Suf's Arctic MUSHclient Plugin Page

NOTE: Right click to download and save into your plugins directory in your MUSHclient folder.

Arctic Tick Timer Plugin
v 1.1 changes
made a note when the timer is reset
the timer seems a little off still
future planned improvements include adjustable tick size
and additional reset triggers

Arctic Highlight System Plugin
v 1.3 changes
fixed a bug where a highlight with a blank title wasn't highlighted.

v 1.2 changes
fixed some bugs
added summary count of each category to info or status line (can't remember which it's called)

v 1.1 changes
added hlurl command to set highlight file url directly in mushclient
added plugin description with usage
newline separator set to "\\r\\n"

My Sample Highlight File
Formatting should be fairly self explanatory, but will be specified explicitly in later versions.

Arctic PK System Plugin
For stacked commands to work correctly you must have it enabled in world preferences.

For system to function correctly opt expert and opt compact must be off.

Also be sure that "Regular expressions can match on an empty string" is checked in the general tab of the global preferences.

Visit Gammon Software Solutions to download a trial copy of MUSHclient.

To run these plugins you will need to install perlscript. Please get the most recent version from ActiveState.