view.

Trisk RIP
And I thought he was kidding when he said I was next on his list of people to suicide on.

Rahl RIP
Rahl rips

Scums die to kill me
Hosed down some unwary evils, but then proceeded to die due to some confusion with puff targets :(

oedipus rip again
fun in the sun

After getting beat down in palanthas because people in group wanted to rush things, I reformed a more orginized group and lead them to a beat down.

Goka betrays Mookster after Mookster followed!
I and my friend Mookster sat down for a long talk about the other's clans problems... and he feels like renting... Now isnt that rude? :p

RGB calm under fire
Chased down some stray rgb's, without recalls or preps or bashing charmy... lucky to escape with my life :)

I'm a chicken with my head cut off! But Goka is just an Idiot
Kel and Goka's back become acquainted.

some renshai died
we get bored with no wilds around and hit some renshais insteed

A fun night!
Some flag fishing leads to major carnage, and lucky foom saved us from the bloodthirsty wilds!

Trash randomers killed by L1
Killed by a L1 (well, with some help from a mage).

Ambushing more wilds.
Ansolism finally comes out of rent to deliver equipment to us.

RGB keep dying!
trashpk log

Lucas takes a dive...
Some trash mage bites it...

Feroz R.I.P.
I love this log... haha :)

High Level DM vs. Level 13 - 22 Randomers
Shaddaric charges into Zanin, but he manages to stay standing.

Again one wild gets owned...
My bashing sucks, but Habutz saves the day... Sorry again Eddie!

Badan RIP
Failure on earlier kills makes the indians angry.

Durin RIP
We got some information that Renshai was zoning in khariolis. Being wary of only two bashers and that rynnakm might be enlarged, we decided to make sure we got at least one before a ninja recall.'

Having fun with RGB

Mooh R.I.P.
no need to thank me

I hate finns.
ambush on evils!

RGB attacking Nuetrals on BS grounds
Some peaceful nuetrals are zoneing when RGB tries a mavlad sans the prism!

Ebul unknown red goblins (Sarton/Kronius/Maxis) dies !
More 'neutrals' dies while wild+rgb+renshai are unable to form a real battle group

DKO Brawl
Wilds win.

The Battle of NewSea
People paniced, wilds win.

Random Fight #7

Twendle Battle

Not so long Aldur was happy about his new equ.

Kafaya bites it.
Kafaya tries to pop more damrolls but lost everything. Greed kills.

Krag gets jumped
Jontae and Zuujujiku hear a report that Krag left the inn, so we tracked him down to the docks. Jontae was ravaged by haste effects, but was still enough to get the kill, with the help of the sailor.

Annie hides in a bad spot

Emai plays with his luck...
Cocky guy got cocked...

The Legendary Gnoll's Recess
Traverse the legendary Gnoll's Recess with care

Wild vs DM
Wild kill Bru for no reason so we strike back. Wild win in the end.

Kola afks at low hps
Lesson to learn: don't afk in non peace rooms while enemy is on

What happened.
Wilds come in and attack Myte in DKO, while we are zoning, but they also attack Tu and Ryk, and kill me which sparks us to attack them later killing Skellen and a few others.

I pull a GOKA!

Tu pulls a....well a Tu.

Eppin/Liyt RIP
I popped into druids to say hi, Eppin decided to be a hero.

Floid dies and so do we
Killed Floid and Taps, and again Wild uses Darkmoon flags.

KoT Multies Die
Went to kill Vinoa, but it logged so we settled for this thing.

4 bsp vs wild/their fodder
im 2x hasted kazbek is 3x hasted from previous fights....see if we win

KoS+Wild+Empire vs KoT

Halibio boggles at some nebulous concept. - Halibio yells a battle cry and fights like a madman!

Elis ambushed
BSP cheats and makes the zone repop

Khal R.I.P.
After Me/Naono rip, we log 10, and decide to hunt. They managed to hide well enough that we didnt find them, but this one BSP decided to wander after recall instead of rent.

Tank Tournament
A round of a tank tournament, with a thief on a lucky streak.

Bad Dreams
Sweet Dreams.

Etir RIP
KoS death

Turning the Tables
Some old log with two twists.

Imperial RIP
death near que kul

Wusse R.I.P
Was tracking down some Garbage people, when Wusse decided to help me out by stabbing me, followed by him dying.

Blaah paniced.

Asterix is involved in annoying looting action.
Wilds die in five headed and the night brigade wrests control of the Isle of Shadows from the Wild remnants. Wild reinforcements come, but too late to rescue their missing equipment.

BSP revenges Asterix
The ONE mage returns. Waldo escapes.

Evil Wild Tena Dies.
A little Ambush at Master of Maces.

The fall of Wild unknowns!
PK! 4 vs. 1. Only 2 survives! I was one of em :) [edit -- drunk savage randoms some newbies ]

Randomers die

Fira R.I.P.
Fira wanders around, dies for it.

albatrouse + chantar vs fielca
I win bitches, more killing to come.

Getting killed by own group
I was afk at dko and Nina suddenly decides to bash me, this happened early this wipe.

Cephas gets some fun.
I was doing a quest with a group of mostly neutrals then renshai comes in and attacks attai and then attacks khed for healing him. So i decided to get some fun.

Fight against wild
good tactics from wild to use a blocker to block us in a nomagic room. our caster heavy group......

Don't get lost on the cold roads near finland!

option anonymous kills an unknown wild
die wild

Outlaws get bored and jump Renshai
Outlaws ruin their surprise and only kill one...tsk tsk

KoS vs. KoS
Upset at the lack of logs, lack of logging, and lack of vodka intake, Natya decides to log on wasted to fight the evil renegade Knights!

At least one more down.
Mal dies the same day, Mal tells you 'i dont think you want to fight me, im rank 9'

Iiek Rip.... Fight between Randomer scum and Outlaws
After a attack on kaldean we attempted to fight manny and company when outlaws save the day.

Khufu Rests In Peace
Watch these idiots convince the bearer of huma to break his word. With the majority of the most powerful players on Arctic playing so ignobley, no wonder the player base is sub-40. Make that sub-39.

Tarsis Brawl

Fuuj dies
One more casualty

Small fight

An innocent neutral dies

Alkil sure is smart! Maybe he should pay attention to what he's doing.
Afk and waiting on Luni boat, group leader gives command.. Alkil takes orders the oldschool maza style

Kujo Rip
saved the knight

BSP unkown dk dies

Bsp dies in storms
we try to ambush bsp in storms they recall and come back

Leij Hits the Deck...
Sending trash to the heap.....

Siao RIP
Just bashed him to death.

randomer rip
hard hitting by me saves the day

Waking a Sleeping Giant.
Lyam falls asleep west of peace, almost gets away!

Having some fun with "trash"
Sarah's words seem to be coming to fruition

Another trash dies
Mavlad decide to fish a flag but failed to use it.

Vaga/Jor RIP
just some trash wandering

Gad thought he was tricky!
Gad kept trying to hold me, and he got rest to help him. sadly rest fled out when i was 15hp and hold broke so i got away! Lesson to story DONT CHEAT REST!

Gwyr RIP
Idiot recalls my target.

The Damnest of Luck...
Teleported to Tarsis, and the Fates seemed to smile as they put me one room from enemy...log explains it


17 vs 10
Manual healing seem to work, screw scripts!

Trash char eating a couple of standing massacres


Zergs united
Mini quests that didnt happen

Fight in Drac
RGB was locked behind the gate in drac tower

Kraw RIP
Walked out of peace and got stabbed.

Farewell Wildlaws...
We arranged a 10v10 fight

When Rumbard attacks!
Rumbard tried to suprise

Wild Scouts
a comedy of errors

January 5, 2004 Tournament: Round 2
Second round.

Krila finds some friends and get some revenge

BSP randoming again
BSP keeps up its scumbag reputation by randoming poor mages.

Quote the bloke, never more!

Pre-emptive strike #2
We decide to do a little pre-emptive strike on our own...

First day of wipe PK.
be careful what you ask for

A couple of red goblin mages dies
Radu tried to mask as Rabu but got discovered then another goblin got caught on the streets of Palanthas.

No wandering in Vingaard
Recite recall friend. Thank you man, you recalled me in same room.

The war of good vs evil
my first kill on kos the war has started evil shall always win

Kaev dies

people vs Nowclan
Scelesta rip 2x before this

when drunkin mudders cross paths
A dark and stormy night! Two battling teams! One victor! Whose cuisine reigns supreme!?!

Yaz baits, jerks die.
Yaz utters some strange words. A huge swarm of biting, stinging insects fills the air.

Wildlaw/BSP 10v10

Better than Sex
And we finally find out who Rurh plays

Raen rip
Went for Marran and found a new evil.

Capone RIP
Damned randomers, go random some people with better eq or stop storing it on your multies.

Rath RIP
I needed something to train axes on, bsp was a good candidate.

fast hit at mom, just 1 rip tho

Melinda dies again
Melinda tries to ambush at Kalaman gates

Lizev dies
Lizev dies a bit before the big fight

Helix RIP
No room is safe from NOWCLAN

Ex inferis + random people RIP
Old Ex Inferis trying to steal our eq off Sigils. NOWclan does not tolerate such insolence.

Nowclan vs Sigil
Who the blunt what what Nowclan?

Hit and run
power word: PIIIP

Kyro R.I.P.
29 Hasted thief vs a tank with 305 hps

About Time.
Too many flawless victories leads to foolishness. Or perhaps drunkenness?

Same fight, different point of view

Bezinka tells you 'DONT WANDER'
Bezinka/Helena RIP Guess we did want to use flags

Gracie RIP

Uktar falls victim to the power of Calof
After various skirmishes in different areas of Kalaman, flags bring down Uktar with authority.

Sambo tells your group 'sleeping'
An arrange fight with a bit messy prepping for us, I got hasted too early and wore haste tick before fight, Sambo quaffed wrong potion 30 secs before MH entered.

The Confederacy Vs. The Elevator
The famous disney ride teaches us here what it would be like to actually fall 11 stories.

Guff RIP
We lure enemy highlight into group and RIP it. Zero skill, zero flags all the "reward"

Tyrol,gacej,and kajun vs Noplpo and heroic thief
why does everyone want to kill noplpo? thief was elite, basher was not

Killing another MH
Wandering right after attempted pk isn't smart...

Die Prik Die
Fab finds Nisk's unknown thief

Rold RIP
Too bad Tajs escaped with shinies

Allanon RIP
Allanon was seen with Kostolom in Graknar just prior to this

Don't trash talk about barbs
Poor Qane feels the mighty wrath of a almost naked barbarian.

ArcticMUD is a 'pkill mud'

Free for all Tourney Heat 5
Fun stuff

ArcticMUD is a 'pkill mud' #2
die rurh

Dana rip

coming to kill baley, guess they was unexpected of my company at that present time

apocalypse vs relentless round 1
we all wanted to rumble

Yayo RIP
Randomer Yayo poofs to wrong group

Constantine RIP
Don't AFK in guilds!

Going after a some enemies
Yes, it's boring, but a kill's a kill.

Fear RGB
was running by load in bali pass by some filthy goblin an engage, back up comes steals loot saves eq but barely escapes.

Oldest Trick in the Book
I told him 2 months ago I was hunting him... Guess he forgot.

Small Skirmish
Outlaws + Kylar vs BSP some 4v4 action

relentless vs trash
When i logged grimbold had just died, had not slept in 40 hours made some big mistakes

Saturday Morning Go Around
small fight with relentless

BSP Vs Relentless
Battle of the Merchant Camp

6v6 Relentless and BSP

NOWclan Relentless Standing
The current standing of clans - for BSP eyes.

Batt RIP
PZC (Peewee ZMavlad Clan) idiot dies.

Eza rip
Idiot Eza didn't bother to check new room changes.

Edma R.I.P
Unknown BSP killed in Kalaman.

Wandering Mavlad dies
Passed through Kalaman and got some free gear..

You shout 'Nowclan rules you'
Nowclan rules joo

Fighting Outlaws in Kalaman

Another ambush gone awry
log name says it all

BSP defeats NOWClan
BSP defeats NOWClan!

What not to do when summoned into a peace room

Some crazy guy
This dude is crazy. He is certifiable. He comes out of nowhere and I honestly thought he was just screwing around. I dunno what the hell's wrong with him. I guess he just didn't like my name! This is kender discrimination!

Doing solo pk on BSP wanders except spells couldn't land.


Cronatia (Ex-BSP)

Lyta R.I.P.
Trash mage attempts to disrupt zoning

Kee bites the dust
Death #1) Kee walks into cloudkill, gets poisoned, dies. (never asked for a remove potion either!) Death #2) Kee suicides himself to pigmies. Death #3) First actual death! Hoorah.

SLO vs Nowclan
Last fight after deedlet and dumpling had already ripped.


Outlaw retaliation in Kalaman
Some flag tagging ends up with chaotic brawl. Flawless Victory.

Lyta dies
Got a track on him and followed it. Nothing special.

Synthrill dies.. or so.
Synthrill dies in, some may think, a funny way :)

Stabu RIP
trash log

What a strange sound you made when I placed my knife in your back!

Number 1 log after number 1 log

Aslim gets handed a taste of his own medicine.

3 v 3 v 3 Battle Royale!
A good battle! TeamVida wins this overall, keep these coming cause that will bring more people back!

Nyet R.I.P.
Nyet started trash talking about Frontis and Kirath making personal remarks about oral infatuations. Frontis confronted Nyet in a friendly manner to try to resolve the hostility, but Nyet wouldn't see it rationally.

For Glory and Beer!
BSP-1 Newb-1 Tero-4

High ranked Paladin vs High ranked Dark Knight
This looks like it would be a close fight, doesn't it?

My apologies.. did you just shit your pants?

Outlaw unknown RIP

Deal with the best, die like the rest.

Trash Mages RIP

Leviaden RIP
Rip it up

Using flags
in previous chapters, dan lost a sphere and a sheaf (no gear), that we get back in this log + a cleric set for free.

Hy R.I.P.
Well, your moment in the sun didn't last long Hy. Might wanna look before you dive next time.

newb mage dies
newbs were randoming pretty much everyone on the who list, so i start a level 1 and set a trap

Killing some BSP holdouts
I wasnt going to post this log just because 9 vs 2 isnt all that fair...but it'll probably be one of the last NEWB logs to be posted so here you go.

Short and Sweet
to catch a krth

Uhm. Die?
Found him just standing there!

Ryan shouts 'any around know cabin in sandy wastelands?'
Yes, we've heard of it...

Some guy keeps trying to pk me
Cronatia tells you 'Let me get sheaf back?'

And...another one bites the dust
You should probably stand up!!!!

Ooz R.I.P.
He's pkd a few people, with his damn bashing recruits (which rule btw, fucking things hardly ever miss!) So i thought i would avenge some deaths!

Clean family entertainment
Running around after a death tryin to score some kills is hard thing to do!

Pre-arranged fight with me and Nenk
Nenk tells you 'you cheated'..... DUDE IM A FUCKING MAGE!! I use ALL the spells i have to win.. DEAL!

Finally Maelstorm killed an outlaw back!
Outlaw is Infama but Baine is them probably too!

Bait, Hook, Line, Sinker
Sunn ripped from some baitage, was pretty sloppy but worked.

Trash Talk
Actions speak louder then words...

Reverie RIP
Another one bites the dust

Kills wandering Selis
Finally a hold lands!

Gari rip

Khez dies
Caught him getting ready to be summoned.

Leonitus Vs Vanon
Sparta's last stand. Charlie I didnt know we were enemy's and you could have talked to me, but I guess this is a fitting end for someone like me.

Not peace
nice trident..

Xison dies (again)
Seems Xison's multy Bio ripped so he went to CR. Matix, prolly an uknown.

Fawn RIP

guess outlaw can't stop pking the wrong people
killed me and said i was mael, awesome game aint it

Turok saves Grooblicker

randomers rip
they killed baelron a few times, he finaly got his revenge + his eq back!

Skimasking 101
First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the skimask.

Brave randomer ambush 10 man.
Must say it came as quite the surprise. We had been hunting him earlier, but he decided to come to us instead. Fast Kadaj :p

Rustik R.I.P
Died like a Randomer should

Having some fun

Baker's dozen of Tarsis Randomers
A slew of lower level randomers had targeted a groupmate. We took exception.

Apoc vs CORE
unfair 6 v 8, got to hand it to apoc

Pixi puffs to say hi to Zuki
Just chillin in zone when in comes a mage for a chat.

Lia rip
Slunt Lia flagged me in pal, so i ran tarsis and look who appeared!

They almost got Huma!

quekul ftw!
battle of the hordes!

Kylars vs MUD
Moop shouts 'Kylar tells you 'i'm ont even tagged outlaw! '

PZC Vs. The Fruits 3v3
Over found a few randomers hiding in the woodwork that did not register with our roster.

PZC jumps apocs in pal, 4v4

Crispen gets his orb back!
Seen this guy log on. So we went and looked for it. And he ran into us! He was an awesome sport about it tho. So i gave his sphere back.

Apocalypse Pancakes Penguin Refrigerator

2vs2 ends up 6vs2
Cant trust scum...

Ambushed more like bashed

Kylar Bites it!
One for the good guys!

Baer/Weeblo/Over R.I.P.
After some efforts trying to pk Over. We get them to come fight. We didnt know they had baer to bash us! BUT!!!!! They didnt know we had BST supermages to back us up!

Musari rip

The aftermath
They got a decent set from julius. But i think we did good in regrouping before they could leave town. Sucks shlomo's bitch ass got away!

Caught Kyre afk
Seems like lurking in the shadows paid off..

1st death of 3 - Ojo Cinco
Ojo rips, even with help of wnr stunner.

Lokpi and Wepi dies
We got lokpi again trying to mem in non peace room. No gear so i didnt post it.

Apocalypse ambushes core 6v9
Core had attacked apoc 2hours earlier, killing Zalo. this is retaliation

Vysarth Dies!
Vysarth should probably learn to stay inned with enemy on, yeah he definitely should...

Warriors best in class

Final: 5 v 5
Couldn't pull off the win... but it was fun trying!

Wepi dies

Bosolt's epic fail
A brawl at the local food joint.

The windy city

Bocas/Kyte rip
This is the initial response to Mael killing off one of our mages, who was holding a zone for us.

Best lof of Wipe, Hands Down
No words, unbelievable :) Magic!

Dagda and Chieftain Die
Histum ripped Dagda's Multi because he heard it was otlw... felt bad, returned the eq. Dagda then tries to para him after the eq was given back! Game on :)

"Quick" log

Gostoso Rip

Ambush on CORE
Decent ambush

FREE randomers dies one more time
we were going to zone after first fight. but noticed that they were close and decided to go for it one more time

Dk vs Shaman
Semi buff dk vs semi buff shaman. WHO IS GONNA WIN!?

I hear we have a war
Log on to a war and decide to start with the first Mael I see...which is Khez...who is afk.

First randomer death in a long time
Tomanacoco kept attacking us, so we decided to duke it out instead of renting. We lost but that's still better than renting =)

Meet at the sping in the mountains

Feliz Navidad
No peace, war. 10 man fails their hunt on us after.


not funny, but realy its hilarous!
just miscommunication!

Because sometimes its hard to use two keyboards simultaneously
As usual these asshats were randoming. Double kills are so fulfilling.


Boring log don't read
Tomanacoco makes a strange sound but is suddenly very silent.

Brafu Rip

I guess we had nothing better to do
fun with fylze and souocara

Vikha tells you 'that wnt work ur ytrashy mage will die for sure'
In memory of Vex, lest we not forget.

Han Solo'D...Wnr doesnt know flags part II
Same as before.... :) bad looting though.

Apocs wanted a fight.
Good battle, but maybe they shouldn't have left the hardhitting mobs behind :)

Ambush, plain and simple
just adding to the killcount


Muertos RIP
Muertos suiciding to find our location

Apoc v. Core/rgb/bst
Go, Fight, Edit out stuff!

First fight with PWA
Pwa beat our ass 3 vs like 10. Nice display of area power.

We battle it out with Core/RGB
We fight even up with core and rgb

another kill

Haven Forest Shenanigans
These guys have been trying to ambush outlaws for several days now...

Pre-wipe madness starting it seems..
Assorted not-so-equipped group kills buffest tank currently in game.

Benny dies...quickly.
One of the more poorly planned PK attempts I've seen.

Just for laughs.
End of wipe, kill each other. I command all others to commence chaos!

Ambush on wnr
Figured we wouldnt get nearly the kills we did without a basher! But hey!

Wilds decided to reequip from RGB again.
Some stupid wild group after lost gear to nowclan decided to reequip from some newbie RGB.

Weeblo's log description: "Dom assists Myth - he should've known they're always on the losing side."

Tyber dies
Tyber tried to kill me for looting 22 coins off Sheana w/ trigger

Tuza dies
Tuza dies

RANK die
It appears we should be hunting people who are better able to defend themselves...

Weeblo and Weeble try something "harder"
They tried to summon pk us, so we came and said hi!

Enia dies
four more deaths and he will be naked

Trash Disposal Unit
Almost as terrible as the log below. Weeblo walks into group twice.

Hanori R.I.P.
Hanori was taking a lovely stroll through the peaceful city of Kalaman. Suddenly he becomes violent, and we decide we must defend our peace loving ways!

Giri went into Goblin camp

Giri went into Goblin camp

Hanori dies
He should of not been camping that room!

I see you in the club girl gettin down I wanna get with you

Prowling the streets of Kalaman
Mitch > Nick

Wtf, LTF?
Peaceful Neutrality was attacking by evil LTF.

WILD Cheating... of course.
Some pointless log, but at least another place to post cheating WILD imms comments.

Killing Oposing Clan ... Core
These guys were waiting for me originally in solace...So we got together and did some damage... Check by Risk, Check by Outnumbered.

Onysablet tastes dirt

Schot lets me die!
You tell Schot 'im super afk actually leaving apt for one minute dont kill me!'

Chasing DRGN all over mud.
Not very organized but looted some stuff back.

Another fun night out!
See previous description

Verbal Agreement
KoS(Tyrol) had agree to sell something to us and then after the verbal agreement was made, He ninjarented. And then the next day sells it to someone else! YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR WORD IF YOU GIVE IT TO SOMEONE!

BIC Barbarian tourney Tunk round 3, final
Fighting on Luky. He got toasted.

BIC Barbarian tourney Tunk round 2
I fight Niku.

A faint blue aura radiates from the walls.
Battle in the Stronghold, Intruder alert!

A Fun Log
10v10 in Vry Kith.

Holy Mother of God
3rd in the series. Enjoy the madness!

Your prey is so close you can taste their stink.
2nd fight... Kharolis mines. Boo yah.

Fishing for a guppy, catching a whale! Yarr!!
Using a large fish as bait for an even bigger one.

Moono Onoom ages!
Oh no, mages!

Guyant RIP
thx to Hanori

Brave naked Santino came into our Stronghold
Would we see equipped Rank chars in pk this wipe?

More retaliation
DRGN killed me, so now they die!

Morte Feeds the dragon

A dazzling display of mage power


Rank Unknown R.I.P.
Seen him passing eye in and out of rank stronghold, so went to find.

Aia says 'being summoned'

3 counting you
Saulot says 'ive only stunned 1 or 2 people in all pks i've been involved'

Free For All Champion
I cut this log up because it was pretty long. Fun stuff.

Perfect pk. but im just to nice of a guy
killed him. he had nothing i wanted so i was nice.

Some pk was brewing, so logged to help Jeppe..
LFT try to interupt Jeppe's peaceful skilling and gets dealt with.

Archipelagos Appears before you in a puff of smoke.

Andden says 'how many oceans u have?'
I think Ocean power has made itself felt =P

Myth vs. LTF
Fun, we tried to get corpses again and get them when they came after us, but they killed me.

A Tasty Meal

LTF fails again... 2 vs 1
I was heading out of Balifor to help good ol' Dad with a zone when I ran into these two fine upstanding gentlemen.

The retaliation
LTF has managed to score a kill on Tasha thus we had to strike back.

Styr sacrifices his friends once more to keep his shinies for another day
Styr attacks Reeed in solace, we chase to balifor, and the ultra fail.bash of the century takes place and Styr gets away, Stasia not so lucky

Kiff & Weeble R.I.P.
I even gave him swarm earlier:( Bad show bad show!

Getting a good start
Just wanted to get a good start on the up and coming rise of NOW.

When Keeping it real, goes wrong.
I told them I was fighting!

Viatali R.I.P
Hanging out in Balifor, with my two Slig Gangsta Homies. We decided to regulate on them VA bitzitches! BREAK YO SELF!

Sneaky Attack!
Bryton, why did you have to hit me, I wanted a flawless victory :(

Don't Take What's Not Yours
Wild logged 10/11 with 2 no bash, dragon orb, shadow orb and Huma. We had 12/13 and were looking to fight. I told our group that it would be "highly likely" we would lose to their group. However, Wild refused to fight. Unfortunately, Wild killed the MUD pharoah Mavlad - a debt that can only be repaid in blood.

CORE Kills Plax
Core kills Plax before larger fight below. Raple fight left in for the chat.

Gazzlesnorfa pwnies Siko
Qali end fight. Semi afk ftw.

Hrun dies again
More mucking about seeing with my barb

Rorschach RIP
Rorschach and Feun die

Ruham RIP
Randomly ran into BSP. We decided to runk them because of Reykas attacking us so viciously the day before.

Festi re-equipped
The blastwave rips Corbon in half and flings his torso far overhead.

Ochre's reinforcements
Zearin's incessant nagging prompts Nowclan to set aside their pork pies and elfin wine to sally forth in the hunt for casting level equipment.

Moloko RIP

Fighting... well, somewhat
Blastwave did 280ish, lost conc on heal, healed self, blastwave sat me, quake bashed me, rip ..yay

Kile tries in vain to protect himself as Zearin's force missile explodes!
We're left with no choice but to slay Volt after we learn he has a bowl haircut.

Lessons taught
Grenthum logs his multi and i teach him some lessons

Unexpected hunting
During moving between our zones we decided drop some tracks on AM...

In memory of Honas
Sacrificed Zexs

some logs from the past couple weeks

Shesh has some Big Ol' Balls
My hat's off to you two guys.

You shall not pass!!!

Jules took my long title, See below

Myth get some backup
some times you win...

Jealousy makes you nasty, in your face.

Nooka's failed attempt to ambush at bmobs
Nooka claims he didnt know i was a thief.......well figured that one out the hard way.

AM i dead?
Predictable ending. Nothing to see here.

another homo fagit bites the dust?

Upon the Restless Ocean
Lambeth nods solemnly.

Mangilao tells your group 'their bots werent ready

afk, ordering pizza

Willie is a bot
Auto-assist, auto-loot, auto-login after death, auto-boned.

Talok Afk
Better coins then CT!

Malygos gets zaped!
Naked druid trying to land a para on a mage..

Hit me baby one more time!

Protecting the endangered armaboro species
Dtrap tells your clan 'the best part of that pkill was the 7 armaboro pieces'

So VA needs help from PZC to get me (This is the follow up to what they will soon post)
After ripping to VA joining up with PZC I went knocking on every door i could find with a VA tag!

Dunno what this guy's deal was but it irritated me.

300! I am Sparta!
300 Spartans vs 1million RQs. Well its 1 vs godknowshowmanymorepoofersRQhas Warhorses MVH! most valuable horse

Non legend mage vs legend scout

Zirko visits the Kalaman Docks
Zirko comes to kalaman and leaves less encumbered. Come back and see us anytime Zirko!

NOW/BSP/RGB do a thing
This log was uploaded less than 40minutes after happening.

Rocky Balboa
Queue Rocky theme song

Brawlin' in Balifor
Fight north of Bali. Warriors and bashers are strong!

Tina puts up a good struggle.
Since RGB have stooped to summon pk attempts we will heighten our efforts to exterminate you.

The lone ranger strikes again.
I am glad to present more dead goblins for your viewing pleasure. I did however make a few mistakes in this attack.

A bit of a fail
Requests for logs are answered by the accomodating OXEN! A bit of miscommunication and lack of targetting leads to our main target (Izes) getting away at awful. Sub MVP for cold snap.

1 by 1 if we have to...
Sucks we dont log much or shall I say Idont log as much but if it takes killing you off 1 by 1 then so be it!

Kardis Dies
Caught him out of peace after the b ig fight that we lost:)

Shaepgroox R.I.P.
Already chased him down for abit he was low and this was just the end of it

hot CORE vs VA action
i've got no poetry for you but here's a log of victory

I got randomed

I think they had some nightmares
Name speaks for itself

deja vu

round two

Dont take my shit
A-hole took oja's norent dam gaunts...fuck that

OXEN vs VA Round 2
And again!

Duel Interrupted
Zyx and Grombo were dueling when Slurp and Sully try to pick sides and attack Grombo. Sadly for them, Giggles and Rudolpho were close by

Boredom Happens
It was either do sleet or kill WILDS... Wilds load more eq apparently:)

Rythmatic rips

The mighty Isabella finally falls.
We thought it was a trap and Isabella was flag fishing because Aimee was west sitting in the inn. Aimee decided not to come play however and left poor Isabella to die.

RISE Suicide Squad Fights overwhelming Odds

Just another day in Bandit Swamp with Chuck...aka WDA
Had a couple drinks, came home, logged on, Fredi poofs...

Rise VS OXEN/Wild
Friday the 13th strikes!

Rise attempts fighting again, with help from VA
RISE and VA hold hands while happily skipping to their date with the meatgrinder.

Aimee Poof's
Aimee been poofing alot lately!

Anghel rip

Infarc Dies Again At armaboro...
I felt bad pking them here again. But they pked selleck while Training so selleck needed vengence.

Thanks for stepping in
It was keith's birthday, so we decided to get him some gifts. Happy birthday Keith!!!

Myth vs Myth
with wipe date being set we decided to battle it out.

Those damn Bandits east of tarsis!
Anyone who plays Arctic knows to anticipate those DAMN BANDITS EAST OF TARSIS!!!

The return of Sancho
First hit of the wipe, let the games begin.

Welcome to Neraka!
RISE jumps us and kills Donner, so we form up and rally the troops.

Bran and Pharo die
Bran and Pharo die after main fight.

Apoc VS VM
This is 2nd battle

Apoc vs VM round 2
They ambushed us very shortly before this and came back for 2nds. sorry for unedited logs!

VM try to buckle us with their eq to win
Few fights and some fun.

Mangalore R.I.P.
VM randomed another innocent neutrel, so Apocalypse stood up for him!

Raster DIES
Myth attacked Apoc again!!! this will never fly

Happy Spanksgiving!

Dexte takes on the world
Dexte fought hard and never surrendered

Turrible is dies
This is after we killed trash char Bran

Mine ripped Jim's mage, and then pay the toll.

Next in line, step right up.
You have run out of just desserts.

Durka/Viktor, The nightmare continues
Exposing the weakness of MYTH

Spell Trappered
Apocs baiting near Myth SH, we bit..

I didn't even get to get off ONE good prism! So lame

MYTH first battle
Missed about half of it.

Notol get caught strolling Palanthas
kinda wierd, i initiated and didnt tank. bug?

o its Notol NICE!

Attack the Block!!
Bound to happen.

Wild vs Deleted!
Good old fashioned fight!

Legend Paladin vs Legend Thief
Apparently I attacked Kirito in error. And it cost me. Luckily He's a pretty cool guy. I wish more arctic mudders were like him and less afraid to lose their shinies. Moreover I wish people were as fun to play with and against as he is.

Essovius/Arbiter answer the call.
This is what happens when you hang out a sign that says "come kick my ass"

Hapa shouts 'come kill me already'
Hapa logged killed Kirito, Me and Tim came to clean up.

BIA take a fight 6 vs 3 SoB at dracos cytadel entrance
Log Analysis:,224.0.html After fight BIA decide to lock into Dracos to sit out flags.

Fight with SoB's on luni
There was some skirmish prior to this but i wasnt there

Myth Tools Up
I went shopping in Kalaman, and Lashric showed up.

Begsby RIP
Begsby caught xping in Balcombe's.

3 SOB vs 6 Myth\Maza outside Kal
Keesha's lvl 27 arcane spear pushes SOB to victory over superior odds

Narotras freezes in place.
Narotras pks Hoodoo for no reason and supports Lashric in randoming spree. and then attempts to steal tiny rank from us mythlings while wearing elite tears item.. NOT ON MY WATCH!!

Can't touch this (kloot)
Bot-baiting didn't go quite according to plan.

the Fall of Vectivus
Hoss loves cock and if you are not gay this is what happens. target on your back.

Defending the Orb
BSP moves to repop a dragon orb, Rise & elite ally Yangyeovil move to intervene. Aeclassic and Redrum gear was later returned.

The Shield of Huma comes to Solace
Mengele went to do nightlord, found Sypher's corpse there, and looted. Bsp come to solace looking for Mengele, unfortunately finding out he had some friends.

Lord Verminaard has been a true friend to us this wipe.
Tim : can i look at the log of you following daniel into bloodshoal? jeppe : sorry I cant jeppe : under strict orders from him :)

Profion Death and Cyan CR

Wilds try to pk peaceful zoning Mumu
After wilds tried to ambush Mumu in Kharolis mines young goblin hero Renna came for help.

Return of the Mack
Run little bunny run.

Profion says 'imma go 1 shot someone'
I bet I can get him to wield the staff Ilya: There\'s no way you\'ll get him to wield that fucking staff staff Me: Challenge accepted *skype* me: come on tim, get the lore...get the lore, fuck why won\'t you get the lore, fucking lore the staff, fUCK BITE TIM BITE, LORE THE STAFF, YES HE LORED THE STAFF FUCK YES

Mumu and Renna exping.
I have noticed some red colored person online and found it grouped with robots from Qualinesti. We decide to get some exp for Renna there.

Minow trapped Mumu
Puffing to mino warrior to chat arnt safe this days.

RISING with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
Hoss tells you 'in a nutshell, you griefed the game and the game griefed you back.' ris·ing ˈrīziNG/ 1. an armed protest against authority; a revolt.

1 down, a few more to go.
Locki tells you 'oh, i see the trash is back. because that was who that comment was aimed at.'

Failure on Osuna, but Mao decides to get frisky.
targetting randy for pkilling us while we were low level, mao attacks peaceful zoners.

Some fighting
Many deaths on their side, one death on ours. Both sides believe they got the better end of the deal. You decide!

Some old school Mitching!
I take it back to old school with some old school spamming.

Hoss won't always be there to save you
Found Remington renting in an unaccessable inn by 99.99 % of arctic population, it was norelo but you could teleport to him. elsa thought the inn would be peace, died. 2 heros come storming in but alas, remington is saved by immortal means.

Mage dies Fast
Mage dies Fast

Sometimes, you just have to go manmode.
With so much controversy and conflict lately it seems like people forgot that games are meant to be fun. I decided to have a little of my own.

League of Legends friends unite!
i went down "hard" on my trash mage during champ select in LoL, and this is retribution. cry more please, tenten to stronk

Alone at last
After the group had disbanded Max without a recall alone in the desert along with a Member of Core clan.

Stopped Short of Clearing the Mud
Seems only Immortals can stop our wrath. Good bye arctic.. I guess I won the wipe 0 mortal pk deaths..

When newbie Hunting Goes wrong
After soloing a level 9 to warm up my typing skills Shino logs on and we take on some bigger pray.

Was locating some books and found unknown RISE

CR from 2 agro trash players!
They killed my Orea so I had to CR